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Home Sweet Hellmouth

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Summary: Willow returns to Sunnydale with a certain Immortal in tow. Sequel to Death and the End of the World.

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Highlander > Willow-CenteredStaciaFR1868,88203213,00131 Jan 0417 Jan 05No

Home Sweet Hellmouth

Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to Joss and Mutant Enemy. Last I’d heard, Highlander belonged to Davis/Panzer and Rysher. None of it belongs to me. I’m a poor law student with scads of loans and dubious job prospects, so please don’t sue.

Rating: This will probably be an 18 eventually. 21 is iffy – maybe later.

Sequel: Yes! This is a sequel to Death and the End of the World. It probably isn’t necessary, but I highly recommend reading that story first. You’ll get a better sense of how Willow and Methos meet and why they understand each other. I’m still fairly inexperienced at writing fanfic, and feedback and constructive criticism is very welcome. I answer all feedback. Thanks!

Timeline: AU for Buffy after Season 6. For Highlander, it’s after the series ended. Endgame didn’t happen. Neither did the Ahriman arc. Richie is alive, but unlikely to show up. The first story was set in Seacouver with Willow as the only Buffy character. This time it’s flipped – the ROG is going to Sunnydale.

/indicates thoughts/ *indicates emphasis*


Methos yawned as he steered his car onto the exit ramp and off of the highway. It had been a long drive. Willow was curled up into an adorable ball in the passenger seat. She had been sleeping for over an hour, ever since her nervous energy finally dissipated. Her excitement about going home had translated into an antsy, fidgety inability to be quiet or sit still. Willow broadcast her worry about seeing her friends again. A complete stranger could have seen it, and Methos was no stranger. He’d met Willow exactly four months and twenty-seven days ago. They’d slept together a total of three times, including last night at the hotel. He still wasn’t quite sure how to classify their relationship. They were definitely friends – friends who had had sex three times. They weren’t dating or actively pursuing a romantic relationship. They were just good friends who occasionally got naked and sweaty together, and they didn’t feel uncomfortable or weird afterward.

/I’m going to stop trying to figure it out. We’re both are happy with things as they stand. Neither one of us feels any urgency to define the other person with a label like “lover.” I guess we just keep on as we are until something changes. I’m sure the people at the end of this little journey will shake up the status quo without even trying. I’m about to meet a Slayer who’s died twice (impressive for a mortal), a mystical ball of energy/teenage girl, an ex-vengeance demon, a carpenter who saved the world using only his eloquence and the love in his heart, a new breed of Watcher, and any number of heretofore “imaginary” beasties. Sounds like a fairly ordinary visit./

Methos snorted softly. He was certain that this visit was one of the stupider things he had done, at least in regards to avoiding threats to life and limb. But, it was important to Willow. She was finally ready to get back to her life in Sunnydale, and Methos wanted to help her however he could. The old man was distracted from his musings when he saw a sign that cheerfully proclaimed *Welcome to Sunnydale!*

As they passed the sign, Methos reached over to Willow to wake her up, but stopped when he saw her suddenly shiver in her sleep. Willow’s eyes flew open and she sat up and looked around quickly. Her gaze eventually rested on Methos and she favored him with a small grin.

“Home sweet Hellmouth.”

End Prologue

NB: I know this was really short – consider it a teaser. I hope to get the first part finished this weekend. I’m going to try to update once a week (probably on the weekend). Feedback really keeps me going and spurs me on. Please let me know what you like, what you don’t, and what you might like to see happen (pairings, plot, whatever).
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