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The trouble with families

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Life in the Multi-verse". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander finds out theres a bigger universe than he thought and a lot more dangerous.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredLaraBrFR1858,92702420,72617 Nov 1315 Jul 14No

Chapter 4

Disclaimer: Buffy and Co is owned by Joss Whedon all rights remain with Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy. Highlander is owned by Rysher Entertainment Gaumont Television Atlantique Productions and Reteitalia CBS Television Distribution

A/N: Yay, finally got over the block that had been preventing me from continuing this story. Thank you for the reviews. It's always nice to learn that a story is liked.

Royston Mansion.

Lea sat down cross legged beside both Natalia and Xander and handed the long wooden box to Xander and said. "This box contains a PSW, It is perhaps the most powerful offensive weapon there is. It is made up from both technology and magic. "The original ones were created before this universe came about, or at least that's what we've been told but considering the source of that information I personally think it's a bit suspect. Especially since one of our family can create them. All I can tell you for sure is that they are fantastic weapons when they don't go wrong, so I wouldn't totally rely on it."

Xander opened the box and looked inside and saw an incredibly beautiful small sword with a delicate basket hilt. "Wow, it's beautiful." Xander was about to pick up the sword when he was gently stopped by Lea.

The black haired man looked Xander in the eyes and said in a gentle but concerned voice "If you take up the sword there is no going back to not being one of us. This is your last get out of jail free card so to speak. I urge you to think about this very carefully. As a family we want you to be one of us but we won't force you to be so." And with that he let go of Xander's wrist.

Xander didn't know what to say, he had never been told that he had ever been wanted in his family, let alone anyone else's, Not even Willow's parents had ever even hinted that he was welcome in their home. They had simply not told Willow directly she couldn't bring him home. It had only been Willow's friendship and later Buffy's that had kept him from being the total loser that Cordelia used to tell him he was. But now he had this obviously powerful family tell him that he was wanted by them. He had never even dreamed about being wanted by another family but here it was happening. They had given him immortality and perfect health but more importantly to him they were willingly going to teach him how to be able to defend his friends.

Getting Xander's attention Lea said "Normally I wouldn't have given you the PSW until you had been fully trained but with the mental blocks that have been placed in your mind, that are preventing you from taking advantage of any training. The PSW is the safest way to remove those blocks. It will not allow it's wielder to be controlled in any shape or form. If it accepts you then I will give you the training you need to protect your friends. If the sword does not accept you I won't be able to train you until we can find another way to remove the blocks." After taking a breath he continued "Even if the PSW doesn't accept you, you are still a wanted member of our family."

Unknown to Xander tears had been flowing down his face as he thought about being wanted and accepted. He reached into the box and gently grasped the hilt of the small bladed sword. There was a flash of bright white light and then everything went back to normal. Xander started to feel sick and his eyes rolled back up into his head as he passed out.

Both Lea and Natalia were at Xander's side in an instant and checking him over, once Lea was sure that there was nothing physically wrong with him he placed his fingers on Xander's temples and sent his mind into Xander's. He followed the pathway that he'd done less than an hour ago but this time he didn't encounter the psychic blocks that had been there previously. Lea then pulled back out of Xander's mind with even more care than he'd gone in. The mind was a delicate thing and should never be messed with, unless there was no other option.

Xander awoke with a start and when he looked up he saw both Lea's and Nat's concerned faces as the both looked at him with relief coming on to their features. He looked at them and said "What?"

They both grinned at him as he sat up then Nat said "You passed out and had us worried there for a minute. How do you feel?"

Xander considered the question for a moment or two before answering "I feel great, better than I have for a long time, my head feels clearer in a really strange way. It's hard to explain, it feels like a weight that was pressing down on my head, that I didn't know was there has gone." he then shrugged. Looking down to the sword in his hand, it started to change it's shape, first it lost the basket around the hilt and then started to lengthen and then the blade flattened out and the hilt also lengthened and produced a round, an elegant, almost mushroom shaped pommel, that blended in perfectly with the dark leather effect grip which he could easily fit both hands with comfort. The cross-guard looking like a square metal bar that had been twisted and bent into a half moon shape that swept towards the Silver-blue, fullered blade. The entire sword was about forty or so inches in length. The sword also felt very light compared to it's size, just the whole feel of the sword radiated quality that he had never come across. Not even Giles's prized fifteenth century Toledo sword felt as good to hold.

Xander grinned as knowledge started to trickle into his mind about how to use the sword's functions, it felt like that the blade in his had was almost alive and to a certain extent was aware. It had accepted him as it's owner, it would no longer allow anyone else to hold it, let alone wield it. Not even the other Roystons would be able to touch the sword, he now realised why the sword had been given to him in a box, it was not for decoration, it was a practical measure. It was then that he realised that he could in fact feel it's presence in the back of his mind, it was strangely un-intrusive and didn't wig him out, it actually felt reassuring and in a really weird way natural.

Xander then sheathed the sword behind his back in it's own pocket dimension that each wielder got when they were accepted by the sword. He now understood exactly why Lea had said that it was so powerful, it didn't enhance his body or mind it gave him abilities you'd normally only see in fantasy books, the sword was pure and simply power in it's rawest form but like any weapon it was only as good as it's wielder, he still needed to be trained so he didn't cut his own leg off with it and he wanted to do some research in to the weapon he'd just been given, he had a feeling that these weapons had made a serious impact on history. He really wanted to know what he had landed in.

Looking up to Lea Xander asked "When do you want to try that evaluation thing?"

Lea grinned and said "Any time you feel ready."

Xander stood up in one fluid motion and said "How about now?"

1630 Revello Drive.

Buffy was sitting on her sofa trying to figure out what to do about Willow and how to react if Willow wanted to experiment and explore a different kind of relationship other than just friends. But that wasn't her greatest concern, she was mostly worried about whether or not she could resist Willow. With Wills staying over she wasn't totally sure she would be able to restrain herself and not make a pass towards the redhead. Buffy knew it wasn't love she was feeling, it was pure and utter lust, she desired Willow and it was this that concerned her. Had she thought that she could have been a chance she could fall in love with her best friend she would go for it and not look back. Buffy realised that she had a better chance of falling for Cordelia than emotionally than Willow and that thought alone upset the her. She was so confused.

Deciding that she needed something else to think about Buffy got off of the sofa and headed up to her room in order to prepare to go on patrol. Maybe dusting a few vampires would help clear her thoughts and then the thought of graveyard smooches with Willow entered her mind. "AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH." Issued from her in complete frustration.

Taking a deep breath she sat on the foot of her bed and wondered what she was going to do. She just knew it wouldn't end well or at least that was how it was feeling at the moment. She felt like she was between a rock and a hard place. With Willow being the incoming rock that was going to crush both of their feelings and Willow was completely innocent in this. With a sigh Buffy flopped back on her bed and stared up at the ceiling and went through everything in her mind again, she'd never had this much lust for Angel and Scott Hope didn't even register anywhere on the lust'o'meter. Willow had her stomach tied up in knots, she didn't have butterflies, she had bloody Pterodactyls.

Buffy wondered if she should bite the bullet and make the pass at Willow so she could just get it over with and she could stop feeling this way, but what happened if the redhead returned her affection and they ended up making love and became a couple? How would she feel then? Buffy immediately realised that waking up beside Willow in the mornings filled her with warm fuzzy feelings that caught her completely by surprise. The huge smile that had snuck on to her face without her realising confirmed to her that ok maybe she did have feelings for the pretty redhead that weren't just very lusty feelings. Buffy just smiled as she let a series of erotic images involving Willow pass through her mind.

She had been laying across her bed imagining being with Willow when a thought crept into her mind. What if Willow doesn't want me? What if she's still in love with Oz?


Espresso Pump - Sunnydale

Willow sat cradling her coffee as she considered what she was going to say to Buffy, she'd asked if she could sleep over again and her friend had said yes. The red head didn't quite know what to do. She so wanted Buffy but what if her friend reacted badly to her. She had gotten her first glimpse of being held by the blonde early that morning and it had felt good. Buffy's hand had been caressing her breast while Buffy had been sound asleep, Well she had assumed the blonde was asleep and that alone had nearly given her an orgasm.

Willow really didn't know what to do, she could phone Buffy and tell her that her parents had returned early and they wanted their daughter home for dinner. She shook her head, nope she couldn't lie to Buffy, She'd never been able to directly lie to her friend.

She took a large mouthful from her coffee cup and decided she had to go to Buffy's but she couldn't make the first move. She really didn't want to destroy their friendship by making a pass, even if she could pluck up the courage to do so in the first place.

Trying to take her mind off Buffy she started to think about Xander and wondered how far he'd gotten on his road trip, she hoped he would send post cards at the very least. Thinking about her oldest friend brought back memories of Oz's mild jealousy when they first started to see each other and then the fluke. She still felt a little guilty that she had pretty much let Xander take the brunt of the blame for that mistake. But with the way her and Oz's relationship had been going recently she now wondered just how much of a mistake it had been. On one hand her and Oz's relationship hadn't quite recovered and she was now wondering if it would ever fully recover. What bothered her most in a strange way was that she wasn't as upset about it as she should be. If she was being totally honest with herself she wasn't as attracted to her boyfriend as she was to either Buffy or Xander. They both had a piece of her heart that Oz simply didn't. And unless something changed drastically with her and Oz she could see the relationship slowly dissolving.

Taking another mouthful of her coffee and then sighing she knew that if Xander or Buffy wanted to be with her she would say yes. Part of her knew she was in the wrong but really couldn't bring herself to care. It then came to her that her past meant way too much to her than whatever the future could possibly hold. It then occurred to her that ever since the fluke she had been confused about her feelings. Going over the events that led up to Xander and her kissing in Spike's old lair, she realised that she would have given herself totally to Xander had they had more time before being discovered. Which to her mind meant that Oz was in fact just a fill in until her and Xander got together. It was only the fact that she had hurt Oz that caused her to want to repair the relationship that was ironically doomed even before it got started. Willow now realised that she was still in love with Xander and now it felt like she was starting to seriously fall for Buffy as well.

Willow stared into her coffee cup as she contemplated what she was going to do about her relationship with Oz and it now seemed to her that the relationship was pretty much over and she had to end it regardless whether or not Buffy became her girlfriend. With a sigh she hoped she wasn't making a mistake in trying to form a relationship with Buffy. It was then that she thought about a threesome with Buffy, Xander and herself. Which caused her face to flash brilliant red and instantly felt guilty and more than a little naughty, taking a deep breath she tried to put the mental image out of her head but it was stubbornly refusing to shift. She gulped and took another drink from her coffee in an attempt to wash away her naughty side. It suddenly occurred to her that she was grinning and immediately eeped to herself.

A/N2: Just read this chapter and it needs to be seriously cleaned up, so when I get the chance to do so, I will.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The trouble with families" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Jul 14.

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