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Goa'uld Invasion

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Summary: The Goa'uld invasion of Earth causes various groups to reveal themselves so that they can defend the Earth. The Goa'uld are going to see the true power of the Taur'i.

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Getting frustrated with a lack of any decent writing lately I decided to play a game of fill in the blanks for one of my back burners this week. This is the result.

None of the fandoms that are going to be used in this are my property. BTVS is Joss Whedons and SG1 is MGM's. I would list the others but that would ruin the surprise of who all is going to be in this fic. Besides characters are currently competing for room in my head for this.

Anubis Flagship

Earth, the planet appeared a small oyster in the heavens just waiting to be plucked. It was a small planet that resided within a small solar system with seeming endless riches. It was filled with all sorts of potential beings that had all sorts of uses. Slaves that would make any other planet stare in shock at the large amount of holdings that it contained. The riches that it would bestow upon its conqueror would change the fate of the entire galaxy.

This oyster despite it's many riches was not without its dangers though, as it was the home world of the meddlesome Tauri. The original home world that all humanity supposedly came from. The planet that the ones known as the Ancients had claimed as their own once long ago before they had moved on to a higher plane of existence. The Tauri were a people that despite their primitive weapons and understanding of the universe had in recent years torn a swath of chaos throughout the stars and had time and again thwarted and or killed the various Goa'uld and the System Lords that they had come up against. Unlike the rebellious Tokra who preferred to cause infighting amongst the Goa'uld, the Tauri fought the Goa'uld, and had managed to destroy more of their numbers than most of their wars had managed to. They had even managed to incite some of their most loyal followers the Jaffa to doubt in their divinity.

Most troublesome of the people of this small planet that the Tauri called Earth was SG1. Of all of the adventurers that had come from the planet, none had been as big a problem as the infernal SG1 and the Shol'va Teal'c that traveled with them were. Time and again the Goa'uld System Lords had attempted to destroy the group of adventurers, and yet still they lived despite the seemingly impossible odds that had been thrown at them time and again. The faces of all four members were burned into the minds of many of the System Lords and many of their underlings. The leader of the group Colonel Jack O'Neill, with his graying hair and quick wit and tongue had angered many into acting without thinking with well known weakness of a bad leg. Despite his buffoon like attitude, he was easily the equal to any of the First Prime that they had ever known.

Then there was Major Samantha Carter, the tall blonde woman with as mighty a brain as she was beautiful. The woman was just as responsible, if not more so for many of the deaths that had struck the System Lords as she seemed to have an instinctive method of figuring out and sometimes improving the technology that the Goa'uld and other races used. Nearly ever large scale or mass death that they had suffered because of the Taur'i could be traced back to the woman.

There was the infamous Dr. Daniel Jackson, of the members of SG1 he was one of the most hated of the Tauri and SG1. It was because of this one puny scholar that the Tauri even learned of how to operate their Chappa'ai. Fortunately the Tauri scholar was well known for his naiveté and his gullibility. A peacemaker first, he was easier to draw into their plans than the other more suspicious members of his little group. It was somewhat a shame to learn that he had Ascended, still there was nothing that he could do about the matter at the moment. Well nothing other than some of the goading that he was already preparing on doing that is. The boy hadn't learned some of the finer arts that he himself had mastered on walking both sides of the line. Then again he was a much higher being than the human was to start with.

Finally there was Teal'c, a former First Prime, descended from a line of Jaffa that had all served for various system Lords as the First Prime. Shamed for his betrayal by being marked as Shol'va. A mark that he somehow wore with pride, and had even convinced others was a noble mark. He had once served as the personal First Prime to Aphophis, who at the time had been the most powerful of the System Lords before SG1 had interfered and been the cause of his death. Now the Shol'va had caused many of the most loyal of Jaffa to whom they had once trusted to serve them as their warriors to abandon them and seek their own paths. They seemed to think that they were not meant to serve beings as great as the Goa'uld. They seemed to think that they deserved more than they were given. They had gone as far to openly rebel against their Masters. Many of the traitors had died with that ridiculous saying on their lips. "I died free." Had become some rallying cry for them. It had caused the Goa'uld a number of annoyances, as they could no longer entrust the care of young larvae to their former protectors anymore and they were having to find other methods of protecting them. They were also having to be more wary on how they dealt with their soldiers as well.

Today though, today would see the end of the interference of the Tauri, SG1, and the traitorous Sholv'a. Anubis promised this to himself as he had five of his mighty mother ships bear down on the small blue planet that had been standing in defiance of the rule of the Goa'uld for far to long. Today he would prove that he was the most powerful of the System Lords, and rule from aboard his ship as the mighty SG1 and the people that they fought for were brought to their knees. It would take a whole army of ones like SG1 to stop him and those like SG1 were scarce.

The black cloaked figured stroked the window in anticipation as his ships passed the moon. Soon Earth would be his to control, and his power over the other System Lords would be nearly complete. Only trouble makers like Yu would still be in his way of absolute conquest of this galaxy. "Send the troops down. I want the Chappa'ai found and captured at once." He ordered to his First Prime. "There will be no chance of escaping for SG1 or their comrades this time.This shall be their last battle." He swore to the various Jaffa.

"It shall be done at once my Lord." The First Prime replied, reverently bowing to his master. "We shall be within range of the planet in 6 hours."

The creature nodded as it watched the troop transports begin to spill from the bellies of his ships. His Death Gliders were keeping the human fighters busy so that they could land. The Tauri had many interesting types of aircrafts. From their primitive crafts that had some sort of blade in the front of their craft to the more advanced but still pathetic Death Glider copies that they had managed to create. Many of these craft were very bird like in appearance that it was disturbing. How far behind were these fools who had dared to challenge the Gods? How was it that these were the beings that were managing to disable the Goa'uld and all of their methods if this was the type of technology that they were using against them? There had to be more than what he was seeing. While he had never noticed anything when he had scouted the planet while he was in his Ascended State, it was possible that there was more here than he was aware of or had even seen. The Tauri had managed to destroy two flagships once upon a time, and that was a few years ago. There was a chance that they had learned how to deal even more damage even if he had made sure to leave any and all Chapppa'ai off the ship this time. That was why he had brought so many ship this time though to insure that they were not able to defeat them.

"Send some of the ships to some of the larger cities and anywhere there appears to be technology or power that makes no sense on the planet." Anubis ordered his First Prime as an afterthought. Perhaps he could find other uses for this planet, and if his people were spread out he could get a better idea of what he could do with it. "I also want you to send a force into this area." He said pointing at a holographic map of the planet. "Send some of your best to the small settlement in this area. There are things there that I can make use of."

Yes there were many things he could use in this particular place. The Hellmouth as the natives called it was a dimensional doorway that allowed creatures and being from other universes to slip through. In a way one could say that it was like a natural occurring Quantum Mirror. Only much more powerful and the possibilities were nearly endless in what it might be capable of doing. Of all of the other planets he had ever been to or researched, he had never heard of one that had such a natural occurrence on them. The creatures that inhabited these weak points were powerful usually. Oh so much more powerful than the humans that they normally used as a food source. Some of them were even more threatening than the mighty Unas that they had once used as hosts for their mighty strength and endurance. If he could control some of these creatures and the places that they were drawn towards then he would rise even farther over the heads of the other System Lords some who were even now openly defying him. When the time came he would wipe them all out though. He would destroy them with his new soldiers that he would gain from possession of this dimensional rift.

"At once." The Jaffa said, and began giving out the necessary orders to his fellow Jaffa soldiers. "I shall personally lead the forces there and secure the area for you my Lord."

"See that you do not fail then. You would not like the punishment that I would arrange for you if you were to fail your God in the proper capture of this place." The System Lord told his First Prime before dismissing the soldier. To make whatever final preperations that he would need to. This planet was going to be his and there was nothing that the those Ascended fools on high could do about it either.
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