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Night Time Musings

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Summary: Trowa muses on his life as a Gundam Pilot, and considers his destiny, and two closest friends, Catherine and Quatre. Gundam Wing fic

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Anime > Gundam WingLostGirlFR71386018221 Feb 041 Feb 04Yes
Disclaimer: I dont own Gundam Wing. so nyaaah!

^-^ Enjoy!

Night – Time Musings

The night was dark and nothing could be heard. He stood there with his back to the endless chatter and activities. Who is this sullen figure standing all alone? His name? He did not know his name, so they called him Nanashi.

Of course he had taken another name. Of course, its previous owner was now dead due to an accident. Yet he still did not know his name, his past. All he could do was look to the future.

He sighed as he slipped the clowns mask on over his face, another performance. It was simply another day. Or was it? Was it a day for revelations? For spiritual guidance? Or was he just being superstitious?

His closest friend was his sister. Catherine Bloom. That was her name. A tall woman, with auburn coloured hair, violet eyes and a caring nature. How could he be related to such a kind soul?

His destiny was to fight for the peace of Earth and the Colonies. To die in battle, protecting human beings. Many believed that humans were just a statistic, but he knew that those people were wrong.

He was so caught up in his musings that he did not sense or hear the presence of a fellow Gundam Pilot.

“What’s bothering you Trowa?”

Trowa almost smiled, almost. His second closest friend. Quatre Winner. He too was kind, caring and seemingly childlike. But look past that exterior and you have a warrior, a protector. But he seemed so innocent. How had he ended up with such friends? Catherine and Quatre were very much alike and every now and again he would find himself wondering how he had ever managed to make friends.

“Nothing, Quatre. I’ll be in, in awhile,” He said, his voice barely heard over the gentle wind. Quatre nodded, though he didn’t truly believe that there was nothing bothering him. But he did not want to risk a friendship. So Quatre Rabarba Winner returned to the bustle of the circus.

Trowa released a breath that he had not realised he was holding. He looked up to the stars and smiled, he had a sister and a close friend who understood him. It seemed that the Fates smiled upon him, this day.

Authors Note: voila! all finished. ^-^ read and review plz

The End

You have reached the end of "Night Time Musings". This story is complete.

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