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Phone Conversations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Missouri's Hunter". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: He thinks nothing of answering the house phone when it rings seven o'clock on a Thursday night. (Part of Missouri's Hunter 'verse)

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered(Past Donor)LaneyFR1311,096072,39130 Nov 1330 Nov 13Yes
'Verse: Set in the 'Sugar 'Verse' (actually called the Missouri's Hunter 'verse)
Timeline/Authors Notes: BTVS: Set just after Welcome to the Hellmouth. Supernatural - pre-series by about 8 years. I'm keeping to the original timelines. Also, contains mostly secondary characters.
Author's note I have taken liberty with one character's age. As it was never specifically mentioned (that I can recall) on the show, I'm making it up (plus - it fits with this story).
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Buffy and Angel people belong to Joss and Mutant Enemy. Supernatural belongs to whoever owns them.

Even though his best friend is gone, thanks to Xander pretty much living at the McNally home whenever he's not with Buffy and Willow, he thinks nothing of answering the house phone when it rings seven o'clock on a Thursday night.

"McNally Residence," he greets the caller while eyeing the cookies left on the coffee table. It's as he's wondering if anyone will notice if two or three cookies disappear, that he realises that whoever is calling hasn't said a word. "Hello? Anyone there?"

No answer, just silence.

"Are you a heavy breather?" he asks the caller. "Because if you are, I gotta say that's all kinds of creepy. But hey, just to save you time, I'm wearing old jeans and my favourite Hawaiian shirt."

He hears a snort of amusement through the phone. "You can relax, I'm not a heavy breather. I was just waiting until my mom walked by my room."

Xander's eyebrow raise at the voice on the other end of the phone. He's surprised to hear a female voice, a young female voice. "Okay, cool." He's not all that sure what he's actually supposed to say to that, so he does the same thing he always does whenever a female says something that doesn't quite make sense - he agrees and moves along.

It's something he and Jesse learned from Willow the hard way.

"So, ah, can I help you?"

"Yeah, is Bill Harvelle there?"

Xander glances around the room and then looks into the hallway, frowning. "Yeah, hang on a sec." He covers the phone and calls out for Mr Harvelle - Bill - and is a little surprised when he doesn't answer. Xander knows he was here a little while ago, he's the owner of the cookies. "Sorry, I think he must gone out or something. Can he call you back?"

"Is he with John Winchester?" There's a moments pause before she asks her next questions. "Are you Sam or Dean?"

Xander's been around Bill's friends long enough to know exactly who they are and enough to guess who he's talking to. "No, they weren't allowed to come. John has gone to pick them up from Pastor Jim's, and then he's heading out to a new job. I'm Xander."

She's silent again, so silent he thinks for a second that she's going to hang up. "Oh... Dad told me about you. You're... you're..."

"Jesse's best friend," he finishes for her. "And you're Joanna Beth." Bill's ten year old daughter... and Jesse's little sister.

His heart seizes up a moment as the grief hits him. Xander's known about Joanna Beth for years now, but he's never met - or spoke to - her before... and the worst thing is that neither has Jesse. Xander can't help but mourn the fact that Jesse will never meet his sister - all because he was pissed off with his dad for leaving his mother and getting married again. At the time, Xander had agreed with his best friends - because it's what best friends do - but now he wonders if Jesse's anger had been worth it.

God, he misses Jesse.

"It's Jo," she corrects him. "Um..."

Suddenly, Xander doesn't want to be taking this call. He doesn't want to be talking to Jo. Jesse should be the one having awkward conversations with his half-sister. Not him. "So, do you want me to get your dad to call you?"

"Ah, you better not," she says. "If mom finds out I'm calling him, she'll pitch a fit. She told me not to bother him."

Ah, so that's why she waited for her mom to walk by her room. "If you call back in half an hour you should catch him. I don't think he's far away."

"Sure, thanks."

"Okay, cool," he says. "Well, I better go. I'll talk to you later, then?" There's a moment of awkward silence and Xander has to fight the urge not to hang up before she says something else.

"Um, hey, Xander?"

Damn it! He should have hung up. "Yeah?"

"What... What was Jesse like?"

Xander closes his eyes and slowly sits down on the chair by the phone. It takes him a second to get past the pain to answer. "He was the coolest person I knew."


"Actually, he was pretty much a dork, like me, but he was a great guy. The best."

"Yeah?" she says.

Xander can hear the wistfulness and curiosity in her tone, so he does the only thing he can think of...

He tells her everything he knows about her brother.

Bill steps away from the doorway, as Xander begins to tell his daughter yet another story about Jesse, and turns to Missouri.

"Is there a particular reason why you wanted Xander to talk to Jo?"

Missouri gives him a sad smile and Bill feels a flash of unease. Psychics, regardless of how nice they are, always make him nervous. He doesn't like that they can tell the - his - future. He's not sure he really wants to know what they see.

"Your little girl needs to hear about her brother and that boy out there needs to talk about him," Missouri says.

It's sounds like a completely reasonable reply, but Bill's not entirely convinced. "Xander talks about Jesse," Bill points out. "In fact, he's already told me the stories he's telling Jo. Why couldn't I tell her?"

Missouri smiles falls away and Bill feels even more uneasy."Well, for one, Xander's a far better storytelling than you, Bill Harvelle," she tells him. "Second, he's her only connection to Jesse and she needs that. They'll become good friends."

"Friends?" he repeats, dubious. "He's sixteen. He's not going to want to be friends with his dead best friend's ten year old sister."

Missouri shrugs. "He may be sixteen, but she is Jesse's little sister and, now that he's met her, so to speak, he won't forget that."

He supposes that makes sense.

"Besides, they're going to need each other one day."

Bill's blood runs cold at her words at her words and the possibility hidden in them. He's almost sure he doesn't want to know.

So he doesn't ask.


The End

You have reached the end of "Phone Conversations". This story is complete.

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