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Winds Feather

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Summary: Willow was dropped into the future, the year AC198. There she meets her love. His codename was Wind, She was his feather. Willow/? fic sap. Read to find out the mystery guy

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Anime > Gundam WingLostGirlFR71442031,5911 Feb 041 Feb 04Yes
Disclaimer: I dont own either Buffy or Gundam Wing. Full stop.

Winds Feather

It was many years ago when they had first met. He was a warrior, a loner. No longer trynin to wash the blood from his stained hands.

She was a breath of fresh air. Her hair a beautiful red, and the smile that had captured his heart. Green eyes that were so fierce, yet loving. She was powerful, he couldsense that. The way she held herself belied confidence.

His Feather, as he called her. She was graceful, yet strong whilst appearing fragile. She had been confident when they met, but neither could deny the obvious chemistry between them.

He couldn't deny that he was attracted to her. Who wouldn't? She was of meduim height, with vivd red hair and green eyes. A combination that was quite rare. That and her strong personality made her incredibly desirable.

They were opposites. He appeared the strongest, she appeared fragile. But that was different. It was infact the other way around. She was indeed stronger than him, not in body, but in spirit.

She was his sprite, his feather, his Willow. As beautiful as the tree she took her name from. He was honoured that she was his.


Yes, many years ago they met, but even now they are still together. He was her Wind, that was his codename. As strong as the strong wind that blew across the world.

But as fragile in spirit as a flower. He was tall, taller than her, his long white blond hair made his features all the more Grecian. Pale skin, even after all those hours in the heat of the sun.

He appeared strong, took control of situations. He had leadership skills. But if it wasn't for her, then he would be a hollow shell.

She couldn't deny that she was attracted to him. Who wouldn't? A lithe Grecian frame, framed with long white hair and sharp cerulean blue eyes. They were opposites. She strong in her own ways, he in others.

He was her Wind, her soulmate, her Milliardo. As strong as the foundations of the earth.

Together the made a match that was both strong, and everlasting. The witch and the soldier. They made peace all the more possible in the year AC198. The various wars had ended and the Wind and his Feather could live in peace, for now, and until the end of their days.

The Wind and the Feather. The sprite and the soldier. Willow and Milliardo. May their love breach time itself and last for eternity.

Authors Note: well? what do yuo think? I ahd an idea for a Wilow/Milliardo fic so I wrote it. Read and review ppl. ^-^

The End

You have reached the end of "Winds Feather". This story is complete.

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