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Where did the Slayer go

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Life in the Multi-verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Magical accidents can lead to some very interesting places.

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Chapter 3

Disclaimer: Buffy and Co is owned by Joss Whedon all rights remain with Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy. Marvel Characters Belong to Disney. The Original characters are mine.

Sunnydale - UCSD Stevenson Hall

Willow sat in the dorm room she shared with Buffy. Going over the spell she had cast when her friends had disappeared to try and workout what had gone wrong with it. She couldn't see how a spell designed to send the target flying up to the upper atmosphere, could instead open a portal that had sucked both Buffy and Xander in, as well as the intended target, Adam. Willow tried to hold back the tears as thoughts of never seeing Buffy or Xander again had started to sink in.

Hotel Room - Westchester County

Xander awoke with a start, something had brushed his mind, looking around the room he found nothing was out of place and there wasn't anyone in close proximity. With a sigh he pulled Buffy closer, she snuggled into him and murmured something that sounded adorable to him. He could tell the changes to her had already taken place. Her body had filled out a bit more and she seemed to have gained more muscle mass. Chuckling to himself he knew from personal experience she'd be starving when she woke up. It was as he adjusted his position on the bed he noticed that the pouch on his belt was glowing slightly. Frowning to himself he gently extracted himself from Buffy's arms and reached over for his Jeans. Opening the the pouch he found the small box Lea had given him and it was illuminated rather brightly. Placing it on the bed he opened up one side and then continued to open it's sides until he had it was spread out across his side of the bed. Pulling open one of the multitude of drawers he took out an ornate wooden box. Which Lea had given to him for the person he would chose to Blood Bond, opening it revealed a glowing, beautifully crafted dagger.

Looking over to Buffy he frowned slightly. Closing the lid of the wooden box he stretched across the bed and picked up the phone to order room service. After placing an order for several hamburgers and fries he placed the receiver back on its cradle. He closed up the fold-box to it's original small size and placed it back in the belt pouch. Then he laid down beside Buffy and gently wrapped his arms around her. Within moments he had drifted back to sleep with a contented smile on his face. His last thoughts before sleep took him was that he'd never felt happier.

As Buffy awoke memories of the last twenty four hours flooded her mind and she couldn't help but smile as she remembered making love with Xander. Then the memories of him gently biting her neck and her responding in kind. Panic quickly flooded through her as the thoughts of becoming a vampire, her heart racing in her chest which distracted her and stopped her panicked thoughts. Then sounds from the room and the outside of her crashed through her thoughts. Xander's heart beat thumped with incredible power and rhythm right beside her ear, distracting her again. Buffy sat up and took a deep breath. Relief started to creep into her as she felt her own heart beat and the breathing which caused the her chest to rise and fall. She was alive and and she had to admit felt amazing. Her body felt like it was charged with latent energy, she felt strong in a way that being the slayer never did. Standing up Buffy headed for the bathroom and as she walked she felt that she was simply gliding above the ground but she knew she wasn't. With a grin she went into a short Kata that Giles had taught her to help maintain her emotional balance. By the end of the routine she felt better than she had at the start but without any tiredness at all, she was still bursting with energy. It was at this point she remembered she was completely naked and for the first time in her life it didn't matter to her in the slightest, she realized the world could be looking at her but all she would feel was pride in how her body moved. Whatever Xander had done to her had made her feel on top of the world.

She Grinned and shook her head at her own thoughts and headed to the bathroom. Her eyes caught her reflexion in the mirror and all thoughts of being a vampire flew from her head. The next thing she noticed was that her body had changed in a way that astounded her, she had gained weight and her her figure had become far closer to the ideal of the fantasy warrioress pictures she'd seen when she'd flicked through the fantasy art books Xander had on his bookshelves. Buffy realized for the first time in her life that she was totally gorgeous and this stunned her completely, she'd known she was attractive but she'd never really thought that much of it until now.


Rogue was sat on her bed with Kitty sitting next to her. Rogue had asked her how she and Illyana had become a couple only to discover from Kitty that She wasn't in a relationship with Illyana, they had tried but it didn't work out for either of them. Kitty blushed when she told Rogue that their first and only kiss had been a disaster. So they had decided to just remain close friends. It was then that Kitty had told her that she had had the major hots for Storm when she had first arrived at the mansion but ever since Logan's non marriage to Mariko, when Storm had changed into a punk with her mohican hair style, had stopped her being attracted to Storm. But even now knowing that it had been irrational thoughts and feelings, the attraction still hadn't returned.

Rogue then told Kitty that she couldn't figure out why someone as lovely as Kitty had managed to remain single. Kitty had laughed and then told her about her failed relationship with Pete Wisdom while she'd been On the Excalibur team. It was after this Rogue realized she had gotten off lightly with Gambit and now didn't feel so badly about her own mutant power. It had in fact saved her from being totally used by Gambit.

Kitty gently pulled Rogue into her arms and held her as close, well as close as possible without touching Rogue's skin.
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