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Happy New Year

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Summary: A few blurbs about Faith and her team of Slayers told from a new perspective.

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Movies > ClerksOxnateFR1314790268931 Dec 1331 Dec 13Yes
Happy New Year

by Oxnate

Disclaimer: Do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Clerks.

Warning. This one turned out a bit melodramatic.

A/N: This has been a rough year for me and my family. Muse has been missing a lot, so this is short.

If I had been any newer at my job at the corner store, I probably would have quit the night we were robbed. Or the night of the attempted robbery, actually. Not that I did anything heroic. Far from it. I barely managed to not piss myself. Instead a girl saved my life. Okay, woman. One hell of a woman at that.

Long dark hair, smokey eyes. She didn't look all that athletic, but maybe that was just because her clothes hugged her body and accentuated her curves.

I was huddled behind the counter as the heroine took out the robber almost effortlessly. When she was done subduing him, she offered me a hand up and even asked me my name. “D- D- D- Don-”

“Don. Nice to meet you. 'M Faith.” she introduced herself.

“Can we go now?” one of Faith's three friends asked. They all looked positively bored with what had been the most traumatic moment of my life.

Faith looked back at me. “You good?”

I could only nod.

It wasn't until later that I remember that the cops would need to speak to them about the robber. But at Faith's description and her name, the cops decided they didn't need to talk to her. It was very odd.

“Hey, Don! Coffee fresh?” Faith said as her group came in just after midnight as they did almost every night since then.

“Of course.” I replied. I never did have the courage to correct her. My name isn't 'Don'. It's Dante. But the 'Dan' sounds a lot like 'Don' when you're stuttering like I was when I'd tried to say my name.

Almost every night they come in for coffee. On New Years Eve, I started the coffee at 11:55.

“Hey, Don! Coffee fresh?” Faith asked at 12:15.

“Made it last year!” I quipped. Yes, I had planned that one. But I was rewarded by disgusted looks from two of Faith's gang of 'Slayers'.

“Eww! What the hell?” one of the girls yelled.

Faith only laughed at them. “Just drink your coffee.” she ordered. Then she came to the counter to pay. “They're not really that stupid. They'll get the joke eventually. Once they've had their caffeine for the night.”

I wanted to ask her what they did. It seemed dangerous. I'd seen them come in bandaged up from the night before. I'd seen them come in a girl short for a while and I'd seen new girls come and go. Only Faith remained the same. Instead, I just smiled and gave her her change, which she put in the box for the kids with cancer.

“See ya tomorrow night, Don. Happy New Year!” Faith waved as they left.

God, I was such a coward. Couldn't even talk to a pretty girl. Happy New Year indeed.

The End

You have reached the end of "Happy New Year". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking