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Where did the Slayer go

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Life in the Multi-verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Magical accidents can lead to some very interesting places.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Buffy and Co is owned by Joss Whedon all rights remain with Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy. Marvel Characters Belong to Disney. The Original characters are mine.

A/N: This is just a small idea i had that wouldn't go away. Part of it came from an rpg adventure i ran for my partner (BlondeElf) and another part came from wondering 'what if' Xander (from Troubles with families story) and Buffy got stranded somewhere in the multi-verse. Originally I was just writing this just to get it out of my head and I didn't intend to post it or do anything else with it. Other than just print it out and file it away in the ideas box, where it could lay forgotten. Then it occured to me I could post it here on TTH and see if it was liked and if it's worth continuing.

If the Marvel Universe seems a little wonky it's because I'm not familiar with the latest plots. It's going to be a mixture of what I do know and what I have picked up from the various wiki's lurking around the web. One last thing this is most likely going to end up a universe hopping story.
A warehouse - Somewhere in Italy

The area was filled with spell-casting Paraphernalia with a standard pentagram and candles laying out on the crumbling cement floor. The atmosphere of hurried panic was thick in the air as several monks busied themselves preparing for one heavy duty spell. When a door burst open and another monk rushed in shouting in badly pronounced Italian "Stop, the slayer is missing from Sunnydale."

Doctor Strange looked up from the novel he was reading. Enjoying one of the few quiet times he had to himself. It was as he was getting to a really good part anticipating the coming action when he felt a wave of powerful almost chaotic magic coming from the general direction of the X-mansion. With an annoyed sigh he put the book down and concentrated. The power was subtle but indicated power well beyond the normal for most of the magic users he knew. The only person he could think of that could wield any where near that level of power was Magik. Reaching for the phone he quickly dialed Charles Xavier number.

The professor sighed as he read through the weekly report of Illyana Rasputin's academic progress. She was such a bright girl and her school work should reflect that but yet again she was failing to do her course work. He considered the rumour that Illyana and Kitty had become involved. But until he had firm evidence of that relationship was negatively impacting her school work, without using his telepathy, he couldn't justify moving one of the girls out of their shared room. And in truth he really didn't want to because such a disruption could have a negative effect on everyone around them and could cause Illyana to slip further in her school work or she could leave entirely, with the possibility of taking Kitty with her. Maybe if he had a quiet word with Kurt, the ripples from that conversation could cause Kitty to aid Illyana in her school work and in turn make Illyana buckle down to her school work with a little pressure from Kitty.

As he pondered the social politics it took to run a school with very strong willed and independent students, his thoughts were disturbed by the ringing of his private line.

Charles Xavier put the phone down after the brief conversation with his old friend Stephen. Concentrating lightly on Illyana he found her sound asleep and amidst a dream of demonic bunnies. "That girl has a strange mind," he muttered to himself.

Looking at the old grandfather clock he sent a telepathic message to Logan to get the rest of the X-men up.

Psylocke's room
Aly slowly came back to consciousness, her memories from the day before returning in vivid colour as she snuggled up to Betsy. Psylocke pulled the small blonde closer and wrapped her body around Aly. Interrupting their snuggle came the sound of a deep resonating buzz issuing from the bedside table. Betsy stretched to glance at the clock, her arm snaking out from the covers impacting the alarm with far more force than was required and turned it into a piece of modern art.

Aly's lips had found Betsy's and they started to slowly kiss, their hands moving over the others form when a loud bang on the door, which was followed by "Time to get up Psylocke!" from a very gruff and annoyed sounding Logan. Betsy considered her response carefully "Fuck off Wolvie!" A grunting snicker came from behind the door.

Aly tried to hold the giggle in, her eyes wide with mirth but failed and ended up with her face buried between Betsy's breast, giggling uncontrollably.

Logan's voice came through the door, "Get yourselves up, the Professor wants you both downstairs in 30 minutes."

Hotel Room - Westchester county
Buffy stretched out under the covers of a very comfortable bed. Slowly opening her eyes so they could adjust to the sunlight that was streaming through the window. She propped herself up on one elbow as she looked around the strange room. The first thing that Buffy noticed was Xander, a shirtless Xander who had managed to get hard well defined muscles that hadn't been there the last time she had seen him shirtless. Trying to remember when that was, and the only thing she could come up with was when she'd seen him in his speedo's, that time he had joined the swim team. Buffy blinked, trying to clear her vision as she tried to work out exactly when Xander had managed to get a better body than Angel and Riley put together. Xander was in her opinion, now totally drool worthy.

Buffy shook her head and then said, "Xander, where are we?"

Xander turned around to face the bed and gave Buffy his trademarked crooked grin. "Before I answer that Buffster, what do you remember from yesterday?"

Buffy wracked her brain before saying, "Well, you, me, Willow and Tara were walking through Restfield Cemetery and we came across Adam..." Xander nodded. "He attacked us and I think Willow and Tara tried a new spell because one minute we were trying to fight Adam and the next you, me and bits of Adam were lying on the ground somewhere that isn't Sunnydale. And no I don't know where we are." Taking a breath he continued, "You were out cold, so I found the nearest here we are."

Nodding to him a stray thought crossed Buffy's mind and she quickly looked under the covers of the bed to see if she had any clothes on and sighed with relief at still having her underwear on. Looking back to Xander she turned bright red and then eeped and buried her head when she saw his crooked grin back on his face. Then from under the covers she said..."Xander where did you sleep?"

He grinned but didn't answer Buffy until she looked up from under the covers. "I haven't had a chance to sleep yet, just got out of the shower." After grabbing his T-shirt, he continued, "We've pretty much got here. I think you banged your head on a rock when you came through, so I put you to bed after I checked you out...Over, I mean Over." He quickly slipped into the shirt.

Buffy grumbled to herself when Xander slipped a T-shirt over his head. She completely missed Xander's slip because she was too busy checking out his muscles. Buffy mentally told herself off for perving on Xander, when she was supposed to be in a relationship with Riley. The naughty side of her personality pointed out that right now she really preferred Xander's body to Riley's and then she wondered when she had gotten so shallow.

Xander just stood there watching Buffy and his eyebrow slowly raised and as the seconds ticked by. Buffy watched him and her face getting redder and redder. He couldn't help himself. Xander did a perfect Pirouette and when he'd completed it Buffy's face was so red that it more than matched Willow's red face. He grinned at her and then she buried her head under the covers again.

Xander chuckled and then said, "I'm gonna go get us breakfast and find out where we ended up, see ya in a bit." And with that he headed out the door.

Buffy sat up once the door had closed. this time paying attention to the room while looking for her clothes. Spotting them folded up on the chair next to the bed, she quickly got up, grabbing her clothes she quickly headed into the bathroom.
Inside the main office of the hotel Xander started rooting around for maps of the local area. When he found one and read it he scratched his head and re-read it again. According to the map he'd found. The both of them were in Salem Center, Westchester county and about half a mile from Xavier's school for Gifted Youngsters.

Xander scratched his head again in puzzlement, wondering how they could have ended up in a fictional location from a comic book. He mentally checked himself over and then checked out his PSW. Which told him he was exactly where he thought he was. after a moments thought he figured this was a puzzle best solved with food and coffee. so he headed to the dinning room, shaking his head to himself as he went.

Once in the dinning room he managed to get two large coffees and two full English breakfasts. So he headed back to the room.

Buffy had just finished getting dressed when she heard the key in the door. She took up a ready stance just in case it wasn't Xander. The Xander in-question opened the door with his foot. It slammed into the wall with a loud thump. "Oops ...Hey Buff, can you grab your coffee and breakfast." She walked over with a smile on her face and took one of the plates and one of the coffees from the tray "Thanks Xan."

After sitting on the bed with his breakfast, Xander looked over to Buffy with a rather sheepish look on his face, "I've found out where we are."

Buffy studied her oldest friends face before asking, "That's great, but whats the catch?"

Xander took a gulp of his coffee. "Well, do you remember those comics I..we used to read when Giles got all reseachy on us?" He took another gulp of coffee. "er..we seem to be in a comic world...we're very close to the X-men...honestly."

Buffy's eyebrows shot up into her hairline. "We're what now?"

Xander stopped himself from gulping his entire coffee down. "We are in the X-men or rather the Marvel Universe. And I'm really not joking...we really are in another universe Buff. And that universe is the Marvel universe."

Buffy just blinked at him.

The X-men assembled in Xavier's office, waiting for him to brief them. The Professor cleared his throat then started speaking. "I received a phone call from Doctor Strange informing me that we had a magical event within a mile of us. And he asked if we could investigate. At first he thought it could have been Illyana but I assured him that she was not responsible. He gave me the rough location, which I have marked on the map. I would like you to investigate. Illyana if you could teleport the non flyers."

Illyana nodded.

Aly grinned, looked over to Psylocke, then said, "Well, I'm not an X-man but I'd happily transport several of you guys there."

The professor leaned forward in his chair looking to Aly and spoke, "Aly, I'd also like you to look over the scene as well. You could give us an insight into the mystical side, if there is any."

Bobby sniggered and then whispered to Dani, "Translation, he wants us to have an Asgardian body guard just incase its a trap and there's a dozen Sentinels waiting for us."

The professor looked at Bobby, who shrank back. "Do you have anything to add to the discussion, Mr. Drake?"

Bobby shook his head, "No Sir...sorry."

A/N2: Aly belongs to BlondeElf and she kindly lent me her character for this.
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