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Cold Honor

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Natasha". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Natasha is back with another strike against the Dark Symmetry

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Comics > The Red Star
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batzulgerFR181621,15235510,87924 Jan 142 Oct 14Yes

Random Acts of Information Acquisition

The small group walked down a service corridor before exiting into a more heavily used hallway. It was old but very clean.

"Looks like a DMV back home," Buffy muttered, "with less angry customers."

Anton had no idea what the short woman was talking about.

"So Mister Chui," Buffy asked, "Which way are you going?"

"Records. It is on the 150th floor."

"Seems like my eye wants to go upstairs too."

"How heavy security on records level?" Natasha asked.

"Very. That is why someone like me was sent. The floors above and below are security buffer zones and only two lifts stop on that floor. It has its own small dedicated security force as well."

"Well subtle is NOT what we're renowned for ..."Al began. "I can bloody guarantee though that building security will be having a lot more on their plate than they're used to. Buffy if you will escort Mister Chui?"

"While you guys have all the fun? Oh all right...You so owe me though."

The other three headed off down the hallway while buffy took off her eyepatch and brushed some of her hair in front of her odd looking eye, "Come on, don't you want to get this over with?"

Anton started and nodded before leading her to a secure elevator bank. There were guards with hand-scanners wanding the approaching employees. Suddenly the wanders started shaking their scanners and tapping them.

"All surveillance is off-line..." Buffy whispered, "but only in a radius around me." She then glided past the two people ahead of them and proceeded to knock the two lightly armored guards unconscious. Anton recovered quickly and knocked out the other two in line before they could run.

After they had tucked all four in a convenient closet, Anton started bypassing the lock. Soon it clicked and the elevator door slid open. The pair hustled inside and the car headed up.

"What are you?"

"I'm what's normally called a Slayer. There aren't many of us and we fix problems of the evil supernatural kind. The Symmetry so counts as evil supernatural by the way."

"I see?"

"No you don't, but it's really sweet that you're trying to," Buffy flashed a smile.

"What happened to your face?"

"Ooo, a direct question...most people avoid that one too. I was way too close to a potential end of the world."

"Which world?"

"Another excellent question! Earth, and yes I know it doesn't exist anymore as a place to live. Hey is this our stop?" the car was slowing.

"Uh yes!" Anton replied.

"Okay, Tasha go ahead."

The three had entered a large shopping mall like area full of random Mishima employees.

"Here?" Natasha asked.

"Why not?" Ganesh replied.

Natasha produced her hook and began by sending it through every surveillance sphere she could see. Without Buffy around, it made it trickier to avoid detection and identification. Al summoned his Protocol Cannon and fired several rounds high before dispelling it. The screams were spectacular.

"I think we should be going now," Ganesh said as Natasha called her hook back. Alarms were going off in rapid succession. The three headed for the exit only to be stopped by a quickly mobilized response team.

"Unarmed only!' Al called out.

Natasha augmented her strikes with her will; cracking riot armor with each punch and kick. While Al used his impact protocol and Ganesh used his imbued enhancements to strengthen his blows. The three ex-soldiers were blurs of motion. The Mishima security troops, though competent, were severely outclassed however. The Trio moved through the incoming security leaving a swath of the bruised and battered behind them. At some point the Akirenko Military forces would be called in though and that was what they were saving there best tricks for.

Up on 150 the alarms began to sound. Apparently the mass destruction of sensors had triggered an invasion alarm or the equivalent. Buffy and Anton stepped aside as security troops flocked to surround the elevator lobby.

"Please stand clear citizens."

"Citizens?" Buffy mouthed.

"If we are here we must have been cleared below," Anton whispered.

"Well, let's get our work done then..."

Anton led the way to the records area. The maps he had memorized still fresh in his head.
There were two guards on the door that suddenly fell down as Buffy stepped next to them. Anton swallowed hard, he had never seen a hand to hand combatant so effective. Yanking the ID from their jackets he handed one to Buffy and said, "On three swipe past that contact."

"Got it!"

"1...2...3!" the simultaneous move unlocked the door and they hurried inside.

Back at the shopping district, hover drones had come in to provide replacements for the destroyed security feeds. Natasha took a moment to knock those down as well using her will to propel security forces helmets and weaopns into the drone's lifting fans.

Then the ground started to shake.

"Bloody heavies of some sort!"

"I busy keeping sky clear Al."

"I know, I've got it," Al's protocol armor slid over him like a greenish-blue glass suit. Stepping out from the fray he turned to face the source of the rumbling, it was a pair of three meter tall exo-suits. Al grinned and called his Protocol Cannon into existence. Stepping away from unarmored bodies he began firing short bursts from the outrageously large caliber weapon.

"Exit Ganesh?" Natasha said as Al engaged in distracting the armored support.

"On it Tasha!" the short Ghuri launched himself at a cluster of troops and started shaking them down for grenades. Soon flashbangs and riot agents started spewing though the atrium. As Natasha had been trying to smash faceplates, many of the security troops were not in as sealed as an environment as they would have liked. As for Natasha she had reached into her bag and donned her trusty Type 24 helmet. Al was safe in his armor and Ganesh was basically immune.

There was an explosion as the first of the walker's power supply went up, and then the sound of armored feet running in.

"So what are we looking for?"

"The," Anton pointed at the heavy smooth door. Reaching into an inside pocket he pulled out the sensa gloves and pulled them on over his hand before pressing the chameleon plastic against the locking panel. The scann read the data coded in the plastic as valid, and the lock clicked open.

In side the vault was an array of cabinets. Anton headed towards the index.

"Microfilm? How antique," was Buffy's response to the treasures revealed.

"Immune to Symmetry's manipulation."

"Yeah I get it...speaking of the Symmetry, would Akirenko's files on it be here?"

"Yes," Anton glanced at the index he was carrying, "Drawers 75-78," he pointed off-handedly as he kept looking for the files he needed.

"Thanks!" Buffy then proceeded to open the drawers by ripping the locked cabinet apart with her axe. "You get what you need?"


"Good, now it's time to leave..."
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