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Dawn of Xander

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Summary: Xander puts on a different costume for Halloween. Because all Eldar MUST answer the call!

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Games > Fantasy > Warhammer 40,000MuadzinFR181128,75958133,41726 Dec 135 Aug 14No

Chapter Two

Chapter Two

‘The Pieces are in place, it is time for us to make our move’

- = - = -

AN: Sorry for the late posting, but everytime I wanted to post the next chapter, something came up. The perils of the holidays I guess. Man, I didn’t you guys to go this nuts. Which is both extremely flattering and also quite intimidating at the same time.

- = - = -

“Eldrad Ulthran here to see the Mon-keigh princesses,” the imposing figure said with a slightly muffled voice.

“Uh, this is the Summers’ home,” Buffy said a little unsure as she watched the strange figure, “I have no idea where the Monty’s live but you might have better luck across the street.”

The strange clad figure gave her a short stare through its intensely black lenses.

“Foolish Mon-keigh princess,” the figure sniggered, “You have no idea and….. I must say Buffy! Lady of Buffdom, Duchess of Buffonia, I am in awe! I completely renounce spandex!”

Buffy gave the strange figure an odd look, then she realized.

“Xander?” she said tentatively, “Is that you?”

“There is no Xander in here, only Zuul,” the figure replied with thinly veiled amusement and an ominous tone of voice.

“I thought you were El Dorito Supreme or something a moment ago,” Buffy said as she gave what she thought was Xander a weary eye.

“I am known by many names, Mon-keigh princess,” Xander said and made a slight curtsy, “I must say you wear that dress very well, Buff.”

“Why, thank you, kind sir,” Buffy said thankfully and curtsied, “And I have to say that is the most stunning costume I have ever seen.”

“Yes, it suits me, does it not, mortal?” Xander said and pretended to dust off his sleeves.

“What are you supposed to be?” Buffy asked.

“Why, an Eldar Farseer of….,” Xander tried to say but then Buffy interrupted him.

“Wait, Willow’s gotta see this,” Buffy said and called up to her room, “Will, you gotta see this. Xander has the most amazing outfit I’ve ever seen!”

Buffy then leaned forward to Xander and whispered.

“If you think you’re amazing looking, wait till you see……”

As she could hear the sound of Willow coming down the stairs she and Xander turned their heads. Only to see Willow coming down the stairs dressed in a ghost sheet with the word BOO on the front in large bold letters.

“...Casper,” Buffy said somewhat disappointed as she finished her sentence.

“Heya, Will! That's a fine boo you got there,” Xander said chip.

While Buffy frowned upon Willow for having chickened out at the last moment Willow was in awe over Xander’s costume.

“Xander? Is that you?” she said stunned.

“There is no Xander here,” Xander said and pulled out a gun which he aimed at Willow’s head, “Begonne foul servant of Chaos for I am Eldrad Ulthran of Craftworld Ulthwé!”

What the hell is Xander pulling a gun at Willow, Buffy thought surprised, even if it was a fake space ray gun. But before she could intervene Willow erupted in happy Willowbabble.

“OHMIGOD XANDER! Is that a real Shuriken pistol? Where did you get a Shuriken pistol? Where did you get an Eldar Farseer costume? That is so awesome! And it’s a good one too, not like those fake ones you see on pictures on the internet, from those cosplay newsgroups, this is amazing, it even has the right runes and all, it must have cost you a fortune and ….”

“Hey, slow down there, Will,” Buffy interjected, then she eyed her friend weary, “You actually recognize this, uh, here shindig?”

“Of course, Buffy,” Willow said enthusiastically as she nodded underneath her sheat, “That’s a costume of an Eldar Farseer, down to the last detail. It really is awesome, I wish I had one just like it.”

Yeah, probably because it would give you an even better excuse to completely cover up, Buffy thought disapprovingly.

“Again,” Buffy said, “How do you know all this?”

“It’s from Warhammer, Buffy,” Willow said matter of fact, as if that explained everything.

“Again,” Buffy stated, “For those who live in the real world, how do you know all this?”

“It’s a game, Buffy,” Willow explained, “It’s a game that you play with these miniature armies.”

“In the grim darkness of the future there is only war,” Xander added in a slow and ominous tone of voice.

“It’s kinda like Dungeons and Dragons, Buffy,” Willow continued, “only instead of everything being on paper you move real armies around on a giant table.”

“And that makes it less dorky?” Buffy said, then she immediately looked apologetic as she regretted her words, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. Channeling my inner Cordelia here. Inner Cordelia bad. Inner Buffy good.”

“Might I add that your outer Buffy is no slouch either,” Xander quipped.

“We used to play this all the time,” Willow said as she again looked at some of the runes on Xander’s costume.

“Then how come I never heard of it?” Buffy asked curious. Upon which Xander and Willow looked at each other.

“We, uh, kinda, um, stopped playing after, um, Jesse…,” Xander stammered a little hesitantly. He didn’t need to finish his sentence though as Buffy immediately understood. She had barely gotten to know Jesse but she still knew from the awkward silences that followed whenever someone mentioned his name that he had been their biggest friend and that in a way she was even now only filling his shoes.


This used to be their thing. And now that he’s dead they stopped playing it because it causes them to remember, she thought, feeling a twinge of sadness. Many people had died since she became the Slayer. People that she could have saved if she had tried better, been that perfect little Slayer that Giles always wanted her to be.

People like Jesse.

“I’m surprised that you didn’t get a Space Marine outfit,” Willow asked Xander, “They used to be your thing.”

“Oh, believe me, Will, if that guy had one you’d be staring at a God of War right now, killing foul xenos and blasphemous traitors for the Emperor with blessed bolter rounds,” Xander said and took off his helmet, “But he only had this, and you know what, in a way it’s better. You know Jesse loved the space elves. This is, um, kinda my, uh…”

Willow nodded understandably and took Xander’s hand.

“I understand,” she said softly, Buffy clearly able to see despite the sheet covering her that she was feeling really emotional right now, “It’s a nice thing.”

“I thought so too,” Xander said, looking quite emotional as well.

The scene looked so poignant that Buffy wanted to yell ‘group hug’. But this was one group that she wasn’t part off. And in a way that kinda hurt.

“You know what?” Willow said, suddenly sounding enthusiastically, “We should totally get those armies and start playing again. With Buffy and Giles that finally makes four!”

“I was thinking exactly the same!” Xander said equally excited, “I call dibs on Chaos though.”

Willow gave Xander an angry glare from underneath her sheet.

“How can you wear the costume of an Eldar Farseer and then declare that you want to be Chaos?”

“Maybe cause…., I’m a Dark Eldar Farseer?” Xander suggested tentatively.

“They don’t have any Farseers,” Willow said beratingly, “And another thing, you can’t be Eldrad Ulthran.”

“Why not?” Xander asked a little hurt, “I liked Eldrad, he didn’t take shit from anyone. Plus he’s a dick. He’s the mother of all dicks! I like being a dick, on Halloween that is.”

“Eldrad’s from Craftword Ulthwé, Xander,” Willow explained, then she tapped his outfit, “the colors of Ulthwé are black with bone white trim. With the Eye of Isha as its symbol. Yours is green with purple trim. And your rune is the magical helm of Eldanesh. You’re from Il-Kaithe.”

“The ill cat?” Buffy remarked puzzled.

“Maybe he’s on loan?” Xander suggested hopeful, “Maybe they have an officer exchange program?”

“You and Jesse never painted your models,” Willow said as she shook her head dejected, “If you had you’d know the difference.”

“I see,” Xander said disappointed, then he asked hopeful, “So…., do they have any famous Farseers?”

“They had like two lines worth of text in the fluff, Xander,” Willow countered as she held up two fingers, “They really, REALLY hate Chaos and they got awesome Bonesingers. That’s it.”

“Crap!” Xander muttered dejected, “Now I get it why nobody wanted the suit.”

“Two things,” Buffy said, still not really getting it, “One, if you really want to be El Dorada Supreme, why care what Willow says?. And two, who cares?”

“Buffy, Lady of Buffdom, Duchess of Buffonia, she’s Willow,” Xander said putting his hand on Willow’s sheeted shoulder, “She’s rule girl. Before she was research girl extraordinaire she used to be rule girl. She alone had the power to sift through endless tomes of lore and tell us what the actual rules were. When she said we should jump we only asked how high.”

“So you’re saying you couldn’t be bothered to read the rulebook and you didn’t have a life,” Buffy said to the both of them.

“That’s us to a tee,” Xander said, then he gestured towards the front door, “Say, Mon-keigh spirit and lady, what say we go to the Eye of Terror and do battle with the Greater Plague demon of Nurgle. Or should I say smaller Plague Demon?”

“You mean school and Snyder, right?” Willow asked.

“That’s what I said,” Xander said and put the helmet back on, “Shall we go?”

- = - = -

Going to school in character on Halloween night did have its advantages, Xander thought as he led his little troupe of kids through the streets. For one it allowed you to insult the little troll in his face without getting detention as he had no clue what you were talking about.

Also, as he passed others they were genuinely impressed with his outfit and because they couldn’t see that he was ‘loser Harris’ they even complimented him. Even Larry now thought he looked cool. Wow, maybe he should consider going masked through life from now on.

Yeah, and Buffy would dump Deadboy, pronounce her undying love towards him, they would get marry to an angelic choir of angels play harp, the Hellmouth would close overnight and Snyder would be found dead, hanging in a cheap motel room whilst having looked at porn and wearing female underwear.

Like that was ever going to happen!

Nah, better to enjoy the fun while it lasted, riding out the mellow until the next shitstorm to come his way.

“Trick-or-treat!” his current wards said after yet another door opened.

Suddenly a fell wind began to blow and Xander looked around.

Something was wrong.

“Oh, my goodness, aren't you adorable!” the woman opening the door said as she looked at the little children.

Xander looked around again, feeling the hairs in the back of his neck standing upright. Something was feeling seriously wrong. If only he could put his finger on it. It felt like…… Buffy wrong! As in the kind of wrong that she would fight.

“I could've sworn I had more candy,” the woman said in the door opening said as it appeared that she was out of candy.

But as she was looking into her empty bucket she failed to notice that the kids in front of her were morphing into the monsters and characters that they were dressed like.

“I'm sorry, mister monster,” the woman said as she put the bucket down, “maybe I...”

She couldn’t finish her sentence because three little monsters suddenly jumped her and began to attack her. Clawing her, trying to choke her, basically, all out trying to kill her.

Then, suddenly energy erupted between her and the monsters, blasting her back inside and throwing the monsters backwards. The monsters spun around and saw the green and purple clad figure, lightning arcing around his hands.

“Be gone, foul servants of Chaos,” the green and purple clad figure spat, venom dripping from every word he uttered with his distorted yet musical tone of voice, “For I will banish you back into the Warp!”

One of the little monsters hissed defiantly at him, upon which the green and purple clad figure aimed one hand at him and warpfire erupted from his hand, strafing the little monster. As it collapsed to the ground the others scattered in fear.

Having chased away the small demonspawn Farseer Cop’lann of Il-Kaithe could finally take a look at his surroundings. Where in Khaine’s name was he?

- = - = -

AN: Sorry Xander wasn’t really Eldrad, but I did say the costume wasn’t from Ulthwé. At the time when I wrote this it seemed like an awesome cliffhanger to end a chapter onr. But then the excitement spread like wildfire. Don’t worry, Cop’lann can be dickish ‘just as planned’ too.

As for Il-Kaithe, when I wrote this they only had like two sentences worth of fluff, even on Lexicanum and 40K-wikia. It seems to have gone up to a whopping six sentences now!!!
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