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A Little Short For A Mythbuster

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Summary: Only Andrew Wells could happily receive a Christmas gift of a t-shirt bearing an image on front of Luke Skywalker responding to a certain paternal declaration with “I reject your reality and substitute my own!”

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Television > Mythbusters(Current Donor)ManchesterFR131612031,1664 Jan 144 Jan 14Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing. All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, Star Wars characters, and Mythbusters characters are the property of their original owners.

“Mop and bucket for the drool?”


“Earplugs for every living creature within a ten-block radius?”

“Check. How’d you talk the neighbors into--”

“Don’t ask. Let’s say they’re already painfully familiar with Andrew’s squeals of delight which will for sure reach ultrasound levels tonight, so all of them were grateful for the advance warning.”

“Gotcha. Okay, that should cover the entire list. Any last-minute changes?”

“Did anyone have a mental lapse and decide to stay at the Slayers House with him, instead of joining us on a city-wide patrol?”

“Are you kidding? Even the building staff, Watchers, and Slayers who like the show got fed up after hearing Andrew gush non-stop for weeks after he learned the guys hosting it were going to do an episode on how plausible some of the stuff in the Star Wars films might be for real. Nope, they’ll all be avoiding-- I mean, protecting humanity from the unholy forces of the dark which lurk elsewhere in Cleveland!”

“Nice Giles imitation for that one, Dawnie. Say, is it too late for us to--”

“He told me after your last five phone calls well after midnight there that if you bother him again about leaving town to pay a quick visit to Scotland for any reason whatsoever, he’ll have you shot for desertion. I don’t think he was joking, Xander.”

“Damn. Shoulda skipped asking permission from the G-man. All right, let’s go.”

“What? It won’t be on until maybe six hours… Sorry. Lost my head for a second.”

“No biggie. We do have to make one final check, I’m afraid.”

“He slept there last night, Xan! I seriously doubt Andrew’s even gonna notice us where he‘s sitting right in front of the big-screen tv, staring at it while he waits!”

“Part of our job, Dawn, looking after the house wackos. We’ll just say goodbye to him at the rec room, that’s all. I figure it’ll be enough for the rest of the day. Once it’s over with -- the tv episode, I mean -- Andrew will hopefully revert back to his usual lower-level state of fanboy insanity and we can finally relax.”

“Uh, you haven’t seen him lately, have you?”

“Not since yesterday at breakfast. Why? The fact he spent the whole night there and all of today waiting is pretty much what I expected-- That’s probably the most hollow laugh I’ve ever heard, kiddo. Spill it, what’s bothering you.”

“You’ll just have to see for yourself, Xan. Words don’t really describe it. The mini-Slayers who called me in when they got creeped out peeking inside the rec room, they grabbed me where I was walking by and dragged me to the door so I could do something about it. That’s the main reason why we’re the only ones here in the house now. Besides Andrew, I mean.”

“It can’t be that bad.”

“Wanna bet?”

Five minutes and one deep breath later on the front sidewalk of the Cleveland Slayers House, Xander Harris uneasily confided to Dawn Summers next to him who was herself looking rather shaken despite what she‘d already witnessed earlier:

“Make sure to remind me on our way back to pick up a straightjacket somewhere for our pal, just in case. I still think he’ll settle down after tonight, but how he’s rigged up in there…that’s really pushing it. I was kinda expecting the toy lightsaber, and even a white Princess Leia dress isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve seen him wear. But, honestly, a black beret over that wig with the double bun hairdo, it’s a real clue Andrew Wells desperately needs some kind of intervention from us!”

The End

You have reached the end of "A Little Short For A Mythbuster". This story is complete.

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