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Summary: "It had never quite covered the rest though - but the word she heard spoken hesitantly today (almost as if the speaker was a doctor breaking the news of a terminal illness to a patient) does: Seer." Dana-centered

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part four: so much brighter

A/N: Disclaimer at the bottom - and, as always, reviews are good.

part four: so much brighter

The meeting is supposed to be serious (she knows by the way blonde slayer links her hands together on the table in front of a stack of papers - even though brunette slayer is slumped in her chair with a smirk on her red lips) but the presence of the two highest ranking slayers sitting in front of her makes her want to giggle.

"We hear that you don't want any help with your visions," the blonde one starts. "That you got angry at Dr. Isabelle."

"No pills," she says with a hard voice, merriment gone. “Yellow makes you weak. Brown makes you sleepy.”

The woman starts to reply but the brunette sits up, says, "B, it's her choice."

And her fellow Chosen Slayer gives a tired sigh, shuffles to another sheet instead. "A Watcher," she says, smiling and there is actual happiness in her expression now. "You've found one?"

"I want Fred," Dana says promptly, and links her hands together mimicking the other woman. (Brunette slayer notices and raises an eyebrow at her. She mimics this as well making her snort.)

"Do you know that she....," the blonde slayer bites her lip, looking for the right words.

"Had a demon shacked up in her body for awhile," the other finishes the sentence much more bluntly.

"Illyria was a God-King," Dana corrects and is pleased by their surprise (she had tried so hard to remember - to keep that information, not let it slide away when yesterday evening she was a witch with a twin sister. They had met up at their usual spot, just past the library, when the coin had vibrated. Together sneaking down to the seventh floor - walking past the plain bit of wall three times until a door appeared).

"Well," the papers were shuffled once more but the blonde slayers face finally could not contain a full out beaming smile (she was transformed like that, so much brighter without all the worry weighing her down), "since Fred has already agreed. I think it is a good match. On probation of course," she warned.

"Fred-,' Dana couldn't get the words out. She had already said yes? When she had asked repeatedly, the other woman would always deflect. She had become afraid that Fred truly did not want to.

"But you still won't be able to leave Council Headquarters without another person or patrol without another Slayer," she continued talking as if Dana hadn't said anything.

Dana bit her lip then trying desperately for the name, her face screwed up in concentration - so they waited for her to figure it out. "Andrew!" she yelled making the other two startle but Dana was much to happy with herself for actually remembering to worry about that.

"Holy shit," the brunette muttered rubbing her ear and the blonde hit her in the shoulder absentmindedly (without even glancing over), which, of course was met with a swift response of a kick under the table (and Dana did end up breaking into those giggles.)

But at least after the slight bit of confusion they understood. "Yes, Andrew can be the one that goes with the two of you, if you choose to go somewhere outside Council HQ. But if you want to patrol, take another Slayer," the blonde warned again; her stern face abruptly bloomed back into that smile again. "Congratulations, Dana. I'm happy for you - I think this is a very good thing." And with that she gathered her papers and they both got up to leave.

But before she was gone brunette slayer said, "Hey, Dana. Whenever I'm in town, I'll patrol with you, alright?" And then her smirk turned into something both happy and sad. "And Congrats on the Watcher. Treat her right, yo."

"We're both a jumble," Dana said in response, using Fred's words (she didn't think her Watcher would mind - and Dana very much liked the sound of that her Watcher), "and I think that is why we fit."'

Disclaimer: I own nothing and shall list all of the fandoms in this fic I do not own now. BtVS and AtS belong to Joss Wheodn. Phillip Pullman wrote the "His Dark Material Series". Teen Titans belongs to DC. SGA belongs to Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper. Kim Possible belongs to Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley. "The Chronicles of Narnia" are by C.S. Lewis. And, lastly, "The Harry Potter Series" is by J. K. Rowling.

The End

You have reached the end of "Jumble". This story is complete.

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