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A Jump To The Left

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Summary: Soldier, Tinker, Tailor, Slider?

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered(Current Donor)dogbertcarrollFR18513,6851010527,07920 Jan 1431 May 14No

Chapter five

A quick examination of his gauntlet showed no obvious flaws, so he took it completely apart and found a couple of possible problems with his previous soldering which he quickly re-did. He then reassembled the glove using sealant to make it water proof, or resistant anyway, and set it aside to dry and charge.

Flipping over the chalkboard, he examined the circuit diagram and formulas he had written there, making sure he'd put mistakes in all the right places to prevent anyone from copying his work. Military paranoia had been trained into him and he could admit there was some solid reasoning behind it. He would hate for the Nazi occupied Sunnydale of a similar world to get sliding tech even if they never found this Sunnydale.

Despite his dislike of the place, he made sure to record the coordinates. After all, Snyder was due a vacation, wasn't he?

He checked to make sure his gauntlet was charging properly before pulling out some pen and paper and doodling some other ideas. A small device programmed just to open up a wormhole home as a backup wasn't a bad idea, and neither was bringing a small solar panel that could charge everything in case they ran into abandoned Earths with no power. He thought about it and put down several batteries as well, just so they'd have a back-up power supply.

Anya's idea about using a vehicle was interesting, but power consumption was a bit higher and it would require a bigger timer that would be far less portable, ironically enough. Still, building one into a houseboat as an emergency escape option wasn't a bad idea. Of course, a lot of things depended on the size and type of ship they got, so he could hold off on designing that and make some one-shot devices built into wristwatches as a safety measure.

Well, he had plenty of time to work on things as it was a Saturday and he didn't plan on going anywhere.

1/2 an hour later...

"How is it that despite all my plans, I end up doing whatever you girls want?" Xander asked as the girls, all three of them, examined him before picking out more clothes for him to try on.

"Because we have breasts and let you play with them," Faith replied, her own clothes choices for Xander a very different style from Anya's.

"Because you have little interest in clothes and this way you can look good and not worry about it," Anya suggested, her twin nodding in agreement.

Xander paused. "Ok, that's almost as good a reason as Faith's."

It was several hours before they called it a day, leaving Xander with a much lighter wallet and dressed in a nautical theme.

"These clothes suggest something," Xander said.

"We have a small yacht, a decommissioned naval vessel, and a tug boat," Anya explained.

"You bought all three?" Xander asked.

"Nah, we are going to look at all three, before deciding which one to buy," Faith said. "The Boss also suggested getting a house on the beach with a dock as the types who rent berths in Sunnydale aren't people you want to rub elbows with."

"Can we afford it?" Xander asked.

"We can cover the down payment and closing costs," Anya said, running the costs through her head. "We'd have to raid the town again if we wanted to pay everything off immediately."

"I thought we netted a shitload of gold," Faith said.

"We did," the other Anya agreed. "And that gold is working to generate even more money for us, as long as we don't touch the principle."

"Translation?" Faith asked.

"It's all invested and as long as we don't touch it, we'll keep getting paid interest on it forever," Xander explained.

"How much interest?" Faith asked.

"Right now, it's generating returns of just under ten thousand a month," Anya said cheerfully.

"But we expect to increase that to nearly fifteen before the next fiscal quarter," the other Anya added.

"Damn," Faith said while Xander nodded, impressed with Anya's financial abilities.

"The naval vessel would have great armor, but it would take a lot of people to man it," Xander said. "If we were traveling through worlds set in pirate days and had a good sized crew then it'd be great, but we aren't and we don't."

"Yet," Faith added with a grin, obviously liking the idea.

"Yet," Xander agreed. "If we ever do, I say we buy it, so just keep track of it for now. The yacht would be great for pleasure cruises and as a home away from home, but it's not really built for exploration."

"Sounds like the tugboat it is," Faith said.

"Also needs a crew of experienced hands, but only a small one," Xander said. "All three of our choices work well for different situations, but what we need is something for exploring unknown worlds. We need something stealthy, but able to run fast if we run into trouble."

"We need a speedboat," Anya said after a moment's thought. "One of the ones used to smuggle weapons and drugs."

"Wouldn't take a large crew or even a very experienced one and the boss probably has a couple in impound," Faith said thoughtfully.

"Looks like we have a winner," Xander said.

"And the beach house?" Faith asked.

"Watching Alexander and Willow court is making me both a little freaked out and a little jealous," Xander said.

"Still have a thing for her?" Faith asked, attempting to sound casual.

"If I wanted to date Willow, I could find a world where there was one wanting a Xander," he explained. "No, my problem is watching me court Willow, and it's a me that is more honest and innocent and so is she."

"That would be a mind job," Faith admitted, some of the tension going out of her.

"I'm thinking I'd be happier not being around it all the time. Also, I need the room for a workshop. Someplace more secure than a basement where people do laundry."

"I could use one for my magical studies as well," Anya said.

"We could bootleg some of the movies from alternate worlds," Faith said. "Have a room set up just to watch and record stuff."

"Imagine how much someone would pay for a copy of an unfilmed movie," Anya said with a grin.

"Looks like we have a winner," the other Anya said. "A speedboat and a beach house. We'll need to hit that empty world again for additional funds, but I think we can start contacting realtors to see what's available."

"Ask for any troublesome properties they have," Faith added. "That's code for vampire infested and is usually really cheap."

"The benefit of dating a vampire slayer," Anya said with a smile, moving in to kiss Faith.

The other Anya wrapped an arm around Xander. "All this talk of financing has made me excited. We should go do something about that."

"Motel room," Xander said. "We are much too loud en masse."

Willow stared in shock as she watched the two kiss. She knew Xander was up to something with all the signs of chaos magic they'd noted, but this?! She had to get Buffy!

Unaware they'd been spotted, Alexander and Willow cuddled on the park bench and enjoyed the day, smiling as they saw minorities and mixed couples that underlined the difference between here and their old world.

The feeling of safety and security was a welcome one.

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The End?

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