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Stronger than Diamond

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Adamant". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Some parents are legends, even out of their home time. Willow centered AU Season 2.

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Multiple Crossings > Willow-CenteredbatzulgerFR1591130,65241782144,9373 Dec 1312 Feb 14Yes

Chapter One

The morning after the Master was well, De-Mastered? I woke up and stretched. I was still kind of exhausted it's obvious that Buffy was far more of a party-type person than I'll ever be. Anyway she had said she was going to be packing her stuff to go visit her dad, so I decided to go over and help.

"Hello Willow," Buffy's mom met me at the door, "She said that you guys went out to the Bronze after the prom. Did you have fun last night?"

"It was pretty amazing..." I really didn't know how to finish that phrase.

"School dances can be," Mrs. Summers went on. I had a great time at mine. "Did Buffy behave?"

"What? Oh yes she did the behaving bit not misbehaving because that would be ..."

"Willow!" fortunately Buffy came down the stairs right before I spilled my guts. "I need a professional friend opinion!"

"On what?"

"Shoes of course..." Buffy actually seemed serious. She probably was. Shoes are her life after slaying and apparently Angel.

"Sure?" she dragged me upstairs and immediately started asking which pairs she should pack, and which ones she should leave for the summer. Yup, she was serious business this time. I gestured vaguely at some pairs and she complimented me on my decisions.

"So Will, what are you doing this summer?" she asked as she was stuffing tissue paper into a set of pumps.

"I'm not really sure," I said thinking hard, "Giles said that the Hellmouth's cycle tapers off during the summer months, and I've always noticed that there was less mysterious death stuff then too. I guess I'll hang out with Xander and start planning on what studying I have to do this fall.

"You know the words 'Xander' and 'study' do not correspond on this, or any other plane of existence, don't you?" she said skeptically.

"Yes well, I can always dream can't I?" I hoped I didn't sound too pleading.

"Nope," she popped the 'P', "Dreaming is a-okay by me unless coma kids get involved. Then it's just creepy and dangerous..."

"...and has frogs and clowns," I finished for her.

"Exactly! Now I'll be gone but you have my number and if something grrr and bitey shows up I'll expect you to call. I don't have enough friends that I can afford to lose any of them," she looked at me as if daring me to disagree.

"Got it Buffy. In case of mysterious death break glass."

"Exactly...You know Will, I'm going to miss you over the next few months. I think you're the best friend I've ever had."

I was stunned. Buffy was beautiful, smart, and talented and she chose me as her bestie?

"Well thank you..." I kind of gasped out, "...but are you sure you haven't confused me with somebody that's actually cool?"

"Not one tiny bit!" she hugged me. "You are the awesome, and the sooner you realize it, the better." She finished up her packing and her mom took us out to lunch. It turned out to be a pretty great day.

Exams were over and my 4.0 GPA was secure for another year. Xander, Buffy, and I were walking home after she said goodbye to Giles and the library until September. As we approached 1630 Revello we saw her dad's car in the driveway.

"He wasn't supposed to be here till tomorrow..." Buffy muttered, "I guess I'm leaving this afternoon. Good thing you helped me pack Will."

"Aww Buff," Xander moaned, "Say it's not true. Say you'll stay with us forever and ever."

"Sorry Xan. Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do," she said before she hugged both of us. "I'll stay in touch!"

"Bye Buffy! See you in the fall!" I called out.

"Bye bye Will and Xander!" she jogged off.

"So Will what now?"

"Well tonight we have to do the bury the Master thing. So you had better get that holy water and I'll find some shovels," I made sure to have my 'I'm not kidding Mister...' face on.

"Oh yeah," he smacked himself in the forehead. Xander is such a goof. "I'll get right on it! See you later Will!" he took off towards the Catholic Church and I headed home.

My mom was there which was kind of surprising actually, "Willow?"

"Yeah it's me," I put down my backpack and got a glass of juice before heading for her study.

"Hi sweetie," she gave me a hug. "How did your exams go?"

"Good I hope. I think I may have lost one point on an extra credit problem though in chemistry. I was going to look that up."

"Relax a little. Ira's won't be back till next week by the way. His guest lecturer position at the Sorbonne got extended."

"Oh okay...What are you doing back today? I wasn't expecting you till tomorrow."

My mom blanched. This was weird, Sheila Rosenberg never blanches, "Oh? You noticed."

"Uh yeah mom, I do have a calendar set-up just for Dad's and your trips after all."

"I heard an old...friend might be stopping by tomorrow and I wanted to be sure I wouldn't miss him...them I mean."

Okay this was weird...first the blanching now the blushing, "Mom, what's going on?"

"Nothing Willow, this is all okay and quite alright you understand just a perfectly normal meeting between two old friends that haven't seen each other in almost 17 years that's all. Nothing weird or funny or strange about that right? Of course not, any accusations would be silly and foolish and misguided."

And people say I babble, though I did learn from an expert after all, "Mom, who is this 'them' who I am guessing is a 'him', right?"

"An old...friend like I said. You really should be here too, to meet him, I mean them of course."

"Okay then. I'm going out with Xander later just so you know."

"Alright that's fine," my mom looked relieved that the topic had changed, "Have fun."

I headed off to my room to figure out whether I had messed up that extra credit question.

The next morning I heard a car pull up out front. I had been awake for a while making notes on vampire destruction and interment rituals in case this sort of thing happened again. It pays to stay organized after all. The doorbell rang and I headed downstairs, slowing briefly when I heard a crash and a panicked scramble from my mom's office.

I opened the door to see a handsome older guy, about 60 or so, wearing a very nice suit and leaning on an ornate cane. He was very lean and had a big smile on his clean shaven face, "Well hello there Miss!" he had an seriously upper-crust English accent. "I am looking for Sheila and Willow Rosenberg. I presume you are Willow?"

"Uh yes..."

"Come in come in!" my mother called out. I groaned but it was at least daylight so he wasn't a vampire.

She guided the man into her study and shut the door leaving me standing there confused. About half an hour later the door opened.

"Willow, I'd like you to meet somebody."

I walked in, the guy was sitting in one of the armchairs so I sat down in the other. My mom was standing and looking really nervous.

"Uhm Willow," my mom began, "When Ira and I first got married, we knew we would be apart a lot of the time due to our lecture and research schedules. So we decided that we would have a semi-open marriage. When I was at Oxford giving my series on Pre-natal educational techniques I met..."she nodded at the man, "We hit it off and got...involved. Nine months later you were born."

"So you're my father?" I was surprised, but not as much as you might think. My parents were both pretty weird.

"I am indeed Willow."

"So why are you here...and who are you?"

"Why I am here is to meet my only And as to who I name is Sir Adam Adamant."

BtVS Property of Mutant Enemy. Adam Adamant Property of BBC

This one is for all the fans of classic British Spy-Fi
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