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Finding Peace

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Summary: Faith Lehane isn't doing well in the new order of things, her job wearing on her every time she completes a mission. But when she's sent to Lima, Ohio to guide a rebellious slayer things start to change. Mostly slash ships, rating may change later.

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Part 3

Disclaimer: See first chapter.
A/N: Decided to put it up now while I was thinking of it rather than waiting til later tonight cause chances are I'd forget.

Faith and Spike looked at their new place, standing beside their bikes out front. Their things had already been moved by the Council’s people so they had taken their time getting here, just enjoying the ride and the company. But they were here now, staring at the front of their new three-bedroom home. Technically it was built with four bedrooms but the fourth had been converted into a heavily-warded, dead-locked office and library in order to protect the books and weapons within as well as to allow them a safe place to plan patrols and such. Entering the house they glanced at the bedrooms, noting that they both had rooms that faced the sunset as was proper for a Slayer and a vampire.

Then they went to the office, Faith using her copy of the key to the room to open it. There was a good-sized, sturdy wooden table in the center of the room with bookcases lining most of the walls. The parts of the walls that were left free contained maps which were detailed images of Lima and other nearby communities as well as one of the land around Lima which noted any caves or anything else that was always useful to know in this business. They left the office and quickly explored the rest of the house. They had training space in the basement, or in their fenced off backyard if they absolutely had to do it outdoors. Meeting in the living room they looked at each other, both knowing that this small town was prickling at their restless natures already.

By unspoken agreement they headed to the door, planning to take a walk around town before night fell so that they could get a feel for the place during daylight hours. But just as they reached the door the doorbell rang, causing them to pause and glance at one another. Spike shrugged, Faith shrugged back, and then she opened the door. On the other side stood a small family of three with wary looks in their eyes. The group consisted of two men of very different appearances and a teenage girl who smiled brightly despite the subtle fear in her large, dark eyes.

“Uh, hey. I guess you’re our neighbors. Um, I’m Faith and this is my brother William.” Faith spoke, shifting to cover the swift dig of her elbow into Spike’s ribs when he made to protest the use of his human name. He growled under his breath but kept up a charming smile.
“Ello.” He said a bit awkwardly, raising one hand in a small wave. He was dressed in his usual ensemble of red and black, though his duster was actually over his arm rather than properly on at the moment. Faith on the other hand was dressed in dark, worn denim and a black tank top that exposed her lean but defined arms.

“Hello, my name is Rachel Berry. These are my fathers, Hiram and Leroy.” The girl replied, revealing the source of their wariness as she gestured at first the smaller man and then the larger. It was obvious that this town wasn’t too big on accepting the unconventional aspects of family.

“Cool. Anyplace a girl can go to pick up a date of the female persuasion?” Faith asked with a crooked smile and a wicked wink that actually set the family at ease. The men chuckled while Rachel blushed. Then, surprisingly, it was Spike who remembered his manners and pulled Faith out of the way before wordlessly gesturing them in. Faith caught onto the whole manners thing and took the cookies to the kitchen, returning with water bottles for all of them. They took them with quiet thank yous before the conversation picked up again.

“So what brings you two young people to little old Lima?” Hiram asked, eyes shining with amusement at his little joke. Faith chuckled throatily at that and shrugged.
“I got offered a job at the high school, new PE class by order of the county.” She replied, their story falling easily from her full lips. It hadn’t been hard to convince the county that this particular school needed a self-defense class. Apparently they had a major bullying problem here.

“So you’re the teacher for the new self-defense class!” Rachel exclaimed, beaming at her even more brightly if that were at all possible. And apparently it was because her smile practically blinded the pair for a moment while Faith nodded. The conversation moved on to inconsequential things until finally the Berrys excused themselves. Once the small family was gone the two rebels slumped back into their seats with matching sighs. Socializing had never been their strong suit, and the Berrys were very energetic people even when they were just making small talk with their new neighbors. After a few moments the pair stood again and finally headed out for that look around town.
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