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Summary: Xander goes back into the past and meets the four horsemen *abandoned*

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Highlander > Xander-CenteredSioFR723,7120177,6901 Feb 0415 Feb 04No

chapter 2

Main Character: Xander

Spoilers: not sure but there probably are

Crossover with Highlander

Rating:14 A (pg-13?)

Pairing: might be a Willow/Xander later on

Author: Sio

Takes place some where around season 2


A white light surrounded Xander you yelped in surprise.

A deep voice boomed is his head

“Welcome traveler may your journey bring you the answers you seek”

Chapter 2 Welcome to the past

An eerie pitched wail and a flash of brilliant light signalled Xander’s arrival, Xander stood for a brief instant before falling limply and exhausted onto the ground unconscious. A moment later a second flash occurred. After the flash subsided a man stood in it’s place looking Down at Xander. In the man’s hand was a rather odd sword.

The sword shimmered and hummed before it flew from the man’s hands and embedded itself into the ground beside Xander.

“Bloody stupid sword” Grumbled the redheaded man named Fitz. Fitz had once been an immortal now he was the unconscious boys guardian and he was NOT happy about it. He didn’t even get to annoy Duncan McCloud of the clan McCloud.

Xander moaned announcing his re-entry into reality ‘time to be on my way’ thought Fitz as he left Xander to fend for himself.

“What the-? It’s not Tuesday!” muttered Xander who squirmed on the ground trying to dislodge the stone that had taken up residence in his back. When Xander was finally coherent enough to sit up and look around, bare green hills and a bright blue sky met his gaze. For the first time in Xander’s life he was breathing fresh unpolluted air.

“I am so screwed!” Xander pinched the bridge of his nose in an unconscious imitation if Giles. Just then a rumbling noise from a running herd reached his ears. He looked around but nothing met his eyes. Xander stood stock-still trying to figure out the direction the sound was coming from, Xander final settled on west. He stood listening, waiting, and watching.

The sounds became extremely loud causing Xander to wince, now he could make out the yelling of men and the terrified screaming of women and children. A faint odour of fear reached Xander making him take a large step back involuntarily ’oh shit, oh shit, OH SHIT!’ repeated in Xander’s mind ’I am NOT still possessed!’ for a second Xander thought he heard a shrill cackle in the back of his mind.

Xander took another step back as the fear mingled with that of natural human scents. He sent a silent prayer to God thanking him that he wasn’t becoming incredibly hungry. Xander’s eye’s redirected from heaven to the hills west of him where heads appeared from behind a hill.

Xander felt something stop his continuing retreat. He whirled around, coming eye to blade with the sword. The people were getting closer as well as whatever was chasing them. His hand reached out for the sword without Xander even realising it. Once his hand was on the hilt a spark went up his arm to rest and intensify on his shoulder, Xander yelp loudly and dropped the sword. But the whinny of a horse behind him made him pick the sword up again quickly and turn around. The women and children ran behind him and continued going on it that direction.

A second later a horse man was upon Xander ready to lop off his head. Xander used the hilt of the sword to punch the horse in the mouth causing the horse to rear sending it’s unprepared rider to the ground then landing on the riders legs snapping them before getting up and taking of.

Another rider came charging at Xander, who with out thinking deposited the rider on the ground stabbing the rider in the throat. Xander looked around, the rest of the bandits had dismounted and where closing in on him. Xander stood still, hand clamped painfully on the sword hilt.

They all attacked at once in a fury of blades and daggers. Xander dodged with ease. After fighting vampires and an assortment of other evil creatures clumsy bandits weren’t the most difficult beings to dodge.

As Xander beat back the bandits one lunged forward and cut Xander on the arm. There was a lull in the fight as Xander (who was not in control of his actions) licked the blood from his wound. Unknown to Xander his eyes glowed a greenish yellow. The bandits scent turned to fear as they hurriedly mounted their animals and galloped to safety. The bandit with his legs crushed looked up at Xander in terror trying to shuffle backward. Xander growled warningly then stated to walk away, the bandit threw his dagger at Xan’s back. Xander swung around caught the dagger throwing it back to it’s source without even thinking.

Xander looked down at his hands, his left one still held the sword. He wiped the blood of the sword onto one of the dead bandits. He then tried to wipe the blood thst had splattered on his hand off. While trying to get the blood off he noticed a mark on the back of his left hand. He stared shocked at his hand. There on his skin was the image of a hyena.

The eyes of the hyena glowed read and the head turn toward Xander in a silent snarl before it turned and ran up Xanders arm to rest on his shoulder. Xander repressed the urge to faint or vomit. It was around that time that the adrenaline and shock wore off. Xander’s body screamed at him letting him know that every part of him was in pain.

He stumbled his breathing ragged and hoarse, Xander truly looked around for the first time, taking in what had happened and what he had done.

“OhGod!” Xander gulped. Unable to hold back he vomited, the cries of his body were drowned out by that of his mind

(If you haven’t guessed the sword had some control over Xander. But we’ll get to that later)

It wasn’t long before the women and children noticed they no longer had those blood thirsty fiends after them. A few brave or very foolish of the women turned and jogged back to the top of the hill they had just excaped over. While the rest of the women ushered the tired children towards the village to the east of the hills.

The women arrived just in time to see Xander wipe his mouth and murmur something under his breath. Without thinking Askla one of the younger women ran towards Xander

“Sir are you well?” She asked their savior. If Xander had been listening he would have heard a language that was a kin to the language of the furbies (sp?). But as it was Xander was still staring at the motionless bodies before them.

“Askla! You foolish child!” Yelled one of the elder women present. Xanders head turned to view the women with sad eye’s. So sad infact it caused one of the women to gasp in shock.

Xander staggered slightly and Askla caught him, helping him to stand. The old woman Sharn who was the wise women or midwife of the village came forward to inspect Xander.

“His spirit has been touched by evil but his heart is still pure.” stated Sharn

“How can you tell?” Askla questioned in awe of the old midwife.

“That is not for you to know!” was the clipped reply Askla received from Sharn.

The women managed to get the groggy Xander to their small village. They brought him to the midwifes small hut to be taken care of by her. Everyone in the village wanted to see this stranger. Xander didn’t speak or make eye contact with anyone, he was in his own safe little reality in his mind.

It was a week after Xander arrived that he snapped out of his daze. Sharn was bustling around her hut concocting herbal cures . Xander watched quietly for while before he spoke for the first time.

“Ummmm hi?” Xadner spoke with an uncertain and nervous edge to his voice.

“Ahhhh! Demon speech!” Sharn threw her herb’s in the air and ran out of the small hut screaming.

“Ok… that didn’t go so well” Xander murmured as as he got up to leave.

A man holding a bow and arrow met Xander on his was out of the hut,

“Demon scum!” Yelled the man

“Oh-not good” muttered Xander as he held his hands out in a non-threatening fashion. The old lady was peering at Xander from behind the arrow weilding man. Xander started to step back but stumbled and fell forward just as the man let loose his arrow.

The man and Sharn were staring at the dead body of Xander when Askla ran up.

“What has happened?” she asked slightly out of breath

“The demon is dead” answered the man, pulling the arrow from Xander and looking it over.

“Demon? What Demon?” was Askla’s confused reply

“That one!” cried the midwife in anger “ the one you had us bring into our village and under MY ROOF!”

“But you said he possessed a pure heart!”

“The heart can be over powered by the spirit” countered Sharn

“I_” Askla was interrupted by a groan from the ground.

“Demon! It lives!” cried the midwife.

“W-what happened I feel like a vamp used me for target practice” said Xander as he sat up placing a hand on his forehead.

“What do we do? He shall be angered that we tried to kill him” asked the man in a whisper. The woman looked at each other startled.

“Her!” cried Sharn almost happily

“Pardon?!” yelled Askla

“Give the demon her, and perhaps he will be satisfied and leave our village.” stated the ’wise-women’. By this time the screaming and yelling had attracted a crowd. Sharn pushed Askla towards Xander.

“Whoa- there” Xander was standing by now, sharn pushed Askla again and she stumbled into Xander.

Askla Looked up at Xander trembling, Xander had a confused nervous look. Askla’s fear was starting to get to him making him extremely hungry. ’not again…I don’t want to join the ’We Eat Humans Club’!’ He looked down at Askla trying not to breath in to deeply.

Askla finally regained her wit’s and started to struggle in Xander’s arms. Xander released her quickly. Her thrashing had made him increasingly hungry, she was acting like prey and prey was meant to be eaten. Xander couldn’t take it anymore, he had to flee before he did something he’d regret.

He turned and ran from the village at an easy run, easy for him to the people of the village he looked like a blur.

“That went rather well” said Sharn

“You tried to give me to a Demon! Yelled Askla

“Yes and you are still here with us and he is gone, Just like I knew would happen” said the midwife with false certainty to cover her tracks.

End chapter 2

Author’s note: Okay it’s been a really, really long time since I’ve watched highlander.. Fitz is Duncan’s friend right? As you can see I need to read up on my highlander so the next chapter will take even longer that this one…sorry about that. If I’ve made a mistake please tell me and I’ll do my best to correct them.

Thank you’s to:

Schiavona: Thanks for the review

Stacia: Thanks for you input!

Lessthanlucid: Love your stories thanks for the review

Rob: I’ll check out that link and thank you!

Raven: I’ll try to elaborate on why Xander is being excluded…maybe in flash backs?

Rachel: I see what you mean about Willow, thanks for your thoughts

Tals: Thank you! I am not depressed at the moment…. Some how I think I write better when I am depressed…weird huh?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Traveler" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Feb 04.

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