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Attack on the Swarm

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Summary: There, in his first true test, something Changed. And the path of Destiny was wiped clean. Starcraft/Attack on Titanxover Eren/Mikasa

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Knocking on the Gate

Chapter 4

Knocking on the Gate

While they were waiting for the remaining pods to hatch Eren, after checking with the hivemind that it was compatible, suggested to his comrades to eat some creep.

He explained it was beneficial to most living beings, it even bonded to any flora in its area of influence and enhanced them, trees or any other type of beneficial plant. After himself and Mikasa tried it they relented, finding it was actually quite good, it had a mildly sweet taste and its texture was of a springy gel or sponge.

After waiting for 3 hours, 2 to grow 4 more Wyvern for air cover, and another hour to make harnesses for the five dragonlike creatures, as well as get their gear and some supplies situated.

The flying arrangements were as such:

In the first wyvern were Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, in the second were Annie Leonhart, Ymir, Krista Lenz. In the third wyvern were Connie Springer, Jean Kirstein, Sasha Blouse, the fourth carried Bertolt Hoover, Reiner Braun, Samuel.
Packed in the fifth wyvern were 2 larvae, 4 zerglings, 1 hydralisk, most of their extra gas cylinders, and the supplies.

The overlords left in command of the outpost were given orders to spawn 2 more spine crawlers when the Bio-Energy reserves exceeded 1,000. Till then they were to add 2 hydralisk and 4 zerglings per day and expand their area of control till the city was taken, and to replace any losses.

As they were coming upon the gate Annie noticed a large number of Aberrant titans approaching the inner gates.

"Hey Eren! Incoming on the Gates!"

"Take it down! Don't let it reach the gates! Annie, Reiner, hit them from the left, Me and Jean will hit them on the right!"
Mentally he ordered the last Wyvern drop off its zerglings and to try to take out as many of their legs as it could.

Ymir was in the midst of a dilemma, help what was obviously the main assault her fellow shifters had committed to breech the second wall, or help eren and these new creatures stop them.

If it had been just eren there would have been no hesitation, but these ...Zerg changed things, and she could see that Annie was of the same opinion. Neither of them had any family left outside of the walls for their leader to threaten, and for herself there was one human who she would keep alive no matter the cost.

The Leader was cruel and believed only in destroying any normal humans. A glance between herself and Annie was all it took, they were changing sides.

"Alright Annie, Lets go! Krista, you stay on this big guy and cover us."

Annie just jumped in answer, already angling to cut down a titan. Ymir just laughed and did the same, enjoying her new found freedom.

Reiner and Bertolt were in a similar dilemma, for them however there was no intention of switching sides. Rather they needed more information on these Zerg, so they couldn't expose what they were and help the attempt on the gates.
Obviously this attack would need to fail, so with reluctance they began their attack on the aberrants charging the inner gates.

"Bertolt, move in for attack, Samuel, stay up her and provide cover!"

Mikasa meanwhile was already on the ground and cutting her third aberrant class titan's primary nerve cluster (In the Nape of the neck) out before she noticed the others were doing the same, covered by their respective Wyverns.

She also noted that as soon as the shock of seeing Eren's creatures helping humans passed there were many of the Garrison and army cannons helping stem the tide. slowly the gate closed completely and the reinforcements on it were lowered in place every human not fighting outside the gate let loose a sigh of relief.

Finally the order to withdraw behind Wall Rose was given by Garrison commander Dot Pixis.
Slowly pulling back to and over the wall squad by squad the human and zerg forces retreated, the last members covered from the air by the five Wyvern.

"God I'm soooo hungry, do you think we have time to grab some food?"
This question was asked by Sasha.

"You do know we need to give a report on what happened to us as well as on Eren's new friends?"
Annie's response was dry and flat, but she sported a small smile all the same.
"Still, we did kill a lot of titans, hopefully that will entitle us to a little sleep."

Jean then cut in.
"I have to admit, if it weren't for Eren Mikasa and these zerg, we might not have even made it out of the supply depot, and we would have a lot for casualties, of that there is no doubt. They saved our lives, and we are the 104th Graduate Corps, we have a reputation to maintain. I for one intend to follow eren and mikasa wherever they intend to go. Any of you coming? Not that anybody has to."

"I'm in, he's gonna need the help."

"Me too, besides mikasa is just getting hotter, OW! its true."

"I'm staying, not gonna scare me off"

By the time Commander Pixis began organizing his troops into a semblance of order it was decided, all the members of the 104th corps that survived the supply depot would follow Eren and Mikasa's leads.

Just After Landing:

For Eren and Mikasa, things were much less relaxing. Although Commander Pixis was't really hostile, honestly he was laid back and quite nice,his officers were not. The explanation of his new forces brought much hope, the statement that zerglings were only the smallest of his forces was met with glee.
Finally, they could escape this cage and end their eternal enemies forever.

However after one of the more suicidal of the officers from the Military Police expressed a wish to dissect eren Mikasa decided to make her position clear.

"IF you truly wish to do such a thing I will cut your throat like the trash you are. Anyone who lays a hand on eren will die, slowly and painfully, this i swear."
All delivered with an ice cold voice with drawn blades. After a few seconds it was clear such things would not be happening, it was also unfortunately clear that the foolish military police officer had lost control of his bladder in his fear, and a few others were not far from doing the same as well.

Commander Pixis simply laughed and assured her such ideas would not resurface, his steely expression to the officers simply reinforced this.

"What is your next step if I may ask young man? I may be able to offer some advice on how to run an army"
Pixis allowed himself a small chuckle as he said this, both eren and mikasa laughed with their commander.

"Well sir, I intend to establish the main Colony inside this wall, i think I'll pick prairie or highland areas, against the inner edge of the wall, where there's room to grow the creep without interfering with any local crops or settlements, I figure give it a month or 2 and I should be able to cover the whole of the inside of wall Rose in a strip of creep at least a few miles wide."

"It will give me a lot of Bio-Energy to use for our expansion outward to the third wall and beyond.
While I'm doing that I want to see if I can adapt some of the zerg biotechnology to our forces as well, and maybe new and stronger strains of zerg as well."
Mikasa speaks up as well.
"I will be honing my skills with eren, could you assign the 104 Corps to us as well? We seem to work well together, only if they agree."

The Commander smiles. "I will ask them, if they wish I think it will be a fine idea, as long as you and the other high ranked members keep up their and your own training, I will have no objection to that arrangement."

-Swarm Hivemind activated-

Hive Evolutionary Level: One-

Hive Bio-Energy: 200/50,000-

Hive Control Network: 19/30-

Hive Bio-Genesis: 100/hr-

Overmind Bio-Energy: 20/500-

Overmind Bio-Genesis: 5/hr-

And that's all for today, although I really need some reviews, and ideas! Should I crossover any other shows? Any opinions on pairings? any Ideas for new zerg strains?
Come on guys and girls, throw me a bone! No Fanfiction author can write a story without input from their readers. (Unless they posted their story all at once)

The point of Fanfiction is an interactive plot, so the readers can influence the story, at least that's my belief.

So remember to REVIEW!

EDIT: I had a few small changes and errors to correct, in the future any such will be corrected on the same day as when i post a new chapter, so as to avoid unnecessary update notices, as such please post any errors on the reviews page, please look on it first to ensure it is not already posted, i will be corrected or explained as necessary on the next chapter posting.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Attack on the Swarm" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Jan 14.

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