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Five Experts Darcy Went to Recruit...

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This story is No. 18 in the series "Darcy Lewis, Vampire Slayer (Semi-Retired)". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Full title: Five Experts Darcy Went to Recruit, and One Where She Said 'Hell, no!'. Darcy Lewis goes recruiting (or re-recruiting) five experts for SHIELD. Then, she meets a sixth one...

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Darcy-CenteredNinjababeFR1333,60402310,6488 Jan 149 Mar 14No

Hank McCoy

I read X-Men comics up to the 90s. What you read here is a mix of older comics, movies, and miscellaneous bits in my head.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from the Buffy or Marvel.

Darcy straightened the jacket of her black suit and reached forward to knock on the front door of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The door opened before she could give a knock.

"Hah!" the male teenager who opened the door exclaimed.

Darcy lowered her arm and ignored the smirk. "I'm Darcy Lewis of SHIELD. Doctor McCoy is expecting me."

"Sure, sure," the grinning teen said as he opened the door wider. After Darcy had entered he added, "Follow me."

"You left the door open," she pointed out after they had moved a few feet.

"Oh, yeah." The teen got a look of concentration on his face and the door slammed shut behind them. They passed by a young girl juggling what seemed to be fireballs. "Scared yet?"

Darcy raised an eyebrow. "I'm sorry?"

The teen gestured to a door ahead that had seemingly opened by itself. "We have powers. Scared of what we could do to you?" The boy asked with a feral grin.

Darcy rolled her eyes. "I live in a building with a guy who can turn into a giant green rage monster, use me as a piƱata, and throw me off the top of the building so I can feel the joy of screaming in terror before becoming a street pancake. And, he's not the scariest thing in my life. Try again." Ignoring the fallen look on the teen's face, she asked, "Now, Doctor McCoy?"

Almost pouting, the teen hit the down button on the elevator.

"Albert?" a female voice called out from behind the two.

Giving a small sigh, the teen turned around. "Yes, Ms. Grey?"

Darcy turned as well and saw a drop dead gorgeous redhead. She watched as the two obviously had a mental conversation. The woman then turned to Darcy. "What do you want with Doctor McCoy, Agent Lewis?"

"I'm not an agent," Darcy replied. "As for Doctor McCoy, I'm sorry, that's between him and SHIELD."

The woman stared intently at Darcy for a few moments then took a small step back in shock.

"Shall we go, Albert?" Darcy said, turning towards the teen.

"I prefer 'Push'," Albert pouted as the two entered the elevator.

"Oh, honey," Darcy said with a shake of her head. "Keep thinking. I can come up with at least ten things to say about that. And, that's before I even try. "

A few minutes later, Darcy was led into what looked to be a cross between an infirmary and a high-tech laboratory. "Hey, Beast? Suit here to see you!" the boy called out.

Ignoring the bang and grunt from further in the room, the boy turned around and left Darcy where she was standing.

A few moments later, a figure covered with blue fur wearing a lab coat appeared from the bowels of the room. "Miss Lewis?"

"Yes, sir." Darcy said with a genuine smile. As she strode forward and held her hand out to shake, she added, "Doctor McCoy?"

"I am," the doctor replied with a toothy grin. "But, please, call me Hank. Stark and Barton say good things about you."

"They usually rant about you being a card shark," Darcy said with a wider smile before getting to the reason for her visit. "As you know, your contract as a consultant with SHIELD is up for renewal. I'm here to go over any concerns or questions about the terms of the new contract."

"I've gone over the contract. As it's exactly the same as the last, I've already signed it. Let me find it for you."

Darcy was soon placing the contract into the briefcase she had with her. "Well, this was an easy visit," she grinned.

"Indeed," Hank replied. "Let me show you the way out."

As the two left the elevator on the ground floor, Darcy suddenly felt woozy and staggered. A few moments later, the feeling left, and Darcy leaned against the wall, holding her head.

"What the hell did you do to my wife!" a male voice yelled in her face.

Rearing back, Darcy squinted at the man in front of her, a ruby visor covering his eyes.

"I said, what the hell did you do to my wife!" The ruby visor seemed to glow.

"Scott, back off!" Hank exclaimed, pushing the man away. "Are you okay, Darcy?"

"What happened?" Darcy asked as she stood up, noticing that Ms. Grey was huddled against the ground, groaning softly.

"I do apologize," another male voice stated. Darcy looked over to see a bald man in a floating wheelchair. "My name is Charles Xavier. This is my school."

Darcy glared at the man. "What the hell is going on?"

"I would like to know that myself." After Ms. Grey had steadied herself, a stare-off between Xavier and the redheaded woman lasted a few moments.

"It seems that Jean here was concerned by something she found in your mental landscape. When she dug deeper, she was attacked and fled your mind."

"Does she have a habit of invading the minds of visitors?" Darcy asked with raised eyebrows.

"I do apologize. When she felt a feral presence in your mind, she wanted to make sure you weren't a threat."

"Xavier, your people need better manners," Darcy glared before turning to the still pale woman. "And, Odin's Beard, woman! Undo the calamity that is your mammaries! Perhaps there's a reason for what's in my head. It's called my brain!" Taking a deep breath, she addressed Doctor McCoy. "I can see the front door from here, Doctor McCoy. Perhaps I'll see you the next time you're over for poker."

Grumbling to herself, she stalked to the front door and calmly opened it. After softly closing the door, she walked towards her car.

I apologize again, Miss Lewis. Jean has never met a slayer before.

Jumping at the voice in her head that sounded like Xavier, she thought, 'So, this is telepathy, huh? You know about slayers?'

I've sent a few that were misclassified as mutants to the NWC. I'll try and teach my pupils better telepathic etiquette. You are welcome to another visit if you ever wish.

'I'll think about it,' Darcy replied as she started her car and started the drive home.


"Undo the calamity that is your mammaries" is from starinhercorner on tumblr.

Hank McCoy, aka Beast, is a literal genius in many fields, including genetics.
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