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Not Particularly Renowned for Faith

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Summary: “A wardrobe?” he repeated after the government official, feeling relatively baffled. Harry pushed up his glasses in an automatic gesture, and gave a deep sigh. “Thanks?" (HP/Narnia Crossover)

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: LiteraturesmolderFR1354,070073,95412 Dec 1312 Dec 13Yes

Part One

Disclaimer: I own nothing. J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter. C.S. Lewis owns Narnia.
A/N: This is a Wishlist fic from a prompt provided by nevrafire.
A/N2: Reviews are Good. This has been a subtle hint from the author - Please return to your regularly scheduled reading
Spoilers: Post-Series HP

Part One

“A wardrobe?” he repeated after the government official, feeling relatively baffled. Harry pushed up his glasses in an automatic gesture, and gave a deep sigh. “Thanks?” he tried, not really knowing how else to respond and getting no help from the people sharing the sofa on either side of him. Part of him was just baffled that this was coming to him now - Dumbledore had been dead for quite a while and he had already received items from the man's will.

(And used them, a part of his mind reminds him but Harry does not want to think about that right now. Already has too much time each day caught up thinking about the War and how he might have done things different.)

Padma echoed his sigh, shaking her head as she looked down at her notes, shuffling them back into a perfect pile with precise motions. “Honestly, I don’t know either, Harry. This is all quite unusual," she admitted with a slight grin, her dark eyes flicking up and meeting his again. "I think the Ministry just sent me over to tell you because they were willing to take the gamble that, at least, you wouldn't kick me out.”

To his left, Harry heard Ron snicker – remembering, of course, the several other officials from the Ministry (not to mention the many press) who had been forceful sent away from the home the three jointly owned (which really didn't help quell the rampant press speculation about their lives).

The lovely Ms. Patil’s eyes never strayed over to the red head though. Although she had never flat out cursed Ron for his behavior at the Yule Ball, never even yelled at him or said cross words truly, there was never altogether pleasant feelings between them afterwards.

“Padma, you know that any of the DA are always welcome here,” Harry said reassuringly, ignoring the tension between the two. “It doesn’t matter what your job is – Merlin, Luna is a reporter and she is in and out of here constantly. I’m not even sure she has another home, actually. And I know you wouldn’t come to this place, if it was going to endanger the group - DA has always been important to you.” Harry, didn’t consider himself a great speaker but he thought he did pretty well since she looked distinctly pleased at his comments. (And he knew Ravenclaws weren’t the sorts to take insincere compliments.)

“Has anyone just tried opening it yet?” Hermione, breaking her silence up until now, asked point blank – in an almost scathing tone, interrupting the nearly pleasant mood in the room. But she tended to be like that a bit these days, yo-yoing back and forth between staring blankly at a book (not turning a page for stretches that lasted far too long to actually be reading) and making biting comments when she did speak. Ron and him weren't quite sure how to deal with it (this was Hermione) and they had their own issues that they where working through.

But Padma did not seem particularly phased, she switched gears easily and answered right away. “It is magically sealed and can only be undone by the inheritors it has been keyed to - you three. The magic is quite specific when it comes to that," her tone did not change much but Harry still got the feel from her slight body language (she was so much different than her twin in how she expressed herself) that people had found out how "specific" the magic on this wardrobe the hard way.

Still their was a distinct feeling of hesitance, none of them particularly wanted to go down to the Ministry; they hated leaving the house, and the safety it represented, at all these days. Harry knew he was the worst of all of them in this - had gotten so bad now that he would have to be badgered incessantly to go anywhere and then would only do so if he was wearing his Invisibility Cloak.

But the Wizarding Press, which had been an upsetting drizzle before the War, now threatened to drown him - and Harry feared he had lost whatever tolerance for it he had ever had for it in the past as well.

It was actually probably for the best that Ginny and him only made it a few days past the Battle at Hogwarts before they looked at each other and realized that their relationship wasn't going to work between - they were so different now, completely different people who wanted vastly different things.

Neither of them was even particularly invested in being together anymore either. For Ginny he had been a bit of childhood the she had eventually grown out of as she found herself over the years. And for him: well, some days he fears he never really saw her for herself - instead letting her become an amalgamation in his brain; a pretty, strong, witch whose family had always represented love and comfort to him.

And there were things happening immediately after that were just too so much more important then them anyway - burying all the dead, the rebuilding efforts, (trying to find an identity outside of this War; separate from fighting, death and Voldemort). If they had left breaking up too much further, Harry is afraid it might have ended badly - one or the other of them might have gotten too invested and been hurt. This way, they had remained up good friends, and no one in her family was angry at him.

She has gone on to play Quidditch with the Hollyhead Harpies, a life in the spotlight where she has learned to walk down the street and let them lob questions at her and simply ignore the what they yell.

Harry has always had a problem with that.

Ron and Hermione did not last as a couple either and Harry feels embarrassed and how relieved he is about that. But there is something so much more comfortable when the three of them are just the three of them - and there is no greater pull in another direction. That is not to say that he doesn't have a different relationship with Hermione than he does with Ron, it would be stupid to try and insist otherwise - but none of them have a claim on the other two. (Beyond their friendship, their tried and tested bond that he would give anything for.)

"We'll go," he hears Ron blurt and can only turn and stare at him in blank surprise for a long moment. (Padma even looked over at him, a distant part of his brain notes as well.)

"Wha?" he asks stupidly, not able to get anything else out.

"Harry," his friend sighs, clapping a hand on his shoulder and smiling at him sadly, "this is from Dumbledore. You know it will just bloody eat at the three of us constantly until we actually give in and go have a look." The red head gave a self deprecating shrug. "I'm just trying to save time."

"Practical for once," Hermione murmured but, when he glanced to his right, her smile was fond. "Are you sure you're not coming down with something, Ron?" she teased and he harrumphed playfully.

And Harry felt so buoyed by the moment (the way they were all interacting felt so good, felt so much like it used to) that he turned and smiled at Padma who was watching them. He said, "We'll be there tomorrow to open it."
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