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Dawn Summers and the Ring of No Confidence.

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This story is No. 7 in the series "GRIM UP NORTH 2.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Grim Up North 2 story; It looks like Dawn's been selected to fill the vacant 'human sacrifice' spot yet again. This time its guys with sharp knives and pots of red paint who want to send her as a gift to their Goddess Kaili.

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Chapter Twelve.


The 'Saucy Sue', one mile off the coast near Filey.

After being drugged and spending a most uncomfortable night in a small closet, Dawn found herself strapped to a metal operating table on the deck of a yacht. Not only had she been strapped to a table, someone had also taken her Tarts costume off her and she was now dressed only in her bikini briefs. The leather straps that held her down were tight against her skin, the cold early morning, North Sea air made her nipples stand up stiffly. There was also the mind numbing terror at not knowing what was going to happen to her. It all went towards making her feel inappropriately sexually excited.

Moving her head at the sound of a hatch opening, Dawn saw a man in a surgeon's mask and gown climb out on deck, followed almost immediately by another shorter balding man in a white labcoat. Recognising Dr Zimmerman and his assistant, Algernon, Dawn sighed a sigh of relief. Zimmerman was unlikely to sacrifice her to some freakish hell god, he only wanted to cut her finger off so he could get the ring.

“Don't worry,” Zimmerman washed his hands in a bucket of sea water after examining Dawn's ring finger, “I'm a perfect surgeon.”

“Oh, he was asked to take it up, you know?” Algernon explained cheerfully.

“Scalpel!” Zimmerman cried as he positioned himself next to the operating table.

Searching a tray of surgical instruments, Algernon eventually handed Zimmerman a scalpel. Looking at the knife, Zimmerman frowned in annoyance and shook his head in disgust.

“Not sharp enough,” he muttered as he pulled what looked like an electric knife sharpener from under the trolley that held his tray of instruments; Dawn's suspicions were confirmed when Zimmerman tried to use the machine to sharpen his scalpel. However, on pressing the 'on' button nothing happened.

“Sand in the generator,” Zimmerman sighed in disappointment, “it gets everywhere. No wonder I never get anything done....fix it Algernon!”

Algernon, who'd been standing next to Dawn and staring at her breasts abruptly burst in to life and headed for the hatch that led down into the hull of the yacht.

“You wouldn't want me to go in with a blunt scalpel would you?” Zimmerman asked Dawn before yelling at his assistant again, “FIX IT!”

“Y-you don't have to do this,” Dawn whimpered, it looked like she was going to end the day with one less digit than she'd started it with.

“I'm a decent employer,” Zimmerman muttered ignoring Dawn, “but sometimes he takes advantage of my good's the heat you know, it makes him stroppy...”

“The heat?” raising her head slightly Dawn looked down at her chilled nipples.

After a few moments, when the electricity still hadn't come back on, Zimmerman followed Algernon down into the bowels of the yacht. Zimmerman was only gone a few seconds when a figure in a black wet suit appeared in Dawn's field of vision and quickly went over to the hatch and slammed it shut before locking it securely. An instant later the figure was standing over Dawn looking down at her, it was Ahme.

“I have come to rescue you,” Ahme announced as she started to unstrap Dawn from the table.

“Yeah,” Dawn managed to pull one arm free from the loosened straps, “you're only rescuing me so you can paint me red and kill me!”

“Not kill,” Ahme corrected, “sacrifice...much more worthwhile.”

“Worthwhile?” Dawn cried in disbelief.

“Which would you rather have happen?” Ahme was unstrapping Dawn's feet now, “Would you rather be sacrificed to the Dark Goddess Kaili of have you finger hacked off by some insane scientist?”

“Neither!” free of the straps Dawn felt less excited and more annoyed; she swung her legs over the side of the table and sat up, crossing her arms over her breasts she glared angrily at Ahme. “I wanna go home and snuggle with my girlfriend without having to worry about people wanting to kill me or perform unnecessary surgery on me!”

“Very soon,” Ahme pulled Dawn to her feet, “you won't have to worry about any of that.”

“Hands up!” Zimmerman appeared like a jack in the box from another hatch, he pointed his revolver at Dawn and Ahme.

“SWAP!” Cried Ahme holding up a small plastic container containing some brightly coloured fluid.

“What's that?” Zimmerman demanded as he made his way along the deck closely followed by Algernon.

“It is distilled from the essence of certain orchids...” Ahme began but was interrupted by Zimmerman.

“Not distilled from the essence of certain orchids found only in the most remote recesses of the Amazon jungle?” Zimmerman demanded.

“It is,” Ahme confirmed.

“At last!” Zimmerman cried losing all interest in Dawn and her ring, “I'll have my just reward, give it to me and take the girl,” Zimmerman demanded, “Soon it'll be Sir Tiberius Zimmerman!”

“But the ring...” Dawn asked uncertainly.

“The ring?” Zimmerman scoffed, “Who needs a mere ring, now I have this,” Zimmerman almost laughed insanely as he held the container of orchid juice up to the light; he turned to his assistant and handed him his revolver, “Do you know what this is?”

“It's a .38 calibre Webley revolver,” Algernon replied looking at the weapon he'd just had thrust into his hands.

“No!” Zimmerman walked away from Dawn and Ahme who he'd completely dismissed from his mind, “This is Nobel Prize juice,” this time he did laugh insanely, “MAW-HA-HA! Set sail for home, for England, jewel set in a silver sea...the government in the palm of my hand!”

Seeing how Zimmerman and his assistant were completely distracted, Dawn looked around for a weapon. Seeing a wrench lying on the deck, she bent to pick it up. Wrench in hand she stood and was just about to bring it crashing down on Ahme's head when strong rubber clad arms grabbed her from behind and a hand containing a cloth pad was put over her mouth and nose.

“HMMMPH!!” Dawn cried as the chloroform took effect and she passed out.


Near Butlitz Holiday Camp at more or less the same time.

“There's Faith!” Giles cried in relief as he saw the figure step out of the roadside hedge; he pulled the minibus over to the side of the road, “Open the door someone.”

Having received Faith's call for help, Giles, Buffy, Willow and Kennedy had climbed aboard the Slayer school's minibus and driven south along the coast until they neared Butlitz Camp.

“Where's Dawn?” Buffy demanded as Faith climbed aboard the bus, “What's happening?”

Sitting down on one of the bus's seats, Faith gratefully accepted a cup of hot coffee from Willow. Sipping the coffee, Faith eyed Buffy for a moment as she ordered her thoughts. After taking a deep breath, she explained what had happened since they'd escaped from Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

“That explains the outfit,” Willow ran her eyes over Faith's Tarts outfit.

“Do you know where Dawn is now?” Buffy wanted to know; it was obvious from the look on Buffy's face that she was regretting ever allowing Dawn to step from the dungeon which was the only place her little sister would ever be safe.

“When I lost Dawn,” Faith explained, “I went back an' followed these Kaili guys. After picking up their dead an' wounded,” she grinned, “they moved their temple thing down to the beach, I think that's where they're going to try and sacrifice Dawn.”

“Like hell they will!” Buffy snarled, “Faith do you know the way?”

“Sure,” Faith smiled, it was pay back time.

“Right,” Buffy saw it was time for her to take charge, “Faith you give Giles directions, Willow get your mojo on just in case this Kaili bitch makes an appearance...Kennedy...hand me something sharp.”

“Buffy,” Willow tried to be the voice of reason, “remember, these are humans and we don't kill humans...”

“Unless it can't be avoided...” chorused the three slayers in the minibus.

“The regulation was changed, Red, its more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule nowadays,” Faith explained as she accepted an assault rifle and bayonet off Kennedy, she smiled at the younger slayer as she hefted the AK in her hand, “Your Dad is just so cool!”

“Well next time Willow and I go to visit, you and Dawn should come along he's dying to see you both again...” Kennedy noticed the look Buffy was giving her, “...and you Buffy.”

Taking a rifle and bayonet from Kennedy, Buffy scowled slightly as she checked the weapon over and fitted a full magazine.

“I've got to say I agree with Willow,” Giles pointed out as he guided the bus down the narrow country lanes, “We do seem to be reaching for the gun more than we used to these days.”

“Giles, we need to change with the times,” Buffy explained softly, “you know how much I hate guns but sometimes...” she paused for just a moment as Giles negotiated a tight bend in the road, “...I mean how would it look if we turned up with swords and they had guns?”

“Hmm, yes I suppose...” Giles replied quietly.

“And now that Willow wants to start a family she won't be using the magics so much,” Buffy pointed out, “it might be bad for the baby...”

“FAMILY!?” Giles brought the bus to a screeching halt, “BABY!?” he cried loudly, “When did this happen?”

“Well it hasn't,” Willow blushed, “not yet...”

“Hey guys,” Faith interjected, “could we leave this 'til after we rescue Dawn?”

“Yeah, right,” Buffy nodded, “post Dawn rescue-age baby discussion, right guys?”

“Right!” everyone but Giles agreed.


The Beach near Butlitz Holiday Camp.

The sun warmed Dawn's nipples and stopped them from standing up so stiffly as it shone down on the beach. The Kaili followers had moved the great statue of their goddess down on to the shore where Dawn was now lying spread eagled on the beach, her wrists and ankles tied securely to metal stakes driven deep into the sand. After only a short rest bite, Dawn's nipples started to grow hard again as more inappropriate sexual thoughts entered her mind. Damn, she thought, here I am about to have my heart ripped from my still living body and I'm getting turned on!

“Treacherous woman, tremble,” Clang sneered as he looked down at Dawn, he was now dressed in his ceremonial robes and carried his ornate mask under his arm.

Turning away from Dawn he placed his mask on his head before turning to face the statue of Kaili and raising his hands to the goddess in supplication.

“In the name of Preverti,” intoned the priest in a monotone voice, “daughter of the mountains, whose embrace with Rani made the whole world tremble.”

“You wait 'til my sister and girlfriend get here,” Dawn cried out, “then you'll be sorry!”

“I don't think so,” Clang replied calmly, “I had fifty of our most loyal followers bussed down here, they will be quite merciless when they ambush your sister and your friends. One word of warning from you and you die instantly.”

“That's hardly much of a threat seeing as you're going to kill me anyway,” Dawn pointed out, “to be honest from where I'm lying I've not got much to lose.”

Clang dismissed Dawn's observations with a curt 'Huh!' before continuing with his chanting.

“Whose name is the Terrible,” he went on, “Whose name is Baleful. Whose name is Inaccessible. Whose name is the Black Mother, mother of darkness.”

Struggling against her bonds, Dawn suddenly found one of her wrists was starting to come free. Twisting her arm she managed to pull her wrist from the rope that held her arm to the stake. As she reached over to untie her other wrist, Dawn saw a lot of men clutching guns and swords as the crouched in hastily dug foxholes along the beach. As if at some signal the men started to point and jabber at something further along the sand. Turning her head, Dawn saw Faith, Buffy and what looked like Giles, Willow and Kennedy jogging along the beach towards her.

BUFFY!” Dawn yelled as loudly as she could, “LOOK OUT IT'S A TRAP!!!”

Within moments of her shouted warning the followers of Kaili started to shoot as the slayer forces dived for cover and began to return fire with deadly slayer accuracy. The followers of Kaili started to take casualties as men threw up their hands or slumped down into their foxholes as slayer bullets found their targets. Now with both of her hands free, Dawn quickly untied her feet and stood up

“We turn our hearts to Kaili,” Clang intoned seemingly unaware of the battle raging behind him.

“NO!” Dawn cried flinging her arms wide; unexpectedly the ring flew off her finger and landed in the sand a few feet away.

“Drinker of blood, Black Mother...” Clang continued oblivious to the fact that his sacrifice was now free.

“It's off!” Dawn cried with joy as bullets whizzed past her ears or hit the sand near her feet, “I'm saved!”

Hitting the sand as a bullet cracked through the air near her head, she reconsidering the entire 'I'm saved' thing before crawling over to the ring and picking it up.

“...Killer of demons,” Clang drowned on as he raised the knife in preparation of bringing Dawn's life to a swift and bloody end, “gorge on this flesh, our offering...DRINK!”

Grabbing Clangs hand, Dawn slipped the ring on to his finger.

“Get sacrificed!” Dawn told him, “I don't subscribe to your crazy religion!”

Turning away, Dawn sprinted down the beach towards her sister and girlfriend.


The battle that followed Dawn's escape was pretty one sided. With Dawn back in their hands, 'Slayerforce' didn't feel the need to hold back. Buffy, Faith and Kennedy quickly picked off the Followers of Kaili until they broke and ran leaving a dozen of their number dead in their foxholes. Casting their weapons aside in their attempts to move faster the Kaili worshippers were mercilessly shot down as they ran.

Moving forward the slayers searched through the beach-side temple, they found the body of Clang lying in the surf his right hand frozen on his left, he'd died trying to remove the ring. Taking the bayonet from her rifle, Faith cut Clang's ring finger off and took the ring and put it inside her bra (she was still wearing her tart's outfit and it didn't have any pockets). The ring would be put in the most secure of the magical artefacts stores at Slayer Central.

“Any sign of Ahme?” Dawn asked as she and Willow picked their way between the scattered corpses.

“Nah,” Faith shook her head, “she musta got away.”

“We'll deal with her later,” Giles pointed out, “just now I think we'd be wise to get away from here before the police turn up and start asking questions we don't want to answer.”

With general mutterings of assent they turned away from the battlefield and headed back to the minibus and home.


The Epilogue.

Giles' House.

Walking into the living room, Buffy threw herself into an armchair and sighed tiredly.

“Any luck?” Giles looked up from his own chair where he'd been reading the latest volume of Harry Potter with great amusement.

“No,” Buffy shook her head; after getting back to Slayer Central, Slayerforce had gone on to raid the Temple of Kaili; led there by one of Willow's locator spells they'd found the hall empty. “They must have realised we'd be on our way and skedaddled.”

“Pity,” Giles got slowly to his feet, “Tea?”

“Please,” Buffy nodded then noticed the book Giles had been reading, “Harry Potter, Giles?”

“Yes,” Giles smiled as he headed for the kitchen, “a little light reading you helps rest the mind.”

“Right,” Buffy got up to follow Giles into the kitchen, “I though you were researching this Tea-up-wanky guy every spare minute you had.”

“Teotwawki,” Giles corrected Buffy for what must have been the thousandth time.

Giles had found references to Teotwawki a couple of months earlier, he still didn't know what he, she or it was, but he did know that he, she or it was coming soon and was dangerous.

“I'm beginning to think that its a myth,” Giles explained as he filled the kettle.

“So that's something we don't have to worry about?” Buffy asked hopefully.

“Hopefully,” Giles agreed, he hesitated for a moment before continuing, “Buffy...about the guns...”

“Please Giles don't start,” Buffy sighed tiredly, “you know how much I hate guns but if we'd not had them today...”

Buffy left the consequences of not having firearms when fighting people who did unsaid.

“No its not that,” Giles spooned tea leaves into a warmed teapot, “I was going to say I can see your point and agree with you that we shouldn't ban ourselves from using them, its just...”

“Just what Giles?” Buffy asked softly she could see her old watcher was struggling with some internal argument.

“I just don't want the slayers turning into gangsters that's all,” Giles finally admitted.

“Don't worry, Giles,” Buffy stepped over to Giles, put her arm around him and rested her head against his shoulder, “no gangsters, promise...”


Willow and Kennedy's House.

“You sure you want to go through with this?” Kennedy asked as she helped Willow pack a couple of bags for their trip to Edinburgh, “I know I can be a bit bossy...”

“A bit?” Willow quipped.

“...I just don't want to push you into anything you don't want to do,” Kennedy ignored Willow's remark, “I mean having a baby's a big step to take.”

“I know sweetie,” Willow looked up at her girlfriend, “and I've thought it through very're not having second thoughts are you?”

“NO!” Kennedy exclaimed, “I'm totally cool with it, I'm looking forward to being a mom, honest, I am going to be a 'mom' aren't I?”

“Yes,” Willow smiled as she went over and gave Kennedy a reassuring hug, “Little, 'whoever', will have two mommies...we'll have to buy that book.”


Dawn and Faith's house a week later.

Hanging from her chains, Dawn's, sweat slick, breasts rose and fell as she gasped for breath. Faith had got a very puzzled Xander Harries to put two or three very stout metal eyes in the wall of her and Dawn's bedroom. Next she'd gone chain shopping with Kennedy who knew all the best places to go for locks and restraints.

Cupping Dawn's breast in her hand, Faith moved in to kiss Dawn's eager lips as she rubbed herself against Dawn's body.

“Please, Faith,” Dawn gasped desperately, “do it again...pleeeeez!”

“Maybe...” Faith replied nonchalantly as she stepped away from Dawn, “...later.”

“Faaaaaaith!” Dawn pleaded, “Pleeeeeeeeeeez!”

The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dawn Summers and the Ring of No Confidence.". This story is complete.

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