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A Stark Reminder

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Summary: The title is Terrible but its a ficlet wherein Xander takes Tony Stark's Place in the MCU

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Marvel Universe > Iron Man > Xander-CenteredAlexanderMcphersonFR71606073,51021 Nov 1321 Nov 13Yes
He stared at the mirror.

He remembered... everything.

Yesterday, he had dressed as a 16 year old version of Tony Stark, who had just inherited his dad's business. Now, here he was, not far from Marvel's sunnydale physical locale counterpart which had no supernatural thing going on.

In the body of Tony Stark.

Oh boy.



He should have convinced obadiah to stop the weapons program ages ago. Because now, after demonstrating one of the resultant technologies to the US military, he'd been captured.

And long-lost memories of certain comic books reminded him that, no matter which marvel universe this was, Obadiah was a bad guy in this one, and not the good guy he liked in the universe' he was a fan of.

Well, even comic books wouldn't help him... only the man he recalled meeting a few times a few years ago would. Had already done so.

with an ache in his chest that he ignored, he continued to pound away at the bit of re-refined metals he was turning into a Mark I Iron man suit.



"Here's to Yensin." He grinned at the man who blushed.

The small private party soon broke up from celebrating his return.

"Hey Tony, what was the new project you wanted to talk to me about?"

Rhodey was looking at the beginnings of a Mark II Prototype, specifically the leg pieces.

"Look, I haven't publically announced it yet, but I... I'm going to stop most of the companies' weapons programs."


"Hey Nick."

Director fury just stared at him.

"Say, you have anything to get rid of this damn... uh... rash?"

"Paladium Poisoning... not a pleasant way to go." He spoke, as the Black Widow - whom Tony (aka Xander at one point) knew had been a SHIELD agent - approached, and injected something into him.

"Hey Agent Romanoff, thanks."

They both stared.

"What, after the whole Obadiah thing, you think I'd just let some mysterious person, male or very female, that close to me without checking up? These days with Jarvis, I pretty much put Bruce Wayne to shame."

Nick Fury blinked, not getting the reference. Then again, to Tony/Xander's misfortune, DC comics didn't exist here. The curious thing was, Marvel did, along with Stan Lee (and his army of clones, as Xander had recognised well over five dozen of them doted around the world, seeing one at least once every one or two years. He had his own suspicion on who this stan lee was, though, and always shook the clones hands with a knowing grin, which was always returned (after the third time, that is)


He stared at the man in the lab. To everyone present, he said, "Alright, all those in favor of making sure Bruce Never EVER sees Barney the dinosaur, raise your hand."

Everyone - including a disgruntled bruce, raised theirs before he was done speaking.

On a monitor, a TV show was on, and Tony had accidentally turned it to a kids channel. Bruce had looked a little green for a moment. (but only a moment. and only a little bit.)

who knew: Bruce Banner's Bane was Kids TV Shows. And of course, the most hated one of all would probably Hulk him out right off.


"Hey Phil."

Phil blinked at the man flying above his office in the Mobile Command Unit. a little device on the window he recognised as the probable source of Tony's voice.

"Hey Tony."

"So... Tahiti, huh?"

"It's a Magical place." He replied on automatic, then winced... he needs to stop doing that.


AN: I dont own BTVS or the MCU. Or Barney, to my everlasting pleasure.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Stark Reminder". This story is complete.

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