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AleXander and the X-Men

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Summary: The squeaky wheel doesn't just get greased, it gets moved to where it can't cause problems for those in charge. Alex gets "rewarded" for ruining plans and saving the girl.

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Chapter One

AleXander and the X-Men

First off: Buffy belongs to Joss, X-Men to Marvel, the idea mine.

Thanks to TAO and Semet for letting me borrow a couple concepts to start off my story.
FYI S8 and beyond didn't happen.

Chapter 1

'Food, bath and bed,' he thought as he arrived back at the small house he had called home for the past five years.    They had just finished up a fight in a local village when the phone call came.

"This is Harris," the man growled out as he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, the previous plans were about to be ruined.   "What do you mean she's been kidnapped," he yelled, startling the slayers nearby.  "It isn't even Tuesday, how did this happen?"  

"What are Buffy and Faith planning," he asked.

Nodding as he listened to the person on the phone, and motioning for one of the slayers to come over as he held his hand over the receiver.   "Get my pack loaded for anything, high caliber rounds as well as some toys," he said.

Bringing his hand up to the bridge of his nose and squeezing it, "This stinks beyond compare; this seriously smells like a setup.  Ok, have Willow get a new amulet ready for me. I will be there as soon as I get everything settled here Giles."  Pausing a moment then adding, "Make sure those two stay in bed. They are fray adjacent for this fight, because in their state they will get killed."  Chuckling darkly as he hears Giles response, "I'll be there as soon as I can.  Talk soon Giles."

Hitting the end button, Xander Harris looked around the compound and sighed as he thought, 'Does it ever fucking end?'    Looking at the bag the young slayer brought him, he smiled at the toys as well as the load out.

"Sam," Xander shouted to the man he had worked with and trained to take care of his girls.

"Yes Bwana," the man said with a grin.

Wishing for some reason he had glasses to clean as he repressed the urge to smack his friend, then saying, "You are in charge Sam.  I have to head to Cleveland."

Knowing something was wrong all humor left the Kenyan native, "What has happened Alexander?"

"Dawn has been kidnapped, Buffy and Faith are down with a mysterious illness that has them weaker than newborn cubs and Willow is doing everything in her power to figure out what is wrong with the Alpha slayers and find Dawn," he summarized.  "I am using the amulet to get there as soon as I am packed."

Xander smirked at the idea of using a portkey, but Willow had liked the idea from the Potter books and adapted it quite well for the Council's uses.  The only drawback was it took a lot of energy to make and only one person per amulet.

"Ok Bwana," Sam said with a slight smile. "You are heading out to fix the issue then coming back home. I can take care of things for the week or so it will take you."

Xander put his hand on Sam's shoulder and smiled, "Sam," he paused and took a deep breath, "You are in charge of the Slayers.  Remember, the rules and take care of the girls."

Nodding and putting his own hand on Xander's shoulder, Sam was about to say something when a girl called over.

Speaking in rapid Swahili the slayer said there were some vampires approaching.

Sighing and looking at Xander, Sam gave Xander a sharp salute, "Be safe Bwana and make sure your pack is safe."  Then turning to follow the young slayer, barking out a couple orders he was joined by three other girls as they went out to take care of the pests.

Xander shouldered his pack and grabbed the amulet in his hand and said his personal activation phrase, "Odin."  In a flash of light he was gone from the Serengetti plain.


With a flash Xander Harris arrived in the Cleveland house.

Looking around as he opened his eye, then slowly holding his hands up as three slayers had weapons pointed directly at his heart, "I come in peace and in search of Twinkies."

The girls put their weapons down and he nodded to them as he went upstairs to first check in on his girls. Gently opening the door he saw Faith and Buffy lying in bed, surprisingly enough they weren't strapped down.  But it didn't take a medical degree to see something was seriously wrong, there was no life in their eyes, their faces were coated with sweat yet their skin was nearly translucent.  Willow seemed to be chanting as her gaze was on the Alpha's.  Walking over and gently placing a hand on Willow's shoulder, he spoke, "What happened and how are they doing?"

Willow sighed and turned to look at her oldest friend, "We don't know Xander."

He looked at Willow and was worried, her eyes were sunken in, her skin had a grey pallor to it and her hair seemed almost lifeless.   "Willow what is wrong with you?"

Smiling sadly at him, "My connection to the Earth seems to have been blocked. I had just enough reserves left to put a password on your new amulet.  But after that I'm drained."

Xander growled, bent slowly and scooped her up, 'she's too light and the smell of this situation is growing stronger and stronger.'  

As Willow was about to object, Xander spoke, "You are going into the bed right next to these two. Don't worry Willow I'll take care of this."

"Don't do something foolish Xander," Willow said half heartedly as she let him put her to bed.

"Hey," Xander said with a smirk, "it's me!"

Mock sighing and closing her eyes as she grinned at him, "we're doomed."

Huffing and walking out of the room as he gently closed the door, the switch was flipped in his mind.  He stalked down the stairs and saw a group of slayers standing there confused and concerned.

"Tell me what has happened and what they were working on before this happened," Xander said.

Vi began to speak, "A couple of weeks ago we began to hear rumors of a new gang leader on the streets. At first we just thought it was a human with connections in guns and drugs. But then the local demon population started getting very restless.  A nice husband and wife couple of Bracken demons were found in their home.  Xander, their bodies were crucified and the words, 'Slayer locks up the key, slayer burns the tree' were written in their blood.  I had to put them out of their misery."

Xander put a hand on her shoulder and squeezed gently as he thought over the words and their obvious reaction.  This was Faith's area, but with key being mentioned Buffy would have gone super protective of Dawn, and wanted to find out exactly what was going.  Willow would have started looking into anything that might be related to this. 

"You mentioned a gang leader," Xander asked.

"Yeah apparently he isn't quite human," Vi spat out, "He's been empowered by some demon or something.  We saw him spit acid at one of the new girls, it hit her in the calf.  By the time she arrived here, she had to have her leg amputated as the acid was eating it's way up her thigh. She is in shock, but stable at the moment.  She was the only one who got away after they captured Dawn. Five slayers were guarding her as she was arriving from the airport.  They got in car, were catching up as they were driving, then all of the sudden the tires exploded.  The slayers were on alert immediately and told Dawn to portkey away.  Unfortunately, she had put the amulet in her luggage to avoid questions at the airport.  Four of the slayers were shot in the head, the fifth was left alive as a message."

Xander closed his eye and nodded as he listened and thought, 'this guy needs to die now.'

"While she was in recovery at the hospital, Buffy and Faith were planning to turn the city upside down looking for Dawn.  Everything was fine, just as they were about to leave they both collapsed.  Willow was on-site within minutes, but she's been at a loss as to what is going on," Vi said, her voice starting to quaver as the past 24 hours were catching up with her.

"Ok Vi, where is Dawn being held," Xander asked as he simply looked at her.

Vi was about to blow him off, but she knew that look, it was a look that spoke of immense pain if the answer was not given immediately. "She's being held in an older house. Nice change of pace from a warehouse, you know," she answered with a slight smile.

"Vi, you and the remaining slayers stay here and keep Buffy, Willow and Faith safe," he began ordering.  As he saw the objections about to start, he bellowed, "You will listen and you will keep them safe.  I have no doubt whatsoever about your ability to fight, but this is going to be a sneak in; sneak out then we get revenge.  Is that understood?"

The slayers nodded, they didn't like it but they understood.

Xander smiled, "Rule one applies."  With that Xander took a set of keys off the wall, grabbed his bag and headed to the street to take his car to where he needed to be.


'Rule one applies,' Xander mocked himself as he looked at the house he needed to get inside of.

 'Next time doofus scout the place out before you say something like that.' Frowning as he thought about this, there were guards, actual guards with guns roaming around the outside.  There were at least two lookouts on the roof of the two story house.  Looking over at the house, he put the mystic goggles back on.  'Well at least Dawn is easy to find with these, the bright green is her in the basement, the dark splotchy red has to be the wannabe big bad near her and he has a dozen vampires on the upper floor.'

Looking over at his SUV he had driven from the house, well at least there isn't a stone wall around the house.


The guards had stopped moving around for a minute as they talked about the hot piece of tail the boss had brought in.  They were talking about when they'd get their chance at her after the boss had broken her in properly.    Squalling tires were heard and bright lights suddenly were pointed right at them as the sound of a V8 engine roared, the vehicle was getting closer and closer and not slowing down in the slightest.  They started firing their weapons at the vehicle in an effort to get it to stop then dived out of the way as it roared past them and crashed into the front of the house.  Screams were heard from inside as they rushed toward the hole in the wall and saw the vampires seemingly burning up anytime one of them was in the head lights.

Shooting out the lights with a pistol the guards opened the door to the vehicle and saw no one was in there, just a couple of bricks in the floor board with a rope tied around the steering wheel.

"Search the property, someone sent this here as a distraction," the guard in charge said. 

One of the vampires growled in anticipation, then seemed to pale as he looked at the license plates of the vehicle.

"We need to go now," the fearful minion said.

"Why," asked the guard.

Seeing the vampire pointing at the plates, the guard said, "Odin 1, so what?"

"That's the Knight's vehicle," he whimpered.

"Who the fuck is the knight," the guard asked.

The minion whimpered then disappeared in a cloud of ash as a different vampire staked him to shut him up.  "It doesn't matter, he's a human, he'll die much easier than the slayers did," the younger vampire said.


As Xander watched his vehicle crash into the wall, the guards did the predictable thing and followed.  Shaking his head at their stupidity, he moved around to the back of the house and saw an old coal chute that was now being used to feed a propane tank.  'Perfect,' he thought as he slid down the chute and slowly opened the door.  Taking a camera out and using it to look into the room, seeing only Dawn tied to a table he quickly opened the door completely and moved to her.

Checking her over he saw her face was bruised and her clothes were a bit tattered, but they were still at least intact.

Gently placing his hand over her mouth and whispering in her ear, "Dawn it's Xander, you're out after curfew and it's time to get home."

Dawn's eyes opened quickly as she saw her savior, fighting the urge to cry out his name, she nodded as tears formed in her eyes.  Xander pulled a knife from his boot and quickly cut the ropes holding her down.  Dawn immediately latched onto him and started crying, he was able to understand a few words about how they planned to rape her then sell her blood by the pint.

Xander growled internally as he held Dawn tight then asked, "Dawn we need to go now, can you move?"

Dawn nodded as they moved toward the chute to get out, Xander saw lights near the top, he grabbed her by the shoulder stopping her then quickly shut and locked the doorway to freedom.

"Damn," he said with a sigh.  Taking out the amulet and putting it on her neck.

"Xander," Dawn said, her voice trembling, "what are you doing? Where is your amulet?"

Smiling at her and kissing her on the forehead as he hugs her tight, "Willow only had the energy to make one Dawn. Take care of everyone."

Dawn starts to grab at the amulet to remove it, "Oh no you don't! You are not going to..."

"Odin," Xander says as he watches the young woman disappear in a flash of light, "Goodbye Dawnie."

Xander quickly looks around he sees the other doorway, using a shovel; he jams it into the door handles to at least keep them shut for a couple of minutes.  Pulling the table they had tied Dawn to over near the recently filled propane tank, he digs into his bag and has an almost feral smile.

"I really wish I could thank her for this packing job," he said then laughed darkly. Taking the roll of semtex out of the bag, he starts running it around the room, he then pulls out a simple grenade and sits on the propane tank.

He watches the door as he hears men yelling and in particular one voice of who he assumes is the gang leader.  Taking out his wallet he pulls out the photos of the girls and looks them over, saying softly, "I never was one for following the rules."

The door starts breaking and he puts the pictures away and waits his hands in his lap as he watches the shovel break and the doors pushed open, the gang leader and vampires enter the room.

"Where is she one eye," the obvious leader asks.  His face has been changed; his jaws seem a bit thicker.

Shaking his head and laughing, "Well moron, she obviously isn't here."

Behind the men, a girl in a dark dress rolls her eyes as she watches and listens to this.

Growling out, "I'm just going to have to go to that whore house and get her and the rest of them.  I wonder how they'll like being the play things for my boys here and food for these fine upstanding citizens."

The girl winces and shakes her head, she knows this is not going to end well and disappears to prepare.

Xander loses the mask of the clown and stares at them with his eye, there is no bravado there is no fear, there is simply the promise of pain and death.  "You know I was going to offer you a choice, but I decided you don't deserve it. No one threatens my family," he growled out.

"What are you going to do," the leader asks so sure of himself and his men. "You are all alone and once you are dead, no one can stop us. Not like you could stop us anyway."

With that Xander slowly pulls the pin from the grenade as he moves it behind his back and drops the grenade behind the propane tank.

He then smiled darkly and said, "I like the quiet."

One heart beat later, the grenade exploded right into the propane tank causing a chain reaction of super heated gas, shrapnel and fire.  This then ignited the semtex creating a large fireball and shockwave that incinerated the gang, the vampires and the entire house. 


AN: This is this year's nano creation and I am currently going through the fun that is editing it. So chapters will be appear every day or so.
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