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The Scoobies in a Marvel World

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Summary: Buffy, Willow, Dawn, and Xander are in New York. They were there when the Avengers fought off an alien invasion. Now they are finding themselves drawn in the Tony Stark's world. This story will have romance but will start off with fun and adventure.

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Opening A Portal

For the comic book connoisseurs, my explanation is clearly my own. If it doesn't fit into your comic minds, sorry! I tried to make Dawn's origins as logical as could be within the confines of the show. I know little about Asgard outside of the movies. I hope you enjoy this update!

Chapter 14: Opening a Portal


Dawn gazed at Odin, who looked every bit a king. Then she glanced at Frigga and Thor, both looking at her with love and joy. This was too much to take in. She shook her head in denial.

"I already have a family. I have a sister. Her name is Buffy Summers. She is a vampire slayer, and she will not be happy that Thor took me without her permission," Dawn told them firmly. "I am not from here. I was a mystical key that was used to open a hell dimension. Some monks fashioned me using Buffy's blood. When this hell god Glory tried to sacrifice me to open this hell dimension and destroy earth, Buffy figured out that our blood was the same. She closed the portal by dying in my place. She is my family. I do not know who you people are, but I want to go home!"

Odin listen to her with patient adoration. "This is your home, child. We are your family. In time, you will remember us and who you used to be," he said.

Thor frowned. "If Buffy died for you, how is she still alive now?" he inquired.

"Her best friend Willow is a powerful witch. She brought her back from the dead. She's not someone you want as an enemy. You took me, and she'll be very pissed," Dawn said smartly, crossing her arms.

"I will go back to earth and explain things to her. She'll understand," Thor said confidently.

Dawn rolled her eyes. "You just don't get it. You can't just kidnap a person and think to make it okay!" she said in annoyance.

"Thor, you cannot go traipsing back to earth. Your sister has just returned. We must have a celebration!" Frigga said happily.

"I want you to explain to me how I was taken from here and turned into a key," Dawn ordered.

Odin frowned. "Long ago our court was infiltrated with a traitor. Arkin the Weak he was called. Our enemy the Frost Giants used knowledge he garnered to take you from us," he explained. "You always had a tremendous gift for portals. You didn't need Heimdall to travel from realm to realm. You possessed that ability on your own. You used this gift as an ambassador to the nine realms. You had a gift of peace. Everyone loved you. I never dreamed that anyone would dare take you from us! You must've been trapped in a hell dimension, all your Asgardian features stripped away, only your essences left."

"Is that why she remembers naught?" Thor asked.

Odin nodded. "I would assume so," he said. He glanced at Dawn. "Who were these monks that made you human? How did they know to have you resemble Atali?"

Dawn was confused and more than a little overwhelmed. She thought finding out she wasn't always human was the biggest thing she had to handle. "I don't know who the monks were. Glory killed them. Buffy tried to save one of them. He told her that they'd altered time and everyone's memory. That I wouldn't know anything but my life as Buffy's sister," Dawn shared.

Frigga tentatively approached her and reached out to stroke her hair. Dawn tried to not flinch because she knew the woman meant her no harm, but it was really creeping her out. "You are very lovely. You are Atali but not. I look forward in learning all about you," she said kindly. "Would you like a tour?"

Dawn saw no point in offending the queen of this realm and nodded. "Sure," she said politely.

As the two women walked away, Thor asked, "Can you restore her memories?"

Odin nodded. "Yes. I don't want to strip away, though, who she is now completely. It could cause more harm than good," Odin said.

"Her sister is not going to be happy. We can't force her to stay here against her will," Thor said.

"Once her memories are restored, she will want to stay," Odin said confidently.

Thor wasn't so sure about that. His father did not understand the draw of earth, so he would not fathom a scenario that would make Dawn want to leave them. However, Thor loved earth and the people on it. It was hard for him to leave it every time. If Dawn had a life time of memories there, it would be even harder for her to turn her back on earth.


Once Illyria arrived, Willow explained everything that she'd learned about the Nine Realms and where Asgard was.

"I have heard of this realm. A place my people loathed because it was too much a beacon of light," Illyria said with a disdainful sniff.

"Have you been there before?" Buffy asked.

She shook her head. "I did not travel from my world unless I was at war. I never sought war, so I would not have had a reason to enter into Asgard," Illyria replied.

"But you can get us there?" Willow inquired.

"I can," Illyria sad confidently.

"So who all is going?" Spike asked. Everyone was crowded into Willow's lab. Tony, Pepper, Steve, Clint, and Natasha were on one side of the room while Kennedy, Giles, Spike, and Angel were on the other. Xander stood between the two groups. They all faced Willow, Illyria, and Buffy, waiting for the plan to unfold.

"There's strength in numbers," Xander said.

"Yes, but if everyone goes, the chances of a fight breaking out with the Asgards is greater," Steve said in disapproval. "These people are our allies."

"Spike and I have no reason to go unless you need us to," Angel said.

"Bloody hell! I want to go!" Spike said firmly.

"We have a mission here on this realm," Angel said pointedly.

Spike was not about to be so easily deterred. "You got to go to Pylea! I want to go to another realm. This places isn't a hell dimension! It's like heaven! Besides, it's an entire planet full of gods. We have to help Buffy in case they won't give up Little-Bit," Spike said. They both turned to look at Buffy waiting for her verdict.

Willow looked at Illyria. "How many people can you take through a portal? We don't want you to get drained or get stuck there," Willow said.

"Once the portal is open it does not matter how many cross through it as it remains open," Illyria answered.

"If Illyria is going, there is no need for us," Angel said to Spike.

"You never let me have any fun!" Spike pouted.

Buffy bit back a grin at the two of them. Angel gave a long suffering sigh and shook his head. "Now is not the time to argue or indulge you. You are not a child!" he said in annoyance. Spike glared at him and for once held his tongue.

"I have no reason to go outside of intellectual curiosity," Giles said regretfully. "My commitments here on earth won't allow such an adventure."

"That's tough," Tony said. "Count me totally in!"

Pepper frowned in disapproval. "No way, Tony! You are not leaving me and going to another planet! One, we don't know for sure you can even breathe the air there. Or if you can return. You will under no circumstances be joining them!" she said in a tone that none but Tony had ever heard her use.

Tony gave her a pleading look. "But.."

"Not going to happen! Don't even waste your words!" Pepper exclaimed with a pointed glare.

Tony sighed in resignation. Spike couldn't help but snicker. The man was obviously completely whipped!

"I'm going," Xander said firmly.

Buffy shook her head, realizing Pepper had a good point about Tony. "It's too risky," she said.

Xander stepped up to Buffy daring her in a way only someone completely unafraid would do. "There is no way in hell you are keeping me from going where Dawn is at! I don't care who you are or what you think you have a right to be pissed about. No one has more of a right to go than me!" he said with conviction.

The group who was unfamiliar with Buffy and Xander's history was impressed with the guy's guts. Angel and Spike, however, weren't. Xander was always difficult as far as they were concerned. Angel rolled his eyes impatiently.

Giles said, "We all care about Dawn and what happens to her."

"Speak for yourself. I am not invested in the mortal's well being," Illyria said with a careless shrug.

Before Buffy could take offense and make it clear just how wrong she was, Angel stepped forward and gave Illyria a hard look. "You will be invested in Dawn's well being, or I will find a way to make you regret the day you destroyed Fred to take over her body," he said coldly. "You will protect her and Buffy with your life." He paused to glance at Xander. "Even Xander's life will become precious to you or I swear to The Powers That Be I will find a way to destroy you the way I didn't when your arrival destroyed Fred's soul! I will block out your resemblance to someone I cared deeply for. If they are hurt in any way, I will do what I never allowed myself to do. I will end you!"

All but Spike were surprised at Angel's words. They were even more surprised by his conviction. The Scoobies hadn't seen Angel much since he left Sunnydale. They didn't know really this Angel that so coldly challenged Illyria. The Avengers knew how powerful Illyria was and were surprised that a mere vampire thought he could contain her.

Illyria glared angrily at Angel, clearly not appreciating his threats. "You dare threaten me? I am Illyria, God king of the premortium, shaper of things! I was god to a god, and you think to challenge me?" she demanded angrily.

Angel stepped even closer until he could easily reach out and touch her. He allowed the reign he kept on Angelus to be loosened slightly as he eyed her with malice. "I don't just dare. I promise you that if you do not obey me in this I will find a way to destroy your essence so that you can never be brought back!"

Clint and Natasha exchanged a meaningful look. They both knew Fury would be fascinated to know that the vampire with a soul did possess some power and sway over the creature. She looked haughty, but they could tell his words had shaken her.

Willow stepped between the two. "Guys, let's not fight!" she admonished. She pushed Angel back. "Buffy doesn't need Illyria to protect either Dawn or Xander. She is more than capable of doing so on her own. Not to mention, she has me!" She gave them a cheeky grin, succeeding in dispelling the tension. She reached out and squeezed Illyria's hand affectionately. "Sweetie, don't let Angel bother you. He's perpetually grumpy."

"I am not!" Angel grumped.

"Yes, you are!" Spike and Xander both said at the same time.

The group laughed, amused and relieved the confrontation was at an end. Buffy looked at Willow. "We need to make a quick run home, so we can get weapons," she said.

"We haven't established who is going," Clint reminded her. "We'd like to go." He knew Fury would want them there to try and keep the peace.

Natasha shook her head. "I think I can sit this one out," she said. She wasn't overly eager to step through some mystical portal and go to another planet full of demi-gods. She'd seen enough battles.

Clint looked surprised at her words but didn't argue in front of others. He looked at Steve. "I will go," Steve said.

"I want to go," Kennedy said, speaking for the first time.

Buffy nodded and smiled. "It'll be just like old times," she said.

"Well, we should not wait any longer. Let's get what we need, so we can go," Willow advised. She looked at Tony. "Can you get Giles back home? The girls won't do well with just Andrew and Robin at the house."

"Of course," Tony said. "It's not like I have anything better to do." He gave Pepper a pointed frown. She just smiled and patted his hand.

"You'll survive the disappointment," she said.

"Won't you feel bad if I don't!" Tony said petulantly.

"Let's meet back here in an hour," Buffy said to the group. They all nodded and went their separate ways.

Clint, Natasha, and Steve met up with Nick and filled him in on what had occurred. Nick listened without interrupting.

"It seems there is more to this Angel that I first thought," he mused. "What do we know about him?"

Natasha answered. "Buffy's ex-boyfriend. He was cursed by gypsies with a soul when he killed a beloved daughter. The rumor is one moment of happiness and he reverts to Angelus. Angelus is vile and utterly evil. Only Buffy seems to make him happy, so they tend to limit the time they have together. He moved to L.A. after helping stop the Ascension. He started a P.I. business and began helping those who needed help with the supernatural threats they faced. Eventually, his efforts caught the attention of Wolfram & Hart, the law firm for evil. After defeating them repeatedly, they gave him the L.A. office in a hope to ensnare him back to his evil side. It appeared to work for a time, but it was all a clever ruse to kill all the senior partners on earth. His defeat of them opened up the demon hordes that he and his friends battled for days," she summarized.

"So he's not just good in a fight but is a master tactician," Fury commented, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "I wish he was more open to an alliance."

"Sir, we are not experts in the supernatural. That is his realm and the slayers. Maybe we should leave them to it," Clint suggested.

Not having control over all super-powered individuals didn't sit right with Nick. "There are too many threats out there. We have to protect our people and America's interests," he said.

"I don't think they're interested in protecting any government's interest," Steve said.

"Yes, I know. But it's good that we have this opportunity to work with them. I see now trying to take in Illyria was a mistake," Nick said. He looked at Clint and Steve. "If you are going to go with them to Asgard, use the opportunity to create a better alliance with her."

"She doesn't seem to care much for humans. Only Willow," Clint said.

Natasha smiled knowingly. "Red is hard to resist," she commented. The guys gave her a curious glance, but she refused to elaborate.

"She respects strength," Nick said confidently. "Angel has influence over her because he has managed to show her that he is strong and resourceful. If she was truly a ruler over another realm, her attitude is not surprising."

"What do we do if if Buffy and Asgard cannot agree?" Steve asked. "Who do we side with?"

"You said with Thor. As strong as the slayers are, we cannot afford to alienate the ruler of the Nine Realms. They are not a match for the Asgards," Nick said.

Clint and Steve exchanged glances. They weren't so sure about that.

An hour later, they were all assembled. Buffy had her scythe, Clint his arrows, and Steve his shield. Tony gave them a gloomy look.

"I can't believe you're going to have all this fun without me!" he complained.

Buffy couldn't help but smile at him. "I promise to keep the fun to a minimum," she said.

"Are we ready?" Willow asked. Everyone nodded. Buffy hugged Giles goodbye. She was reaching for Angel when Illyria opened the portal. Willow grinned eagerly and stepped through. Kennedy followed. Then Xander, Steve, and Clint.

"I'll bring her back," Buffy said to Giles. She waved at Tony and Pepper and stepped through the portal.

Illyria glanced at Spike and Angel as if waiting. Spike glowered at Angel. "Bugger this!" Then he jumped through the portal, determined to not be left behind.

Angel look irritated but resigned as he followed him through. Illyria was the last to step through. The portal shut behind her.

Tony looked at Pepper. "Do you think they'll be okay?" he wondered.

Giles spoke before she could. "If there's one thing my time with Buffy has taught me, never bet against her," he said.


Buffy blinked as she looked around at her surroundings. They were on a crystal bridge. The sight she beheld was incredible. Everyone else was gazing around in awe. She looked and saw Spike and Angel appeared behind him.

"Changed your mind?" she asked.

"He's not the boss of me!" Spike announced. Angel came behind him and whacked him hard on the head. "Ow!"

The portal closed behind Illyria. A mammoth sized man dressed in gold armor came out of the chamber one end of the bridge was connected to. Buffy had been turned to see her vampire exes, so she saw the Asgard approach. "Guys!" she said in warning. They all turned to face the threat.

Heimdall examined the visitors with his all seeing eye. "Welcome to Asgard. Do you come in peace?" he asked.

"It depends. Where is my sister?" Buffy demanded.

******To Be Continued******

The showdown you're waiting for will be in the next chapter, I promise! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

If you are comic fans, I hope you are watching the CW's Arrow, which has so far proven to be more exciting and compelling than the disappointing Agents of Shields. If you are watching it, check out my new Buffy/Arrow story "Broken Not Destroyed".
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