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Move The Stars

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Summary: Xander thought her problems were bad? Thank to the Powers That Be who tossed her out of her Reality and with the help of a reluctant Q Xander will meet a trouble magnet bigger than she is...Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise.

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The Powers That Be Are...

Title: Move The Stars
Author: LLN
Fandom: BtVS/STNG/The Reboot or Alternate Original Series
Pairing: Xander Harris/James T.Kirk, Spock/Uhura
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Wheadon is god and owns Buffy with Fox. Rodenberry and Paramount owns all Star Treks.
Summary: Xander thought going back in time, suffering a mystical sex change and being the host of a Primal Goddess was bad enough. Xander had no idea her real problems would start when she was thrown out of her reality by the Powers That Be with the reluctant help of Q. Then she met James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise.
Authors Notes: I'm using the Xander Harris from my Beginning Is the End Story...obviously this will be an AU of that story. So if you read that and Xander's past doesn't match up...Well AU. If you want the full story about how Xander became a girl please read Beginning Is The End.
P.S.: If the characterization of the Star Trek characters aren't right...well AU. This is what happens when I watch the Reboot movies then watch the TOS DVDs I have and Xander asks what would happen if she went to the Star Trek Universe.
P.P.S.: Please Don't Shoot Me!!
P.P.P.S. this is SLASH people!Because Xander use to be a boy. As noted in Beginning Is The End. So Just to cover it's Slash sort of?


"Why have you summoned me here?" Q asked curiosity. He looked down at the Grecian style of white robes he was wearing. He sighed he never thought he would see the day where he actually preferred the Starfleet uniform he mocked Jean-Luc Pickard with whenever he was on the Enterprise. For the Powers That Be to summon one like Q before them was not a common occurrence. Not that Q really had time for them or...what ever they wanted. He had his own problems. Cleaning up the remnants of the civil war in the Continuum, a son to rise...ever since Suzy-Q ran off with Apollo. The Petty Gods were more of a problem than not in his part of the mutli-verse.

"I have important things..." and Q did count annoying Jean-Luc as important.

"Watch your tone, child." Two voices intoned together. Q wondered if this was suppose to scare him as he looked at the two beings that faded into sight on the ornate thrones before him. Impress it was then...Q had used the same tactic as well. He didn't *find * it all that impressive.

'May the multi-verse save me from the middle management.' Q thought sourly as the eyed the ones known as the Powers That Be. Q was just glad they had no oversight in his reality, that was the job of...well Q didn't rightly know if there were powers higher than the Q in his reality and if there were Q was sure he did not want to meet them...ever. There were bad enough things in his reality as it was.

The female Power sat in the black onyx throne. It had silver skulls all over it "You are the only one who can do what we need done. We would like your compliance on the matter." She spoke while petting the silver skull decoration on the arm with one hand as she whirled a lock hair in the other. She wore a body suit of black Armour that lovingly clung to her every curve. Her eyes were a pure glowing white and her hair was one moment varying shades of blonde again.

"What can the Q do that you can not?" Q asked leery of sounding petulant even to himself.

The male Power sat on a white marble throne shot through with gold and black lightening. He had gray eyes and hair of the same color but had a youthful and handsome face. He was dressed in a black and white pen striped suit like a nineteen thirties gangster complete with hat pulled low over his eyes. He waved his hand at a wall and a image appeared of a young girl with dark hair in her late teens fighting what looked to be a something that vaguely resembled Klingon with its ridged fore brow but the mouthful of bloody fangs, claws maker it as something completely different and interesting. The creature took a swipe at the girl barely missing the girl. The creature's glowing yellow-red eyes marked it as...a Vampire. Vampires were real in this reality and a few others, rather than myths and legends like they were in his own.

"That is Xander Harris..."Q said softly. Xander Harris had become known through out the multi-verse, or at least other versions of this human, had for being dangerous to the plans of higher powers and...possibly insane. But this version of Xander Harris was the only version that Q knew of that was the host to the Primal Goddess Shakarri, in other realms and realities the Primal Goddess slept.

Q had the impression like most higher beings the Primal Goddess hadn't thought well of humans. Preferring the hyenas after what happen to her kin in the making of the Slayer in this reality.

"Xander Harris's usefulness to us as come to an end." Said the female Power as the skull she petted gave a wide yawn showing off sharp fangs then made a sound like a Tribble.

That was another thing Q dislikes about the Powers. How they used certain humans as chess pieces in their games. Q saw no cause for it. It was one thing to use lesser beings as play things...It was another thing to be needlessly cruel if it was not for the beings in betterment. The Powers That Be just wanted balance neither good nor evil could become more powerful so the humans of this reality would stagnate. If Q could feel ill this would cause it. Q was by no means compassionate he had destroyed species at the blink of an eye when it suited him but his games were never so cruel, he at least gave his play things a chance at winning. Small though that chance may be, it was still a chance. Q was always delighted when lower beings surprised him.

"So remove her." Q told them boredly.

"We can not." It was said in unison. "But you can."

Q now saw just why he had been summoned. They wanted him to do their dirty work. Well that was just not going to happen. Q was whipping boy to no one as he proved to the others of his own kind. When he rebelled and caused the civil war that almost ripped the Continuum apart. Q did what he wanted when he wanted and no one told him any different. "No."

The Powers exchanged a look between them then the female Power smirked at Q, "You say that like you have a choice in the matter." The male waved his hand an the image of Xander disappeared to be replaced with one of...

A small human looking boy with light brown hair and bright blue eyes, no older than five years old played among a bright multi-color star nebula laughing at his new creation...Q's son.

"It would be a shame if something were to happen to the Savior of the Continuum." Purred the female Power darkly.

"If you harm my son..." but Q was cut off by the male Power as he said,

"Xander Harris must be removed from this reality before she can derail anymore of our plans. It has been amusing until now but because of Harris the one who would be our champion as been taken out of play for as long Xander remains in this reality." Said the male Power. "With her here our Champion is not needed. We can not control Harris the way we can our other players."

That was interesting. Not important but interesting. Q thought while plotting to keep his son safe.

"So, what exactly do you want me to 'do'?" Q asked reluctantly. No, matter what respect Q might have for Harris, Q's son would always come first to the higher being. "It would just be easier to kill the girl off."

Both Powers made the same horrified face as they said,

"Xander would be bored in Heaven..." the male Power who shuttered in fear.

"Xander would try to take over Hell..." the female Power had same reaction as her counterpart.

Q rolled his eyes at this but from what he understood this version of Xander Harris out of all the versions had many if not all the reasons to do so. "I want something...Harris' s family."

The female Power actually laughed, "Q we hold all the cards," looking at the image of Q's son still playing in the nebula.

Q nodded, so they did. Or so they thought.

"Do you know what Xander Harris would do to get back here from whatever reality I put her in? How many realities she would tear though...the dimensions she would destroy? Not to mention what Xander would do to 'you' once she got back. And she *would * get back." Q let the threat hang.

"What do you want then, Q." Said the male.

"A promise."

"A promise?" Asked the female.

"Yes. You promise to leave Xander's family alone. Let them live their lives without your interference." Q bargained. "If she thinks they have a chance at happiness without you messing with them it will be easier to convince her to leave this reality and not try to come back."

"You could tell her that anyways..." the female started but Q cut her off with an enraged, " I WILL NOT GIVE A HERO OF THIS REALITY A FALSE PROMISE...." Softer he said, "I'm not you."

"No, in many ways you are worse." Said the male.

"A matter of opinion." Q muttered.

"You shall have your promise." Said the female. Q noted the surprised look from the male but didn't give it much thought as the female Power continued waving a hand and the image of Q's son disappeared and Xander Harris reappeared this time sitting in a bar slamming back shots of whiskey, "But we can not control what others of our ilk might do should they take interest in the on goings of those in SunnyDale."

Q knew that was the best he was going to get from them. Then Q was struck by a brilliant ideal...'oh, I'd need a reason... I couldn't...oh, wait this is me! Of course I can!' Q laughed out aloud and threw a wink at the Powers That Be before snapping his fingers and disappearing in a flash of light

The Powers That Be shuttered, for a laughing Q was a plotting Q, as the whole upper realms knew.

"Perhaps involving Q was not the wisest idea." The male muttered.

"It was the only one we could make. Our Champions must obey our wishes if Balance is to be maintained." Said the female.

"I just hope the Great Creator doesn't find out about this SHE has a soft spot for Harris."

The female snorted, "As long as the Racket ball tournament in New Jersey is going on it's doubtful. We could take over the Multi-verse before HE would never know."

"DON"T BE TO SURE ABOUT THAT!" The Angelic Voice of God said, walking in to view. Metatron crossed his arms over his chest, "Do you know just how much trouble you're about to be in? How many of HER plans you have just ruined by putting this in motion?"

The two Powers looked at the Voice then to each other before they pointed a finger at each other and said, "It was his/her idea."


Earthdate/Stardate: Unknown.
Pegasus Galaxy
M Class Planet: Seltzer
Home to Human Colony Profen.
Time: Night.

Two female vampires of the same vampire line stared in wonder around them. The sights, sounds and scenes were like nothing they had ever known. They knew they were no longer in their own world any more. Instincts older then they were told them so. One of them pointed up at the three moons. Yes, they were very far from home. And they were hungry.

It was a good thing they could smell the humans a few miles away.


Across the universe from Seltzer...

Maggie Walsh's monster, the thing she called son and named Adam, looked around in confusion. He was no longer in the underground place where his mother hid him from her superiors. He was not sure were he was but he did not think it was Earth. As he looked at the strange yellow skinned humanoid creatures before him. He did not think they would be of much use to him but...their technology? Well that could be useful... "Resistance will be Futile..."


Author's Note: So should I continue or trash it?
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