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Goa'uld Invasion

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Summary: The Goa'uld invasion of Earth causes various groups to reveal themselves so that they can defend the Earth. The Goa'uld are going to see the true power of the Taur'i.

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Port Columbia

A tall dark haired man frowned as he saw the chaos that was goinng on on the streets below. Eric Draven looked down from the large window in his loft, as he watched the staff wielders fire their weapons into a group of people. These things had seemed to literally fall right out of the sky and were blasting away at anything that moved with their strange weapons. He couldn't believe that he had come away from being murdered, just to have to deal with this problem. It looked like he was going to be busy today if the numbers were anything to go by. He could see people all over the place doing their level best to get away from the invaders. He had rather hoped that for today he could take it easy, but that didn't seem to be in his destiny tonight.

He was distracted from his inner musings when a young teenage girl came charging into his room. "They're coming Eric." Sarah told her undead friend worriedly. The former guitar player rolled his eyes at the young girl that he had taken to looking out for before his death. Knowing the girl, she had likely provoked whoever or whatever was chasing her this time. He nodded his understanding, and motioned for the girl to hide in a corner behind some leftover bits of furniture. He quickly threw a black cloth over her, his guitar, and his box of pictures from when he had been alive. He turned around just in time to see a group of the armored soldiers to come charging in.

Two of the beings held him up with their staffs, and since he had seen what it was that those weapons could do he calmly held his hands up. "Did you guys need something, or is this a shakedown?" The long haired man asked the group curiously, as he looked them over as he tried to seem surprised and innocent of knowing why they had just burst into his apartment.

"Silence," The leader of the group ordered with a sneer as they forced their way through the apartment. "Where is the child?" He demanded of the lone figure in the room.

"So am I supposed to be quite, or am I supposed to answer your questions?" Eric asked the leader in a calm and unafraid tone. "Because I can't do both." He explained to the figure.

If anything, this seemed to annoy the soldier even more. "She has defied our God, and must therefore pay for her heresy. All whom oppose the will of Anubis must be forced pay for the folly of their actions." The figure proclaimed reverently.

"Oh great, religious nuts." Eric returned to them sarcastically. "Look no offense and all, but I'm really not interested in whatever religion it is that you guys are pushing. What are you guys Islam's, Jehovah's Witness, or something like that?" He asked them with suspicion, as he looked them over. "I guess that explains the whole thing you got going on outside if you think that this is some kind of Holy War that you need to fight though. Gotta say that I'm really not a big fan of your methods though. Then again, that could be because I'm more of a follower of the God of Rock 'n' Roll type than anything else." He admitted to the armored beings that were pointing their weapons at him. He then made the Rock On or devil horn symbol with his hands.

The Jaffa's face went dark as he realized that the person before them was bad mouthing them and denying their God while they were on a mission from Lord Anubis himself. They were even proclaiming faith in another religion while speaking to him. Such insolence could not be tolerated. "Kill this Tau'ri annoyance." The Jaffa commander ordered to the others with a scowl. "If you will not bow before our God, then you will die." He declared to the human scum.

Eric chuckled as he dodged out of the way of a couple of shots. "See there's a bit of a problem with that." Eric told him right before he jumped out of the loft window

The Jaffa ran toward the window only for the feet of the Crow to ram into them as he jumped back into the room. "You see, someone already beat you to that." The Crow explained to the group of warriors that were hastily climbing to their feet.

The Jaffa swallowed nervously as they saw the now white and black face of the man before them. There was something about this Tau'ri human that seemed to be off. There was a darkness to him that just didn't seem right or natural. He was inhuman somehow. "Jaffa kree!" The leader shouted nervously while bringing his staff up. The other warriors followed his orders, even if they looked more like they would rather be running away from the strange being.

The Crow merely smirked at the group of warriors maliciously, as he looked them over with a hungry eye. "The bird did come and rest his eyes upon that which claimed itself to be a snake, but was not but a worm." He spoke as he readied himself. "For now that which claimed greatness must now face the champions storm."

The Jaffa warriors fired their weapons only for the blasts to be casually dodged with a grace that the warriors were unused to seeing in either Gods, Jaffa, or humans. The Crow was suddenly next to them as if waiting for their next move. The Jaffa spun around switching to close combat stances. The Crow ducked under one swing and came up behind another one of the warriors and sent him sprawling into the wall. Not stopping there, the Crow grabbed at another incoming staff blow. The white faced warrior held onto it easily as he turned to look at the Jaffa warrior that had tried to get his face to meet with the metal weapon.

"That wasn't very nice." The Crow lectured, as he jerked the staff weapon out of the hands of the Jaffa. He twirled the staff around a few times as he got a feel for the foreign weapon. "Not bad, a little bulky for me though." He admitted, before slamming the end of the staff into the face of the Jaffa who stumbled back. He hit him with the staff again in the gut and then brought the weapon down atop of his head. Whether he was dead or unconscious the Crow didn't care as it turned to look at the other two members that had broken into his home. "Come on." He offered, waving them towards him.

The two warriors looked worriedly at each other. This strange being was nothing like the Tau'ri warriors that they had been told of. While his attitude was similar to the one known as Colonel O'Neill, he was a much more skilled warrior than they had been told to expect from the inhabitants of this planet. Not to mention he was stronger and faster than even a Jaffa warrior. Seeming to come to a decision, the pair lunged forward at the same time. This time not even bothering with their weapons, but hoping that their body mass would be enough for them to bring the Crow down.

The Crow easily sidestepped their attempt to bring him down by dropping his stolen weapon and leaping up into the air and holding onto one of the overhanging beams. Dropping down the Crow turned to shake his head at them in a disappointed manner. "Really is that all that you guys have?" He demanded of them, as he looked them over. "I thought you guys would have been better if you came all this way to get into a fight. I've met minor demons with more skill than you guys have though."

One of the warrior growled as he drew the small bluish serpentine weapon from his arm and fired two beams of energy at the Crow. The Jaffa's eyes widened in shock as they saw that the figure wavered for a moment but didn't fall. "How is that possible? How is it that you still stand?" The Jaffa demanded fearfully as he stared at the creature that was shrugging off the hits of a zat'nic'tel off as if they weren't event a problem. All knew that only the strongest of beings could survive more than two blasts of the weapons, but none but Lord Anubis's Blessed Kull Warriors were capable of not only withstanding the blasts, but remain standing.

"I told you, I'm already dead." The Crow reminded the dumbfounded pair with a smirk. "Something that you will be experiencing soon enough I'm thinking." It added in, as it began to move towards the two Jaffa. Moving with a speed and strength that the Jaffa hadn't been expecting he tossed the two of them out of the window and watched as they fell several stories to their deaths. He knew exactly how that felt.

"Great job Eric." Sarah cheered from her hiding place.

The figure turned around and the white and black face paint was gone leaving the young man from before. "Come on, we have to get out of here." He told her as he slid his jacket on over his shoulders. He looked up at the crow that had been hiding in the rafters. "Come on." He told it. The bird flapped down before landing on his shoulder. "They're playing our song." He told the bird absently, as he stroked its feathers. "The song of death."
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