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Cast of characters

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This story is No. 24 in the series "Waifs and strays". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What the title says, a not completely up to date list of the characters major and minor used in Waifs and Strays. May contain spoliers for new readers. Additonal geneaological material

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Cast list

This list contains many and varied spoilers. Be warned!

Cast of characters


Philippa Cecilia, née Johnson: Matriarch of Ellis line of House WarrenAugust 11th 1938. Usually called Cecilia, Cece by her husband.

Married James Caldecott Four Bears Ellis (Siwanoy, Navaho and Chumash Tribes) January 4th 1930-

Arlene Barbara 'Bomber': July 9th 1956- Archaeo-Biologist, Archaeologist, Major US Army Reserves, activated for the SGC and currently serving. Mother to Evy.

Married and divorced:

William Broderick Harris (no relation to Xander) 1984-1987

Carl Armstrong 1990-1992

Joyce Marie November 14th 1958- Twin to Charlotte, has the power of Mother. Called Joy by her parents and Joyly by her Twin.

Married and divorced:  Hank Summers 1980-1995

Mother to Buffy and Dawn

Summers, Henry Fitzstewart, ‘Hank’: March 5th 1956 Ex-husband of Joyce, Lawyer with Sawyer, Harcourt, Hewton, Massey and Partners

Charlotte Magdalene  November 14th 1958-

Married Penkowski, Harry  1978-

Mother to Celia

Five still births (See Penkowski)


Simon Hendrick Coenraad XIV: Born 03-01-1899, died 04-09-1971. Father of Simon XV. Former Grand Magister, High Magister, Magister of New York City 1918-1971

Simon Hendrick Coenraad XV: born August 22nd 1944 to Simon XIV and Elizabeth Alice van Rensselaer. Former Grand Magister, High Magister, Magister of New York 1971-1995 Patriarch of House of the (Vicars of) Death, Simonides Henricus Conradis Vicari. 

Starling, Clarice Brigid: March 3rd 1953,Simon’s XV half sister, daughter of Simon XIV and Philippa Cecilia Johnson, resulted of rape.

Severus Tobias Vicari Prince (Snape): January 9th 1962, half brother to Simon and Clarice, son of Simon XIV and Eileen Nicola Prince.


Moritz, Danielle Esther Clidesfield: May 13th 1930- Willow’s grandmother, Simon’s Nanny, descended from Simon XI through an affair. Former Magister of LA and High Magister of California

Rosenberg, née Moritz, Sheila Rebecca:  March 14th 1957- Willow’s mother. The Red Death, one of The Group of Five, leaders of the Witch Reform Movement. Party ideologue and second in command. PhD’s in Psychology and Political Science, Stanford, MA in Philosophy. 

Rosenberg, Ira Levi: September 28th 1955- Willow’s father, PhD’s in Comparative Religion and Jewish literature, MA in Classical Hebrew, Rabbinical training.


Penelope Cathleen, née Johnson,  June 23rd 1930, Matriarch of House Warren (all lines), High magister of California and Magister of San Francisco, Grandmother to:

Prudence Victoria  Oct 28 1970, works for the American Museum of National History, San Francisco

Piper Aspen  June 7th 1973, quit her job as a financial advisor at a bank. Currently thinking about becoming a chef.

Walsh, Brenda: Cloned twin of Prue Halliwell, August 18th 1975, fraternal twin to Brendan Walsh. Was a victim of Russell Winters. Secretary at a legal firm: Hodgkin, Murphy and Jones

Phoebe Elinore November 2nd 1975. Studying psychology.

Matthews, Paige Constance (Extra marital child of Patricia Halliwell and her Whitelighter, Sam ) August 2nd 1977 (Works as an intern for Sunnydale Child Services.)

Patricia Philippa Moonchild: April 5th 1950- February 28th 1978Deceased, daughter of Penelope, mother to Prue, Piper, Brenda (clone), Phoebe. To Paige, with Sam (whitelighter)

Halliwell, Allen, March 6th 1930 - January 13, 1967, deceased husband of Penelope. Currently a rebellious whitelighter

Bennett, Victor: February 16th, 1949, ex husband of Patty, father of Prue, Piper, Brenda, Phoebe. IT Engineering consultant.


Beckforth, Mary, née Beckforth, Mother Witch and Matriarch of House Beckforth. Widow of Colonel Michael Mannlicher, USAF, Mother to: Peter, (deceased) Eileen Beckforth (MacClay) Janet Beckforth (Fraiser). Her daughter in law Nancy was pregnant with twins at the time of her death during the final merge of the War of the Five.  

The Children:

Sineya 'Alley' Meier, adopted daughter of Simon and Joyce. First Slayer. Currently mostly lives in Dreamspace, though she can take on the form of a small cat for short periods of time

Harris, Alexander LaVelle ‘Xander’: August 14th 1980, son of Jessica and Anthony Harris.Took the name Alexander Gabriel Meier after adoption.

Summers, Buffy Anne: January 17th 1981,

Willow Danielle, born Rosenberg,  : March 21st 1981,

Rosenberg, Rowan Davida : March 21st 1981.Stillborn sister of Willow, soul captured by Rack, sold to Mayor Wilkins, currently free and inhabiting a mainframe at the MIC facility.

Rosenberg, Hazel Dannah : March 21st 1981. Stillborn sister of Willow, soul captured by Rack, sold to Mayor Wilkins, currently in a Soulgem owned by Rack.

Young, Kendra Marisha:  August 6th 1982 given up by her birth mother at a young age, raised by Samuel Zabuto to become a 'perfect' Slayer.

Lehane, Faith Charlotte Felicia Honoria: 14th December 1982, daughter of Charity Lehane and an unknown father. Was fostered by Frank and Gladys Howard until Gladys was killed a Watcher attack and Frank went insane. Currently on the run from Watchers, in Chicago.

Holburn, Katherine Melanie Joanne: January 7th 1986, Daughter of Veronica Holburn and an unknown man.

Summers, Dawn Florence: August 3rd 1986, current youngest daughter of the Household. Loves ballet. Founder of 'Dawn's Rangers'.

Chase, Cordelia Cassandra: April 16th 1981

Maclay, Tara Janet Maire: October 16th 1980

Ellis, Evelyn Philippa Amanda:  June 14th 1981, daughter to Jack O’Neill and Arlene Ellis, Daughter-heir of the House of Set. 


Madison, Amelia Morgana Agrippina Apolonia Circe Minerva ‘Amy’:  February 11th 1981.Daughter of Catherine McGonagall and Patrick Madison

Madison, Patrick Brendan Columba: 29th of February 1955  former US Marine Sergeant, owner of Madison Construction, father of Amy, love interest of Clarice.


Eleanor Philippa: February 12th 1979 Stillborn

Cecilia Patricia ‘Celia’: March 13th 1981-, has the power of levitation.

Caroline Leah: April 2nd 1983 Stillborn

Gwendolyn Joyce: July 5th 1986 Stillborn

Jennifer Arlene: July 5th 1986Stillborn

Lusia Heloise ‘Lucy’: October 17th 1988 Kidnapped by Marigold, lived with Petra Fraiser and her ‘parents’ in Colorado Springs. Has the spirit power of Teleportation.


Kellog, Veronica Mary Martha ‘Very’: Irish American Slayer, killed by a demon in 1964, Quentin Travers was her Watcher

Datara, Yasmin: an Indian Slayer, died in 1993

Tavistock, Ellie: twelve year old Scottish Slayer, killed and raped by Gilderoy Lockhart in 1993, Slayer removed by the In Duo Partes potion brewed by S. Snape. Slayer spirit moved on. 

Giles-Calendar Family

Rupert Edmund: February 20th 1954

Calendar, Jennifer Nadia: July 7th 1970 (AKA Janna Nadezhda Kalderash)

Sir Thomas Edward, senior watcher and Father to Rupert, seventh Baronet Giles of Failand, in the County of Somerset.

Lady Lillian Carolina Emma Elizabeth, née Grey, mother of Rupert and Miranda and Esther Giles, sister to Sebastian Grey

Miranda Ada: April 15th 1952

Esther Agatha: September 23rd 1965

Grey, Sebastian Charles Edmund Saint-George: Earl of Banbury, Viscount of Wallingford and Baron Knollys. Giles’ Maternal uncle.

Grey, Geraldine Fiona Rebecca, née Monteith, late wife of Sebastian

Grey, Lady Anna Elizabeth Emma Victoria, medical doctor. Cousin to Rupert, Jenny suspected her to be a love interest of Rupert’s.


Enyos:Estranged uncle of Jenny

Jassina: AKA Jessica Harris, Xander’s mother, killed by Tony Harris after he became a Walker of Machida.

Zaranya: Jenny’s Grandmother, Xander’s great grandmother, Elder Woman of Clan Kalderash

The Group of Five: Leaders of the Witch Reform Movement

Alvarez, Juanita: Organizer and Public relations

Beckforth, Eileen: Member at large, mother to Tara Maclay.

McGonagall, Marilyn:  possessed by Pulchritudia Black, leader. Marilyn was Catherine Madison’s older sister. Leader of the WRM.

Moritz, (Later Rosenberg), Sheila: Party ideologue

Perkins, Hester: Party Whip

The Worshipers of Eyghon:

Barber, Randall: born 1963, died 1981 in a ritual of Eyghon

Henry, Philip, born 1954, wife, three children

Page, Deirdre, born 1956

Rayne, Ethan, born 1954

Sutcliffe, Thomas, born 1955, playboy with ever changing girlfriends


Curtis, Ginger

Ditchik, Gwen

Evans, Aphrodisia

Leibovitch, Dawn

Murphy, Aura

Peters, Nancy (also White Hat in Wishverse)

Dawn’s School:


Mellowes, Shannon: Dawn’s teacher in her first year in Sunnydale

Farmingham, John, Principal of Sunnydale Elementary, resigned/fired after the ‘Dawn’s Rangers’ affair.’


Blaisdell, Cyndi: Younger sister of Larry Blaisdell, twin to Corinna

Blaisdell, Corinna: Younger sister of Larry Blaisdell, twin to Cyndi

Brodie, Jack: Twin to Samuel

Brodie, Samuel: Twin to Jack

Brand, Joey: One of three boys (the ballet brawlers) whoattacked Dawn on her first day

Chalmers, Becky: Fraternal twin to Brian

Chalmers, Brian: Fraternal twin to Becky

Kendall, Felicity: Identical twin to Melody

Kendall, Melody: Identical twin to Felicity

Lipton, Priscilla: Identical twin to Patricia

Lipton, Patricia: Identical twin to Priscilla

Hadwell, William ‘Billy’: One of three boys who attacked Dawn on her first day. A young dreamwalker whose power was boosted and corrupted by Rack to cause massive nightmares that took over Sunnydale.

Penshaw, Janice: Dawn’s best friend

Trejo, Carlos: One of three boys who attacked Dawn on her first day

Vernon, Hilary

The Mummy:

Carnahan,  Jonathan Derrick Cloudseley:  May 10th 1894, Colonel 3rd Baron Carnahan of Overton in the County of Hampshire, 12th baronet Overton, VC, DSO with two bars, KG, OM, CGB, FRS FLA  (ret UKSF, United Kingdom Special Forces, former commander of HM 42nd regiment of Horse  'Old Jon's Brigade', 'Black Jon's Devils', currently assigned to the Life Guards of HM Household Cavalry), archaeologist. Maternal grandfather of Jonathan J. O’Neill.

Carnahan- O’Connell, Evelyn Mary Laetitia, April 22nd 1904, 1st Baroness of Bembridge, GC, OM GCMG, FRS FLA  noted Egyptologist, younger sister of Jonathan Carnahan, married to Richard ‘Rick’ O'Connell. Former Chief Archivist and Librarian of the Bembridge Scholars.

O'Connell, Richard 'Rick'  June 18th 1897,  Major Sir, 1st Baron O'Connell of Hamunaptera    Grand-Croix du Ordre National de Legion d'Honneur, Croix de Guerre (WWI) avec Deux Palmes de Bronze , Croix de Guerre (WWII) avec Palme de Vermeille et Palme d'Argent.  American citizen with dual citizenship who has lived in Britain since the Twenties. Former French Foreign Legion, former US Special Forces (OSS), Commander of 'Rick's Rangers'. Bearer of the Sword and Keeper of the Seal of the Order of Wadjet.

Carnahan, Helen Virginia Anna, née Allsop, the Hon., wife to Jonathan

Carnahan- O’Neill, Evelyn Anna Carola, the Hon., daughter of Jonathan, mother to Jack, died when Jack was eight years old. 


Carter, Samantha: Captain, astrophysicist and pilot, member of SG-1

Hammond, George Stephen: Major General, in charge of the SGC, widower of Margaret, father to Harper, grandfather to Kayla and Tessa .

Jackson, Daniel: Archaeologist and ancient language expert with SGC

O’Neill, Jonathan James: USAF colonel, 2nd in command SGC, commander of SG-1.

Teal’c: Jaffa, former First Prime of Apophis.

Fraiser, Janet Tara Maire: USAF captain CMO at SGC, youngest child of Mary Beckforth and Colonel Michael Mannlicher, deceased, younger sister of Peter and Eileen Beckforth, aunt to Tara. Divorced from Manius Banner ‘Manny’ Fraiser, business man. One still born child, Petra. Adoptive mother of C’sandra. Possesses a variant of the Mother talent.

Fraiser, Cassandra Mary: Adoptive daughter of Janet Fraiser, originally from Hanka, her family was killed in a biological attack on her planet, last survivor of her village. Possesses the Mother talent.

Harriman, Walter: Senior Airman/Sergeant, General Hammond’s aide. Nephew of Walter ‘Radar’ O’Reilly, House of O’Reilly.  

Johnson, Porter ‘Chef’: Senior Airman. Chief cook of the SGC. Former subordinate of Colonel Mannlicher, gave Janet Fraiser piggyback rides as a child when he was a young Airman.




Colorado Springs School:

Mr Towton, Principal of the School, mind controlled by Rack to try and drive Evy away and allow the NID/Marigold to kidnap her.

Mr Smythe: Evy’s history teacher, also mind controlled and now free

Ackerson, Mark: insulted Evy in her first class, now is firmly on the way to becoming a friend.

Kendrick, Carolyn: pupil, insulted Evy in her first class, now is firmly on the way to becoming a friend. She’s in the school orchestra and plays the cello and violin.

Margolis, Kelly: pupil, insulted Evy in her first class, now is firmly on the way to becoming a friend. She’s in the school band and plays the saxophone and recorder.

Selwyn, Adrian: insulted Evy in her first class, now is firmly on the way to becoming a friend.

Meier Family servants:

Miller, Ezekiel Washington: Major Domo and Estate manager, sometime butler

Evans, Timothy:  Simon’s Valet and sometime butler

Denton, Richard Alastair: Senior Chauffeur

MIC employees:

Devereaux, Honor, Executive secretary, oldest, will retire at the end of 1995

Eglemore, Patricia: Simon’s executive secretary in New York

Vance, Cynthia: Executive secretary in Los Angeles

Yancey, Geraldine: Executive secretary in Sunnydale

Renner, Deborah: Doctor at the MIC Free Clinic

Kells, Frank: Doctor at MIC Free Clinic, husband to Dr. Renner

Ludwisky, Hiram: Simon’s primary West Coast lawyer.

Sunnydale Gallery:

Arbeaux, Marianne: Joyce’s primary assistant at the gallery


Hurst, Leonard George, former SAS, head BG, assigned to Buffy

Bchenka, Oleg Sergei,former Spetsnaz, Strigoi, Assigned to Willow/Rowan

Lewis, Horace Clyde, former SAS, assigned to Kit/Dawn

Bottley, Sean, former Navy Seal, Assigned to Kit/Dawn

De Vries, Klaas, former Korps Mariniers, Assigned to Kendra

Coe, William ‘Wild Bill’, former FBI, Assigned to Xander

Utzfeldt, Horst, former Österreichische Jäger, assigned to Simon

Clifton, James, former FBI, Assigned to Buffy

Smith, John ‘Jack’, former US Marine corps, Assigned to Simon

Corey, Anne, former CIA, Assigned to Buffy

Marshfield, Zoe, former French Foreign Legion, assigned to Jenny

Kent, Jane, former RAF Assigned to Buffy/Willow/Rowan on PE days

Louvois, Marie, former Armée de l’Air (Command de l’air), Assigned to Joyce

Benchford, Lois, former FBI, Assigned to Amy/Clarice/Patrick

Devouton, Colombe Ysabeau Jeanne, former Sureté. Comtesse de Domrémy, descendant of the elder brother of Jeanne D’arc, Jehanne de Domrémy. Assigned to Kendra.


Friends and relations:

Kendall, Marcus Terentius: December 7th 1957,  Harmony’s father, of ancient Welsh extraction

Kendall, Elizabeth (Eliza) Myrtle, Née Jones: Harmony Kendall’s Mother, wife to Marcus

Kendall, (Luke) Lucius Andall: Deceased twin of Harmony   

Kendall, Harmony Aurddolen: Eldest of he living Kendall daughters, twin of Lucius (Luke)

Kendall, Melody Angharad: Older of the Kendall twins, twin to Felicity

Kendall, Felicity Anwen: Youngest of the Kendall daughters, twin to Melody

Kirby, Anna Mathilda:  Shape changing Cheila demon, wife to Brain, mother of Michael and Dave. A florist.Born von Weissenberg

Kirby, Brian Joshua: A Cheila demon, Husband to Anna, father of Michael and David. Chartered accountant who works from home.

Kirby, David Nathaniel: Dave,Willow’s boyfriend, a Cheila Demon. Son of Brian and Anna Kirby, younger brother to Michael.Has been in and out of love with Willow since he was eight. Callsign: Scratching post until Willow, Simon or Joyce finds out.

Kirby, Michael Otto: Dave’s elder brother, son of Brian and Anna. Home schooled by his parents. A shape changing Cheila who was born in the species original form. (A so-called Phrang) call-sign: Big Bird

Ovrion, Dr Marcel Michel Ney: Psychologist (and Psychiatrist) to most of the Family. Known for describing the Loudon Syndrome of transferral of human brutality to 'imaginary' demons.

Ovrion, neé Lawson, Dr Margaret, Gynaecologist. Founder and director of the Lawson Institute for Women's health.

Ovrion, Michel

Ovrion, Adèle

Ovrion, Claire

Ovrion, Geraldine

Ovrion, Samantha

Penshaw, Derek: Janice’s father, an administrator at the local army base.

Penshaw, Fiona Agnes: Janice’s elder sister and oldest sibling, a law student at UCLA Berkeley.

Penshaw, Ian Clark: Janice’s elder brother, in his last year of High school, a Jock who likes to play Dungeons and Dragons and reads philosophy.

Penshaw, Janice Clara: Dawn’s classmate and best friend who loves ballet and Green Jello. Family callsign: Twitter

Penshaw, Susan: Janice’s mother, a homemaker. At a later time is referred to as ‘The Mominator’.

Travers/Witheringham-Thomas/Ashby family

Witheringham-Thomas, Beatrice, née Ashby, mother of Walter Witheringham-Thomas, grandmother of Althenea and Aphrodite Witheringham-Thomas and Theresa and Catherine Travers.

Travers, Persephone Amalthea, née Harkness, widow of Walter Witheringham-Thomas, wife to Quentin Travers, mother to Althenea and Aphrodite Witheringham-Thomas and Theresa and Catherine Travers.

Witheringham-Thomas, Althenea Áine, ‘Áinfean’, elder of the Witheringham-Thomas twins, Dec 6th 1977

Witheringham-Thomas, Aphrodite Aoibheann, ‘Fianait’ younger of the Witheringham-Thomas twins Dec 6th 1977

Travers, Theresa Chloris, ‘Macha’, elder of the two Travers Twins, June 19th 1986

Travers, Catherine Themis, ‘Anann’, June 19th 1986


Osbourne, Daniel ‘Oz’: 14th of May 1979

Finn, Riley: 11th of January 1978, lieutenant in the US Army

Coven Witches

Clampett, Elly May: Mar 14th 1913, High Magister of Arkansas

Crumrin, Aloysius:  Aug 7th 1836, High Magister of New Hampshire, ‘Old Fear’

Frost,Mordecai:  Feb 3rd 1895, High Magister of Maine

Prince, Buffy Eileen Walburga Sempronia,  Sep 7th 1879-, Former Grand Magister, served during the minority of Simon Meier XIV and the period he served under arms in World War I. (1901-1919)

Walton, Mary Ellen: April 4th 1920, High Magister of Virginia

White, Assyria:Nov 15th 1965, High Magister of South Dakota


Shacklebolt, Clinton, focus using healer charged with casting Revelatio Familia

Cantrev, Rogelia, focus using healer charged with casting Revelatio Familia


Burgoyne, John: Ellie Tavistock’s Watcher, based in Scotland

Robson, Bartholomew William: Watcher, based in England, a Questor.

Wyndham-Pryce, Roger: Head of American Operations, member of the Council of Thirteen, Legate, father to Wesley. Kissed by a Dementor the Council kept imprisoned for unknown reasons.


Gutierrez, Ampata: An exchange student who stays with the family in the beginning of the 1996-1997 school year. (this has not happened yet…)

Juarez, Amata Maria: Intern at the Sunnydale Museum of Natural History and arts, Prize Winner of the International Journal of Museum Sciences Internship. Originally from Lima, Peru. Name used by the Inca Mummy Girl.


Hunnicutt, Benjamin Jehosaphat, ‘BJ’

McIntryre, John Francis Xavier, ‘Trapper John’,

Mulcahey, Francis John Patrick: Jesuit priest, former itinerant bishop, former Admonitor to the Provincial of America, Secret Admonitor to the Superior General. Formerly assisting the priest of St. Francis, New Orleans. Deceased

Pierce, Benjamin Franklin ‘Hawkeye’: Feb 1st 1924, Widower of Mary Anderson, father of four, surgeon in Maryland. Lives in Crabapple Cove.

Winchester, Charles Emerson III: the closest thing Simon has to a father,

Forever is too long even for us / Highlander:

Coltec, James, aka Kol’Tek, The Singer of Songs, Brer Rabbit, Son of Coyote, Better than Bears, Runs like the Beaver, Swims like the Buffalo, The Thunder of his Passing Wind, Dances on Whales, The Storm Shepherd, Raven-Rainbringer, The Father of All Nations: born around the year 950 CE in Cahokia. Oldest living Native American Immortal, Heyoka and Shaman.  

Howard, Frank, aka Ursus the Frank: born around the year 200 CE in the Black Forest region of present day Germany. First Doge of Venice, commanded the forces of Dithmarschen, fought the Spanish in the Eighty Years war, was on the side of Parliament during the Civil War, fought in the American Revolution. 'The Father of the Republic'.

Howard, Gladys, aka Giulietta Adelina di Alfonso de Padua: Born in Padua in 1457, married Ursus in 1665. Patron of the arts Died in Boston in a house fire caused by an explosion set off by the Watchers’’ Council.

Ross, Dallman, Aka the Tutor, Major Joseph P. Banks US Army Rangers: Born in Boston 1826. Has been a teacher most of his life, though he fought in almost every war that the US has been involved in. Fought in the Union army during the Civil war and reached the rank of Major.


St. Claire-de Combercy, Neville Humbert Aeschylos,  July 13th 1970. Watcher in training. Ally, apprentice and protégé of Quentin Travers. Expert in ancient languages and learning about Lightning Warriors. Dating Iphigenia Granger.

Dormer, Diana Miriam: 14th may 1938, Watcher. Had a lesbian relationship with Danielle Moritz in 1956. They ended it because neither wanted to draw the other into their supernaturally ruled lives. Rescued Faith from Roger Wyndham-Pryce. Dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin. (Based on Diana Rigg)

Harry Potter:

Clearwater, Penelope Henrietta: Fifth year and Prefect at Hogwarts, girlfriend of Percy Weasley

Granger, Jean Adelaide, née FitzStewart: Mother to Hermione Granger, cousin to Merrowynne, niece of Myrtle ‘Moaning Myrtle’ Jones.

Granger, Norman Albert: Father to Hermione Granger, husband of Jean Older twin to Kyle Granger

Granger, Kyle Edward: Father of Iphigenia and husband to Merrowynne, younger Granger Twin

Granger, Merrowynne Sebastienne née Jones, Wife to Kyle, mother to Iphigenia, cousin to Jean FitzStewart, niece to Myrtle ‘Moaning Myrtle’ Jones.

Granger, Iphigenia Stephanie, daughter to Kyle and Merrowynne, cousin to Hermione, great-niece of Myrtle.

Jones, Myrtle (Myrri) Branwen: Ghost at Hogwarts who was killed by a Basilisk on the orders of Tom Riddle in 1943. So called Muggle-born. Aunt of Jean Granger and Merrowynne Granger. Was the oldest girl of fourteen children, with five elder brothers.

Lovegood, Luna (Lune) Ceiswyr: Pupil at Hogwarts, pureblooded witch, heir to her mother’s titles.

Lovegood-Albany, Soleil Veronique:  Luna’s mother, deceased. Died while developing a new Charm, possibly murdered.  Née d’Albane. Doctor of Charms, Princess-Heir to the Magical Roman Empire, Heiress to the Twelve Crowns of the Magical Empire: Frisia, (Netherlands, Ost-Friesland, Belgium, Luxembourg) Burgundy (From the Low Countries down to the Mediterranean), Lombardia (Italy including islands) Albania, Romania, Kalmaria (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland), Bohemia, Austria, Poland-Lithuania, Hungary,Croatia- Dalmatia, Bulgaria. Princess of Provence, Duchess of Brittany, Protector of the Celts, Guardian of Byzantium, Defender of the Centaur Forests, etc, etc.   

Lovegood, Xenophilius Ethelred: Luna’s father, editor and owner of the Quibbler Weekly Magazine. Part time Crypto-zoographer. Doctor of Arithmancy, creator of the Lovegood Equations.

Malfoy, Lucius Abraxas: November 26th 1954, older brother of Marcus, son of Abraxas, head of the senior lineage of House Bedell, also known as house Beedle, the Vicars of the House of Vicari. The house of the Great Bard, being the descendants ofCynddelw Brydydd Mawr, Kendal the Great, who had the gift of Song magic.  


Darla, aka Anne MacGregor ancient vampire, sired in Jamestown, former indentured servant and prostitute. Had at least one child, the pregnancy resulting from rape being the reason of her being sent to the Colonies. Her child was kept by the father as a ‘charitable act.’ Sire of Angelus. Dusted by Angel.

Decimus Sculpius Varo, aka Johann Heinrich Nest, The Master. Last Childe of Aurelius, turned in 114 CE in Rome. Ancient and very powerful vampire with minor augur powers as well as very minor abilities as a channeler. Can use a very powerful thrall, like most members of his Line.

Drake, Lucien: Cult leader from LA, known for the sacrifice of the souls of children to The Lords Below, a group of Powerful demons, who provided him with wealth in exchange. Employed by Marigold, carried the soul gem of Gwendolyn Penkowski.

Pritchett, Roger Henry, Curator at the San Francisco American Museum of Natural History. Prue’s ex boyfriend, who stole the Beals Exhibition and the Meier Exhibition from her. Deceased.

Sabancaya (Full name: Manco Pizarro Yupanqui de Almagro Cortez de Arequipa y Sabancaya), Juan Diego Francisco: Member of the Sabancaya family that benefited from the eternal sacrifice of Amata. The family has fallen into decline since the true death of Amata. Currenlty in a very nasty Peruvian jail.

Marcus Simplicius Secundus, aka Mark Simon Kundus:  former Tribunus militum laticlavius of the XIX Legion of the Emperor Augustus, turned by Kakistos in the aftermath of the Battle of the Teutoburger forest. (CE 9) Has the ability to sense Potentials and Slayers which led to him being named the Hound. The Council has a bounty out for his live capture. Died drinking the blood of Francis Mulcahey.

Pulchritudia Amoria Black, aka Our Mother of Darkness, The Black Mother, Kali of the Reaching Fingers: Dark Lady of Britain, last Mother Talent of the Black line, born 1625 defeated 1685, direct cause for the enactment of the Statute of Secrecy, (1689/1692) occupied the bodies of various witches, last known one Catherine McGonagall-Madison. Currently imprisoned in a Cheerleading trophy.

Miss Banner, Mayor Wilkins’ undead secretary


Fitzgerald, Henry:  Associate Deputy Director of the FBI, removed from his duties during the probe into Marigold, currently a boneless, screaming mess begging for death.

President Lassiter’s staff and Cabinet:

Lassiter, Elisabeth Patricia, née Hausser, wife of President Lassiter

Lassiter, Richard, son of Owen and Libby Lassiter (adopted)

Eisenhower, Lewis David, Vice president

Alexios, Constantine, ‘Alex’: Secretary of the Navy*

Bodine, Robert C. ‘Bobby’, Secretary of Defence

Cabot, Lowell Charles, Director of the CIA

Clark, Elizabeth, ‘Liz’, Assistant to the President for Women's Rights

Colton, Orson, Secretary of the Army*Daniel, Bill, Secretary of Agriculture

Fulton, Henrietta, Owen Lassiter's secretary

Harting, Amos, White House Chief of Staff*

Houseman, John, Secretary of the Air Force*

Humble, Clark, White house Counsel*

McGarry, Leo, Secretary of Labour

McConnell, Mat, White House Deputy Chief of Staff

Mothman, Dwight: Attorney General

Perlman, Max: Secretary of the Treasury

Rollins, Nathan, Chief of the Joint Chiefs*

Rosiello, Robert, Secretary of the Interior

Salt, Joseph P. 'Joe': Director of the NID*

Schumacher, Richard, Director of the FBI*

* are OC’s.

Real people:

Buffum Chandler, Dorothy ‘Buffy’ (May 19, 1901 – July 6, 1997): Director of the LA Times, Patron of arts and education, saved the Hollywood Bowl from closing in 1950, principal proponent and fundraiser of the Los Angeles Music Center. The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion is named after her. Former regent of the University of California (1954-1968). An idol of Joyce's. (Real Person)

Baryshnikov, Mikhail Nikolaevich: January 27th 1948: ballet dancer, an idol of Dawn's. Defected to the West in 1974. Overcame the handicap of being considered too short for dancing.


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