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Summary: Xander goes back into the past and meets the four horsemen *abandoned*

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Highlander > Xander-CenteredSioFR723,7120177,6901 Feb 0415 Feb 04No


Main Characters: Xander

Spoilers: not sure but there probably are

Crossover with Highlander


Warning: Xander is slightly dark (depressed - was the mood I was in when I wrote this and it kind of reflects….anyway)

Pairing: N.A.

Author: Sio


A persistent buzzing woke Xander from his dreamless sleep. Thanks to the Halloween incident when Xander awoke the first things he did were take in his surroundings and find the exits and the second, reach for the knife that the commando used to hide under his pillow.

After a few minutes of debating whether it was worth going to school Xander finally dragged himself from bed. What was one more day of being ignored and pushed away so he didn’t get himself hurt or killed? ‘They’d just miss the doughnut runs’ he snickered to himself

Xander went around the mess that was his room toward the closet. Opening the doors a mass of dark coloured shirts and pants met his eye. Pushing them aside he continued to look for a baggy Hawaiian shirt and some loose pants that would cover his muscles. Finding them he moved into his bathroom for his morning shower.

Just as he headed down stairs for some breakfast the front door slammed, his father was home from his night shift. ‘Shit’ popped into Xander’s head ‘I didn’t want to have to deal with that abusive asshole!’ Xander turned and went back to his room where he made his way to the Window. He threw his backpack out first then himself head first. He rolled when he hit the ground, gracefully coming to his feet. Quickly dusted himself off and started towards school.


The bell rang right as Xander walked in the front doors of the school. “Another day another well preformed act” smiled to himself as he headed to the library. All the scoobies had juggled their schedules around so they could have a spare in the morning to meet in the library and go over what ever new threat or big bad that had to be dealt with.

As usually he was the first to arrive. The only other person there was Giles.

“Morning G-man” Xander said with a smile

“Morning, and don’t call me that infernal nick name”

“Okay G” the only response was Giles muttering about immature teenagers. It was at that moment that Willow and Buffy decided to walk into the library.

“Morning Giles, Xander” greeted Willow. Buffy’s greeting was


“How are my two favourite girls?” Buffy ignored the comment and Willow blushed

“Fine” answered Willow

“Well man of tweed is there any crisis that Lady Buffy doth need to avert?” asked Xander. His answer was a glare from both Buffy and Giles ‘Yikes guess I went a bit far with the tweed comment who would of thought it was a sore subject?’ Xander asked himself with a mental smile as he set forth a cowering look for Buffy and Giles

“Yes, there is a prophecy, “ replied Giles as Willow and Buffy took a seat at the table.

“Oh goody!” said the Slayer sarcastically

“Yes quite” said Giles as he took off and polished his glasses “ I ’ve had trouble translating the text, the language is or was the first written language, needless to say there are very few reference books or even scrolls and what few there are reside in the Watcher headquarters in England”

“Wow Giles all in one breath.” Xander got another Glare from all at the table. “Shutting up now.”

“Can I Help? I can go on the Web and look for stuff” Willows voice interrupted the silence that had descended on the small group.

“Please do for all the good it will do us” replied Giles as he pinched his nose is exasperation.

“Have you gotten any of it translated?” asked Xander. Giles looked surprised at this somewhat intelligent Question from Xander.

“Yes a few words” Giles put the translated document in front of Xander

____________Sands of time___________________

________________Horsemen four in number______

____________Messenger______ future___________


(A/n the __ is the words the couldn’t be translated, I am to lazy to make a language ^_^)

“Four horsemen?” asked Xander “Wait a second there was something about the four horsemen of apocalypse in one of the books we researched in last time we had a big bad.” Xander sprang from the table gracefully and went to the bookshelf. He picked up a book and opened it hurriedly flicking through pages. The others stared at him in disbelief. “Aha! Here it is, the four horsemen of apocalypse believed to be gods. Each of the four had a name, Death, War, Famine, Pestilence they rode destroying everything in their way with no mercy for the human race.” Xander finished reading from the book. Everyone was still gaping at him.

“I think Xander may have something, Xander will you follow that lead while we see if we can translate anymore to give us some clues as to what is supposed to happen?” asked Giles

“No problem” Xander answered as they settled down for the last 50 minuets of their spare. When the bell rang they left for their classes and forgot all about the threat that might loom on their horizon.


Xander was about to walk into the library when he heard voices behind those very doors.

“I just got off of the phone with Mr. Pierson, he says the four horsemen were immortals that can only be killed by beheading. He also said that they had perished long ago so are prophecy means little more that nothing.” stated Giles

“That’s good” replied Buffy. Xander was about to walk in when Buffy changed the subject “About Xander I don’t think he should help anymore, he could get hurt, just look at all the times where we had to bail him out.” Xander’s mouth gaped open in shock.

“Xander may not have strength but he does help with research…maybe if we just kept him from going out on patrols with us and the like?” asked Giles

“No he’ll go headfirst into trouble the first chance he gets you and I both know it.”

“Yes I am afraid your right” At that point Xander made a little noise so they knew he was coming

“Hey” Called Xander “Did you find anything?”

“Yes it was a false alarm” replied Giles. Xander couldn’t believe it they had just talked about kicking him out and they acted as if they had done nothing wrong. Xander saw the partially translated prophecy on the table and he slipped it in his pocket.

“Hey guys I am gonna go home my moms makin’ supper tonight”

“See ya” replied Buffy

“Goodnight Xander” Giles called after the young fonder of the Scobbies


‘Some friend I have, if it wasn’t for Willow I would go off the deep end’ Xander thought to himself. Xander wasn’t walking home but to Willy’s. Not many people knew but Willy collected books, old musty books that could possibly hold the answers to the prophecy. Something about how his “friends” had brushed it off so easily rubbed him the wrong way.


It was dark and smoky in Willy’s. The place had a stuffy smell like it hadn’t had fresh air in a long time. Xander walked up to the bar so silently a Vampire wouldn’t be able to hear him. Willy’s back was turned.

“Hey Willy” Called Xander. Willy jumped at least a foot in the air.

“Xander buddy ol’pal how’s it goin?” he asked. Xander had saved Willy’s life a couple times. They had become…well friends

“Need to have a look at some of your books.”

“Sure” he said as he let Xander into the Back.

Xander sat at a deck with books piled all around him. He’d been there for Five hours and 32 minuets. So far he’d gotten almost all of it translated. Basically the prophecy said that in the time of the four horsemen a traveler not messenger would come from the future. The last few line seemed to be a spell. The text said nothing of what the traveler would do or what would happen only that it would happen.

Xander closed the book and rubbed his very sore eyes ‘Sleep, yes sleep would be nice.’ Xander stood and made his way to the bar

“Thanks Willy I owe you one”

“Just stay alive” was the reply from the scrawny bartender. Xander smiled and left. Tomorrow he’d tell Giles what he found.


“Hey Giles I found something that might interest you!” called Xander as he walked into the school library.

“What is it?” Asked an exasperated Watcher thinking this could be one of Xander’s stupid jokes.

“Here look at this” said Xander handing the paper to Giles

“Xander…? How did you translate this?” asked Giles in shock

“A friend of mine has a father that collects old books I took a chance that he might have a book I needed and needless to say he did.” lied Xander smoothly. Giles appeared to believe him.

“Well this certainly needs further looking into, thank you Xander” praised Giles

“Thanks Gile--” Xander was interrupted by Buffy storming into the library.

“Giles I want a break from slaying, Scots going on a camping trip and he invited me! Can I go? Pretty please?” whined the slayer. Xander grimaced as Giles took off his glasses and polished them.

“Buffy I don’t think that such a go-” Buffy interrupted again

“All I want is a normal life! Why can’t I have one weekend of being normal?!” yelled the slayer. Giles put his glasses back on.

“I suppose…”

“Great thanks Giles! And remember a happy slayer is a good slayer” gushed Buffy over her shoulder as she walked away.

“Where are you going?” called Xander

“To tell Scot!” with that she was gone

“Well it looks like it’s just you and me G-man”

“Thanks for your help but I thing I can manage now”

“Right of course you can” said Xander bitterly Giles wasn’t listening to Xander because he was mumbling the spell. A white light surrounded Xander who yelped in surprise.

A deep voice boomed in his head

“Welcome traveler may your journey bring you the answers you seek”

End part one

Authors note(s)

Ok how was that? Please review and tell me. Also could someone tell me the names of the four horsemen? I know that Methos is Death but that’s about it. I’d very much like your help; if you have any Idea’s don’t hesitate to tell me.

Thank you

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