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AleXander and the X-Men

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Summary: The squeaky wheel doesn't just get greased, it gets moved to where it can't cause problems for those in charge. Alex gets "rewarded" for ruining plans and saving the girl.

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Chapter Sixteen - Epilogue

Disclaimer: Buffy, don't own it, that is the sole property of Joss Whedon.  Marvel owns the X-Men even though they are in turn owned by Disney.  This idea is mine.

A week had passed since the return from the Savage Land, surprisingly enough things hadn't gone crazy yet.  The surgery on Morph was relatively simple and he would be heading to Muir Island to meet with Moira MacTaggert for some therapy away from the mansion.

Apparently when they were in the cage, Gambit had done more than just kiss Rogue.  Alex chuckled and held out his hand waiting for the money.

Wolverine growled and handed Alex the twenty dollar bill and said, "I still say Gumbo would have waited another week if they hadn't been trapped like that."

Alex laughed and pocketed the money.  "Doesn't matter, a bet's, a bet," he said.

"So when are you and Storm, going out on another date Alex," Jubilee asked as she came in the kitchen.

Wolverine laughed and held out his hand as Alex returned the money.  "Couldn't you have waited another day Jubilee," he whined.

Jubilee looked unrepentant as she waited for the answer.

Alex sighed and said, "I haven't asked her, because I'm waiting for the next bomb to drop.  Usually when she and I have a date something happens that either causes the world to be in danger or one of the X-Men."

Wolverine snorted and said, "Then you may as well plan on not asking her out again.  That happens far too often with this group."

Alex nodded and said, "Good point. Well I guess I should go ask her."

With that he walked out of the kitchen and up to the solarium looking for Ororo.  He walked in and saw her watering the various plants, she was humming a song from the musical they had gone to see.  She turned around and saw him standing there and smiled.

"Hello Alexander," Ororo said as she walked toward him.

"Hello My Lady," he replied.  "It has been brought to my attention that I should have asked you out on another date already.  So with that in mind, would like to join me on a picnic this afternoon?"

Ororo smiled and looked out the window at the sunny day, she nodded her head and said, "I was wondering if you would ask or if I would have to ask KATT to test her ejection seats on you."

Alex shrugged and smiled then asked, "Good, then I will meet you by the grove in an hour."

Alex walked out the door and headed back to the kitchen to prepare for the date.


In the other realm.

"About time Dweeb," Cordelia said as she watched Alex and Storm enjoying their date.  She then turned to her companion who was munching on some popcorn and asked, "So when should Alex find out exactly who you are?"

"Oh I don't know," she replied, "After all he has called himself my bitch, my butt monkey and everything else. You'd think he realized that meant he was mine to play with."

Cordelia glared for a moment and said, "You aren't going to ruin this for him."

SHE shook her head and said, "No, I wasn't even responsible for the last time.  He is fully beyond my grasp right now. I do hope he continues on his path, because the weave is looking so much better with him in that universe."

AN: That's it, that's all she wrote, well for this part.  I have started work on a sequel, but it isn't even written yet and just barely outlined. So don't expect to see chapters for a month or two.


The End

You have reached the end of "AleXander and the X-Men". This story is complete.

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