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Twirling embers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Campfire". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A second helping of my brain candy.

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Miscellaneous > Surprise Crossover(Current Donor)dogbertcarrollFR1575111,32217715309,35011 Jan 1418 May 14Yes

On My Shoulder

Xander stood at the fresh grave with a heavy heart. Harmony hadn't been a close friend…or a friend, really, but she had followed his orders, she'd stayed and fought, and paid for it with her life. He watched as the dirt above her grave was slowly pushed aside and a pair of pale white hands rose from the earth and clawed at the grass. Taking a deep breath he reaffirmed what must be done. He had to kill the thing with her face, it was his responsibility.

Another minute passed before he realized she was stuck.

With a sigh he put away his cross and stake and grabbed her hands. "Figures you'd be the only vampire to not be able to find your way out of your own grave," he muttered as he pulled. Even with his help it took a couple of minutes to pull her out and Xander had to sit down on her headstone to catch his breath.

"Blech!" Harmony spit out a mouthful of dirt and brushed herself off before looking around for something.

"Looking for this?" Xander asked, baring the side of his throat and preparing to stake her when she went for it.

"Xander!" Harmony spun around, hiding her face. "I know I'm not exactly hard, but I'm not that easy! You have to buy me dinner first, though since it's you, I'll bend the rules a bit and it can be fast food."

"Harmony…you do know what you are, right?"

"Hungry?" she asked.

"You're a vampire," Xander said firmly as if he was trying to convince himself as well as her.

"Oh," she said in understanding, moving close to him. "So you were offering…"

As her lips approached his neck he slid a hand towards his stake, waiting for her to be in position.

"I can't!" she cried out and turned away.

Xander sighed; she was even a bigger headache dead than when she was alive! "Why can't you?"

"It's not because I don't like you," she quickly blurted out. "I mean, school's over so we can ignore the whole status game and I don't have to worry about Cordelia shanking me in the shower."

"Shanking you in the shower?" Xander asked.

"I know," Harmony said, turning to face Xander again, "it sounds far-fetched, but there was this girl named Marci, Cordelia had everyone shun her because of the way she dressed, and she just vanished one day!"

"Marci wasn't shanked in the shower, she turned invisible," Xander replied.

"Turned invisible?" Harmony asked. "Which is more likely, that Cordelia shanked her in the shower and had someone vanish the corpse, or that the girl spontaneously turned invisible?"

"I was there, I saw her," Xander assured her.

"You saw an invisible girl?" Harmony asked doubtfully.

"You know what I mean," Xander said. "I saw her move objects, felt her hit me, and touched her at one point."

"I'll take your word for it." Harmony said. "Well, anyway, I used to be afraid Cordelia would shank me in the shower if I smiled at you, OK?"

"OK," Xander said slowly as he tried to remember what they were talking about. "Why can't you bite me?"

"Well, even if I am a vampire, I owe you a lot! You got us all together and trained us so the Mayor wouldn't eat us. If not for you I'd probably be dead!" Harmony exclaimed.

"Harmony, you are dead!" Xander yelled.

"Well, at least I'm not chewed!"

"Harmony, you're not actually Harmony, you are a demon that has all her memories. You aren't you!" Xander explained. "You should be a violent, blood-thirsty beast!"

"I don't care what I should be," Harmony said. "I am Harmony 'Mother-fucking' Kendall and I refuse to be a monster!"

Xander chuckled and shook his head. Harmony, the girl he'd known for so long was gone and the monster- no, the child of the monster that had killed her, was refusing to follow in its parent's footsteps. Well, Xander was the last person to blame the child for the actions of the parent. "Fine, then let's get you some blood from Willy's place. If you aren't going to be a monster and disgrace…original Harmony's memory, then the least I can do is help."

"Thank you." Harmony smiled as Xander led her off.

Willy's wasn't crowded as most of the demonic population had either fled on hearing of the Mayor's Ascension or were lying low after hearing of its failure.

Harmony sucked down her first three mugs of warmed up blood like she was chugging wine coolers.

"Thirsty girl," Willy said quickly setting up three more mugs when Xander laid out another twenty.

"This isn't going to make me fat, is it?" Harmony asked nervously.

AN: Typing by Elrod Albino
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