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The Time Turner

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Summary: After Buffy killed Angel she ran away to London to escape her life as the chosen one. Fate, however, has other plans for her when she comes into the possession of an old pocket watch.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredMerisidaFR151659,32829123,71131 Jan 1415 Nov 14No

Echoes of the Past

The Time Turner

Disclaimer: As per usual, I don't own anything but the ideas running in my brain. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter fandoms belong to their respective owners. No profit is being made from this story.

Chapter 1: Echoes of the Past

“How did you find me?” She asked, feeling the words slipping from her mouth before she could stop them.

“If I was blind I would still find you.” He said in reply, his body solid against her back. Angel's arms wound tightly around her middle, and she couldn't help but lean backwards against him despite knowing what was to come, despite knowing that it was just a dream, a nightmare.

“Stay with me?”

He was silent for a second, as if contemplating the answer, and Buffy felt her heart hammering away in her chest. She already knew his answer, he'd whispered it in her ear every night since she'd run that sword through his chest...

“Always... Even if you kill me...”

The answer was expected, as was the sudden pain that stabbed at her already battered heart. At first it had been agonising, but now she welcomed the feeling no matter how much it hurt. It was all her fault after all, she should shoulder the guilt over her own actions.

Slowly Angel faded away without a word, like he always did, and Buffy took a deep breath, knowing that she would wake now. That even though he was gone from her view, he would remain in her thoughts and memories even while awake.

Seconds passed by and still she was lost in her dreamworld, all alone now since her boyfriend, her dead boyfriend had left her. It hurt that she was alone, especially since he had told her just moments ago that he would stay at her side forever, but he was gone now. She'd made sure of that the moment she had killed him.

Why was she still dreaming? This had never happened before.

Slowly the smoke around her began to clear, and she found herself standing in the middle of an unfamiliar room, a bar furnished with wooden tables and chairs, a staircase that ran through the middle, and with old fashioned paintings that seemed to watch you with all too knowing eyes.

The place was empty and silent, and that alone was enough to put Buffy on guard. The place felt eerily odd, as if at any moment a loud noise would startle her or a monster would jump out from under a table.

When she concentrated her mind, she felt a current of energy flowing through the room, almost like a spark, a pulse of magical residue. Although she supposed that it could have been her imagination, she was dreaming after all.

“Hello? Anyone here?” She called out as she looked around, her eyes taking in everything in front of her. The bar was empty and unused, and even as she poked her head around a door and into the kitchen she was met by nothing but silence.

With a frown on her face, she walked through the room, passing by the tables and chairs, running her fingers across the wood grains until she finally stopped in her place, having spotted someone. The man was sitting in the corner booth, his back turned to her.

From that angle he could be anyone, and Buffy inched closer, wanting to look upon the man's face. The closer she became the more of his features she noticed.

He had dark hair, messed and unruly, and she got the impression that it was untameable no matter how much attention he gave it. He was slight in frame, but tall and he held himself in a way that screamed out of his strength. He wore glasses, and on the tabletop, in his hand he held a thin wooden stick.

“Um, hi!” She said as she approached his table, stopping beside it and waving her hand. “Hi, I think I'm-”

Instantly emerald, green eyes snapped up to meet her own, and she found herself completely lost, mesmerised at the pain and sadness that reflected back at her. In that single look, she felt something reach out to her.

Before she could utter another word, she was thrust forward, seeming to fall straight into those emerald pools, where flashes of quick images began speeding through her mind.

She saw a great snake, rearing backwards before striking with a hiss, a young man fighting for his life, desperation and fear in his eyes as he fought against his attackers. Another man, reaching out for the hand of the woman at his side, their fingertips barely touching before they were pulled apart. A shimmering mass of ripples within an archway, and a lone figure falling through it with a gasp filled with regret. A young woman standing before her baby son, shielding him from evil. Her screams echoed around the world as she was cut down by a flash of green light. And the child, left behind, crying. A child with familiar, green eyes that shone with pain and sadness.

Buffy stumbled back with a gasp, her eyes wide as she grasped for a nearby table. Using the wooden furniture to balance herself, she looked into the eyes of the man still sat at the table. She had no doubt about it, the child she had seen was him, and she had looked into his past.

“You must make it stop,” He told her, his voice calm and controlled as if he hadn't just spun her dream upside down. “You have to-”

“Hey, wake up, girl.”

Buffy woke with a start, bolting upright in her seat with a gasp. Her mind was hazy and unfocused, too confused to do anything but stare at the man who was stood in front of her.

What was that about? Who was that guy?

“Did you hear me, girl? This is the last stop. Kings Cross.”

At his words the mist began to thin, until eventually her brain began to think over what he had said. Her gaze snapped up to meet his eyes, now taking in her surroundings. She was sitting on the train, and just as the man had said, they had stopped at Kings Cross station.

He nodded back at her, and Buffy eagerly grabbed her duffel bag and stood, feeling her legs strain a little from her time spent sat on an uncomfortable seat.

“Thanks.” She muttered as she passed the man, quickly making her way to the open train doors and down onto the station platform.

Instantly a cold breeze fell upon her, and Buffy shivered as she pulled her jacket in closer around her body. After just a few steps she paused again, letting her eyes take in everything around her with some semblance of awe. Finally, she had made it.

Her strange dream now at the back of her mind, Buffy pushed happy, normal thoughts forwards. Thoughts about how different her life would be, here in London. Thoughts about how she was starting fresh, starting her new life.

And nothing, not even strange dreams, were going to stop her. There was no way she was going to let her past catch up with her. Not now.
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