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To Kingsroost and back

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Summary: Buffy is in over her head again

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Literature > FantasyBlondeElfFR18512,819021,59425 Nov 135 Dec 13No

Chapter 5

Disclaimer: Buffy and Co is owned by Joss Whedon and all rights remain with Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy. This is written purely for fun and no funds are made from it.

A/N: Ashlyn and some of the creatures are published and owned by me (Wendy Perry) and appear in Ashlyn – The Land of The Dragon (Amazon). Any other original characters and monsters are also mine. All thoughts (reviews) gratefully accepted 


Ashlyn pulled the first item from the box, and then quickly grabbed the next one too. She looked at Buffy and smiled. “Perfect!”

She stood up and walked to Buffy. “Come with me for a minute.” Without another word she led Buffy out the door, and into Teerlr’s small bedroom. She closed the door behind them and before Buffy knew what was happening, she was standing there in a whole new set of clothes.

Buffy’s face grew crimson as she looked down and saw what Ashlyn had just done to her. She tried to say something, but nothing but a garbled stutter came out. Buffy now stood in front of Ashlyn wearing a small, black leather halter top and a black leather mini skirt.

Ashlyn smiled and a small giggle escaped her lips. “Don’t worry; your modesty is all intact. Now let’s go back and see what else Teerlr has conjured up for you.” Ashlyn turned and started out the door and Buffy followed her. They entered Teerlr’s tower room and he smiled happily as Buffy went and sat in her chair.

“Fits like a glove, I am so pleased.”

“Ok, what do we have now? Oh yes, you need boots.” Ashlyn pulled a pair of soft black leather to match the skirt and halter ensemble. Before Buffy knew what was happening, she had a pair of over knee boots on. She touched them and was amazed at their suppleness.

“They are so soft.” It was all she could say as Ashlyn looked at her with a stern look.

“Next we have,” Ashlyn looks into the box, “Ahh, what every girl needs… jewellery!” Buffy looked at Ashlyn as she pulls some small items from the box. “Are these enhanced Teerlr?”

“Do I make any other kind?” Teerlr looked as if he was upset by the question, and then he started laughing. “Everything you requested is there.” He pointed at the arm band, admiring his work. He held the ring up. “This is an extra, my treat.” He placed it back in Ashlyn’s outstretched hand. She muttered some unknown words and Buffy was suddenly wearing the unique jewellery.

“What is this all for? I don’t understand.” She looked at Ashlyn, suddenly feeling rather confused.

“Buffy, it is armour, and I will explain why shortly.”

Ashlyn pulled a large amount of the same type of leather out of the box, and smiled. This would finish off what Buffy would need. She let it drop from where she held it by the shoulders and it soon wrapped around Buffy, fitting her perfectly. Buffy stood up and looked down at herself, then looked at Ashlyn, amazement all over her face.

“Wow, this whole ensemble is amazing together, but… I still don’t understand.”

“I will now explain.” Ashlyn and Buffy sat down, and Teerlr moved to his bench beside the wooden table.

“I think it is time for me to come clean. When I arrived, for lack of a better word, I was not actually heading to you. I was just out for a fly about, but, I fell through a portal because I wasn’t watching where I was going. I was not going to stay, but when you showed up, and I got a feel for you, I felt I had to, as there was so much wrong in your world.”

“Wrong in my world?” Buffy asked with some trepidation.

“Yes. First there was your Mom. She was dying, and there was not much the doctors could do. I knew so much about you, and I knew you would need your Mom to help you, so, I restored her health. I knew your sister really wasn’t, there was too much energy there, and I knew of the Key, so it all fell into place. Your sister is just that now, your sister. I reconfigured her makeup and I was bad without asking, but I took your DNA to make her your biological sister. I hope you don’t mind.” Ashlyn smiled an unsure smile until Buffy moved and quickly wrapped her arms around Ashlyn.

“Thank you so very much, I am so glad… whoa! What time is it? Have I used my fifteen minutes yet? I can’t be long… “

“Settle down Buffy, it’s just been a few minutes, everything is fine, honest. Sit down and let me finish. I know you are the slayer. I knew that as soon as I saw you. I know we have spoken of all this before, but I just wanted to rehash it so I could explain what all the clothes are for. I know you have to take on Glorificus and I want you to have all the advantages she has.”

“Oh that will never happen, she is a Goddess!” Buffy thought Ashlyn was smart! “I thought you knew who she was. Obviously you don’t.”

“Buffy, stop it... Now!” Ashlyn grabbed her by the arms and held her still. “Of course I know who she is. I am a Goddess also and know all who are, but you Buffy, you, can take her down with my help.”

“How can I? With everything Giles has taught me I am no match for her, and she won’t stop until she has Dawn.” Buffy broke down in tears, not feeling sorry for herself, but in anger that she couldn’t save her sister.

“If you let me finish, you will know and then we can start work. The equipment you are now wearing has enhancements on it, and it will do a lot to save you from being knocked down right away. It will give you enough time to calculate the situation and then fight the fight. You have a sword inside your coat and your spike is on the other side. Mr. Pointy I think you call it.” Ashlyn winks at her.

Ashlyn turned around and headed for the door. She turned quickly and smiled at Teerlr. “Thank you.” She then walked out the door with Buffy running behind her.

Not a word was spoken all the way down the stairs, and when they walked through the kitchen, everyone stopped and looked at her in all her new gear. She heard the voices of everyone she just passed mumbling after she walked out the back door. She quickened her pace and caught up with Ashlyn as they passed the stables and headed out to the meadow.

Ashlyn turned quickly and started kicking right at Buffy. They both tumbled down in the grass and Buffy realized she better fight back or she was going to look extremely bruised very quickly. Buffy took her stance and waited for Ashlyn to move forward. Fists flew, feet kicked and bodies fell. Buffy put her all into the fight, but was yet to do any damage to Ashlyn. After a few minutes of being severely beat on Buffy stopped, and shouted out at Ashlyn.

“What the heck are you doing? I can’t beat you! You are a Goddess! Ashlyn, what are you doing?” Buffy collapsed on the ground and dropped her face into her hands.

“Are you frustrated? Are you ready to throw in the towel? Now are you ready to learn what I have to teach you?” Ashlyn backed up and watched Buffy as she got up, looked at Ashlyn with hate in her eyes the whole time her tear stained face was going red with anger.

“What can you teach me? You are a Goddess; you didn’t have to learn the hard way.”

Ashlyn sat down and looked at Buffy. “I think you had better sit down. This is the time I need to tell you about me in condensed form.”

Buffy sat down and looked at Ashlyn with questioning eyes. She shifted until she got comfortable and then stared at Ashlyn. “OK, I am listening.”

“I was born in a small village. My parents raised me the best they knew how and taught me all they could about life and ways to survive outside the village. I practiced every chance I got, and soon the time came for me to leave. I found a place and camped for quite a while, and that’s where I met Namesi.” Ashlyn looked at Buffy, and then carried on. “He taught me things no one else could have, he gave me things that I thought were unattainable and he made me what you see now. I know that is the condensed version and it leaves lots of questions to be answered, but as we go the answers will become clear. We have loads to do and you have a lot to learn in a very short time. Will you be ready tomorrow morning, or am I wasting my time?”

Buffy stood up and looked at Ashlyn. Their eyes connected and Buffy stepped slowly forward until they could feel each other’s heart beating. Ashlyn opened her arms and wrapped them around Buffy as Buffy’s grabbed Ashlyn. “I will be ready.” Buffy whispered in Ashlyn’s ear. Ashlyn cuddled her tightly then they headed off for the castle.

Buffy came down the stairs the next morning and heard quite a disturbance coming from the kitchen. She walked in to see what was going on when she saw the boys were in there giving cook a hassle. She was chasing them around with her broom in the air. “Get out of here you monsters! Get out of my kitchen and don’t come back!” One at a time they all ran out the back door laughing as they went.

“Do they always give you a hard time?” Buffy had a look of honest concern on her face.

“Yes Buffy, they do.” The cook looked down and then when her face lifted she had a wide smile on it. “I would have it no other way. Those crazy lads keep me young.” She went to the wood stove and opened it, checking on the contents. “Fresh bread in five minutes with fresh coffee.” She called out as she walked to the counter.

“Oh that sounds perfect, thank you.” Buffy went and sat down at the table waiting for her breakfast.

Just as the breakfast tray was placed on the table Ashlyn walked in. She smiled at cook and commented, “That looks good, and I think I will have the same please.” Cook smiled happily at her and then walked off to prepare another tray.

“So, Buffy, did you have a good sleep last night?” Ashlyn wanted to make sure Buffy was getting a good sleep while she was staying at Kingsroost. Buffy was about to get a massive surprise.

“Yes I did thank you Ashlyn. The bed is lovely and cosy.” Buffy smiled at her.

“Good, because now the work begins!”

The End?

You have reached the end of "To Kingsroost and back" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Dec 13.

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