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Bad Moon Rising.

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This story is No. 6 in the series "GRIM UP NORTH 2.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 'A Grim Up North 2' story. Mad scientists and Moon-creatures; a weekend break away from the hellmouth for Willow and Kennedy turns out very much as you’d expect…pretty grim.

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Movies > Other-SciFi/Fantasy(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151128,5520383,17222 Nov 139 Dec 13Yes

Chapter One

Bad Moon Rising.
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or ‘First Men in the Moon’, I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: ‘First Men in the Moon’ is a 1964 British science fiction film directed by Nathan Juran and is an adaptation by the noted science-fiction scriptwriter Nigel Kneale of the H G Wells novel 'The First Men in the Moon'.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English.

Timeline: BtVS Post S7 no comics.

Words: Eleven chapters of 2500+ words.

Warnings: 'Friendly fire' isn't.

Summary: 'A Grim Up North 2' story. Mad scientists and Moon-creatures; a weekend break away from the hellmouth for Willow and Kennedy turns out very much as you’d expect…pretty grim.


I see the bad moon arising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin'.
I see bad times today.
Don't go around tonight,
Well, it's bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.*

*:Bad Moon Rising; John C. Fogerty.

Rose Cottage, Dymchurch, England, early June, 2006.

“Can I open my eyes now?” Willow asked as she held her hands over her eyes.

Sitting in the passenger seat of Kennedy’s candy-red sports car Willow wondered what her girlfriend’s ‘surprise’ was going to be. Whatever it was it’d involved starting out from Middlesbrough in Cleveland, where they lived, and driving south. They’d stopped overnight in London at the flat in Mayfair that Kennedy’s father owned, before heading for the south coast. They’d had a leisurely drive through Kent and they’d even taken the time to stop so Kennedy could show Willow where she’d gone to school.

They’d also stopped for a rather good lunch at a pub near the primary school where Kennedy had helped out (for extra credit) when she’d been a teenage schoolgirl. After lunch they got back into the car and headed on towards the coast again. It was now almost five o’clock and they were passing through farmland and apple orchards a few miles inland from the sea.

“Couple more minutes,” Kennedy replied as she drove the car along the narrow country lanes.

Having turned off the main road, Kennedy was now driving them down a narrow lane that had once been the tow path for the canal to their left. To one side of the track was a high, thick hedge on the other was the canal, dark and deep. Having slowed down to a mere ten miles an hour, Kennedy hunched over the wheel as she kept a sharp lookout for both the cottage and any farmer’s tractors that might be heading towards her.

“This better be worth the wait,” Willow said in a low voice, “I’m feeling very silly sitting here with my hands over my eyes.”

“Don’t worry,” Kennedy reassured her, “just a couple more minutes…”

Yes, there it was, Kennedy sighed with relief; the cottage was everything the letting agent had said it would be, at least on the outside. On the left of the lane next to the canal was a small hard standing for people renting the cottage to park their cars, Kennedy drove onto it and brought the car to a halt.

“Are we there yet?” Willow asked hopefully; Kennedy had been particularly tight lipped about what this ‘surprise’ was going to be and quite frankly Willow was more than a little excited to see what it was.

“Just a few more seconds!” Kennedy jumped eagerly out of the car and ran around to Willow’s side and opened the door, “Keep your eyes shut, no peeking.” Kennedy helped Willow out of the car and turned her so the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes would be the cottage. “There,” Kennedy stood back, “open your eyes…now!”

Opening her eyes Willow stared in wonder at the cottage. Okay, it wasn’t a ‘cottage’ in the traditional sense of the word. It was in fact a two story brick built house but it did have roses around the door and rose bushes in its neat little garden, there was even a cherry tree. There were window boxes with flowers and white painted woodwork to contrast the red-brown of the brick work. It stood on the other side of the canal from where they were parked and it looked as if the only way to get to it was by crossing the lock-gates that separated this part of the canal from the part that eventually led down to Hythe a few miles away.

“Do you like it?” Kennedy asked hopefully.

“Like it?” Willow turned to look at her girlfriend, “I love it!” Willow threw her arms around Kennedy’s neck and kissed her passionately, just then a thought intruded into her happiness and she pulled reluctantly away from Kennedy’s lips, “You didn’t buy it, did you? Coz you know you don’t have to try and buy my love…”

“No I didn’t buy it,” Kennedy laughed; the truth was she had thought about it but had eventually decided against it, “we have to give it back on Monday morning.”

“Oh that’s okay then,” Willow grinned before going back to kissing Kennedy; after a few more moments she pulled away again, “You know all that stuff I said about ‘buying my love’ you know that was just the guilt talking, don’t you? I mean I’ve no objection to my rich girlfriend buying me stuff whenever she feels like it.”

“You’ve got a rich girlfriend?” Kennedy replied deadpan, “Who is she? I’ll slay the bitch!” Looking deeply into Willow eyes Kennedy rested her hands on Willow’s hips, “You really like it?”

“Yes,” Willow replied breathlessly.

“Cool, you wait 'til you see inside,” taking Willow by the hand she led her across the lock-gates.

At some point in the last few years someone had replaced the walkway along the top of the lock-gates. The new walkway was almost a yard wide and had sturdy metal handrails on both sides; Willow didn’t get the feeling she was going to fall into the canal which was only a few inches below her feet on one side, or, into the lock itself where the surface of the water was a good twelve feet below her.

“Hey, we don’t have to open these gates to let boats through, do we?” Willow asked as she stepped down into the little garden in front of the house.

“No,” Kennedy stopped next to the front door as she took the keys from the pocket of her jeans, “the canal more or less stops here, the section towards the sea hasn’t been rebuilt yet.”

Opening the door, Kennedy stood back and gestured for Willow to precede her into the house. Whatever she’d been expecting, Willow still gasped with delight as she stood just inside the doorway and looked around the big room which took up most of the ground floor. It was all polished wood and brass with pictures of hunting scenes on the walls. The furniture looked old and comfortable and there was a huge fire place at one end of the room.

“There’s a kitchen through there,” Kennedy pointed to an open door opposite the fireplace, “and there’s a back door that leads out to an orchard. The stairs are over there,” she pointed to another door about halfway along the wall of the main room, “Two bedrooms and a bathroom and you’ve gotta see the beds!”

“Beds?” Willow asked hopefully as she headed rapidly for the stairs, “Let me see!”

Running after Willow as she dashed towards the stairs, Kennedy laughed like a little girl she was so relieved that Willow had liked her surprise. Making a hell of a racket as they ran along the wooden floored corridor upstairs, Willow was the first to burst into the master bedroom, she stopped stock still in the doorway.

“Wow!” she said slowly before turning to Kennedy and asking, “Is it real?”

“Oh yeah,” Kennedy nodded and smiled to see the happiness in Willow’s eyes, “no cheap, modern, knock-offs for my girl.”

“Wow,” Willow repeated, “a real four poster bed,” Willow had a ‘thing’ for four poster beds, “with curtains and everything!”

Running towards the bed she took a flying leap and landed in the middle of the mattress.

“OH GODDESS!” she cried, “This is just so totally comfortable I don’t think I’ll be getting out of bed at all this weekend!” she looked up at Kennedy, “You’ll have to bring me all my meals up here.”

Standing in the doorway Kennedy crossed her arms over her chest and regarded her witch.

“So you won’t want to join me in any of the activities I’ve got planned?” Kennedy asked slowly.

“Activities?” Willow sat up, “You’ve planned activities…what activities?”

“Well, actually they mostly involve having sex in unusual places,” Kennedy admitted, “but there’s some pretty places to go to ‘round here…”

“Like what?” Willow asked unconvinced, she still wanted to stay in bed all weekend.

“Like,” Kennedy grinned impishly, “there’s a nuclear power station just down the coast…”

“WHAT!?” Willow shrieked as she jumped off the bed as if it was on fire.

“Don’t worry its quite safe,” Kennedy turned and started to head back down the corridor, “and now I’ve got you off the bed you can help me bring all the stuff in from the car.”


It didn’t take long to unload the car as it didn’t have much space for luggage, a couple of suitcases each and a box of supplies had filled it almost to the point where Kennedy had had to exert some slayer strength to get the hood closed. Having taken the luggage upstairs to the bedroom neither young woman had been able to resist the call of that big four poster bed. After a bout of lovemaking that had tested the bed’s structural integrity to its limits they’d reluctantly got up, showered, made love in the shower before showering again and getting dressed.

“Hardly seems worth it,” Willow observed as she put on a dress and looked out the bedroom window, “hey, what’s that house?”

“Which house?” Kennedy walked over to stand next to her; the letting agent had told her the cottage wasn’t overlooked by any of the nearby houses.

“There,” Willow pointed to a Victorian copy of an Elizabethan manor house behind some trees and across a meadow.

“Oh that,” Kennedy shrugged as she remembered what the agent had told her, “It belongs to some ‘mad’ scientist guy…he won’t bother us.”

“Mad?” Willow asked suspiciously.

“Mad in a funny, comic book way,” Kennedy reassured her, “not in a world domination way.”

“Oh that’s okay then,” Willow allowed.

“Okay, now we’ve got that sorted out,” Kennedy began, “why don’t you go down to the kitchen and cook super while I unpack our stuff and tidy-up here?”

“Cool,” Willow kissed Kennedy’s cheek before heading on down to the kitchen, of the two of them she was the better cook, while Kennedy was infinitely more organised.


“We’ll need to go food shopping tomorrow,” Kennedy said as she sat down at the kitchen table, “not too much just some breakfast stuff, I wasn’t planning on you cooking all weekend, this is a holiday for both of us.”

“No,” Willow dipped her spoon into her soup, “I don’t mind…”

“No,” Kennedy shook her head, “we’re here to rest…”

“But I don’t mind…” Willow began to reply but was cut off by Kennedy.

“No, Willow, we’ve both been working too hard and I’ve been off doing stuff for my dad…” there was a short pause at the mention of Kennedy’s father.

Although she didn’t ask, Willow could make a good guess at the sort of work that Kennedy did for her father. After all Mr Tony Scapone was the head of a Mafia family and Kennedy was his daughter who just happened to have all these super-sneaky combat skills. It didn’t take a genius to work out what Kennedy did when her father asked her to go and do something…or someone, for him.

However, like Buffy, Willow pretended that nothing was going on that was out of the ordinary. After all she loved Kennedy and hadn’t Kennedy’s father helped out when the Slayer Organisation was down to its last couple of month’s worth of money? Had he ever asked for anything in return? No he hadn’t, but Willow had a horrible feeling that one day he would. Rumour had it that Tony Scapone had been able to bribe the old council with a mixture of money and threatened violence to ensure preferential treatment for Kennedy…but that was just a rumour, right?

“…and,” Kennedy continued barely missing a beat, “I feel like we’ve been growing apart…”

“No honey…” Willow reached across the table and took hold of Kennedy’s hand, “…it’s…”

It was then she realised, Kennedy was right, they had been growing apart and it was all down to their work. The last couple of emergencies, Kennedy had been away on missions for the ‘Organisation’ or her father. Willow had had to deal with things by herself. Kennedy was her kite string who kept her grounded and prevented her from going too far with the magics. There’d been once or twice over the last few years when if it hadn’t been for Kennedy’s presence Willow would have gone all black haired and destroy the worldy again.

“Yeah,” Kennedy nodded as she ripped a bread roll apart with strong fingers, “you know I’m right and whatever happened to you wanting children?”

“Oh yeah that,” not long after Buffy had got out of prison Willow had asked Kennedy how she felt about babies, “I’d sorta forgotten about that.”

“Yeah and I was sorta looking forward to it,” Kennedy admitted, “as long as it wasn’t me having the babies…you know I’ll happily pay for the IVF treatments.”

“Oh god, Kennie,” Willow gasped, “we’re becoming our work!”

“Yeah,” Kennedy nodded her head firmly, “and if we’re still alive in twenty years time we’ll find ourselves with our lives having past us by…two old women living with a houseful of cats!”

“Hey we won’t be that old,” Willow pointed out, the picture that Kennedy was painting worried her, “but what can we do?”

“Move,” Kennedy replied simply, “move away from Buffy and the hellmouth and everything, if we don’t its going to kill us both or destroy our relationship.”

“But…” Willow began only to be cut off by Kennedy again.

“I know what you’re going to say,” the younger woman pointed out, “what about all the evil?”

“Yeah something like that,” Willow agreed quietly.

“Look we can still fight the evil without living on top of it…” Kennedy explained, “…we need our own space, Will.”

“That’s why you brought me here isn’t it?” Willow asked levelly.

“Its part of it,” Kennedy admitted, “to show you what life could be like,” she smiled hopefully across the table, “wouldn’t you like to be ‘Willow the village witch’ instead of Willow the Red or White or whatever?”

Opening her mouth to speak, Willow closed it again, Kennedy had a point; each day that passed Willow felt herself being a little less Willow Rosenberg and a little more Willow the Mega-witch; hadn’t she complained to Buffy about just this very thing?

“We need to think about this, Kennie,” Willow looked down at her soup, it had gone cold while they’d talked.

“But not for too long, right?” Kennedy pleaded.

“Right,” Willow agreed.


The Manor

Looking out of one of his upstairs windows, Professor Cavor saw a light on in Rose Cottage and gasped in surprise.

“This will not do!” he told himself urgently, “It’ll ruin everything.”

He was already halfway down the stairs and heading for the front door before he realised that getting the people out of Rose Cottage at this time of night would be problematical. He’d have to wait until tomorrow morning when he took his regular morning bike ride. He could go by way of Rose Cottage and convince whoever was there to leave right away.

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