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Fight or Flight

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Summary: Felicity is one of the chosen slayers, having been called when Buffy closed down the portal. Oliver has no idea and must either learn to deal with her life as a slayer when he finds out or walk away. BTVS meets Arrow meets the Avengers and possibly more.

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I do not own any of the characters belonging to BTVS, Angel, Roswell, Avengers and NCIS. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material.

This is the first time I have ever written anything. This comes from my frustration with Arrow's Heir to the Demon episode... so a bit of a SPOILER here. This will feature crossovers mainly from Arrow, BTVS, Roswell and the Avengers but I might add more in time. The story takes place several years after the collapse of Sunnysale, after Arrow's Heir to the Demon as well as after the finale of Roswell. This will feature multiple pairings. I hope you guys like it.

Chapter One

It had been a long day... Felicity felt drained emotionally and physically. Dealing with the League of Shadows, helping Oliver keep Sara safe, finding out the truth regarding Thea's parentage, confronting Moira Queen about not telling them the truth and then finally having to telling Oliver the truth about his family. Gah! Who wouldn't feel this way?

Getting to her car and starting the engine, she made a note to pass by a store after she checked and saw how Oliver was doing at the Foundry. Maybe a pint of mint chip, her fave bottle of red wine and a nice soothing bubble bath was just what she needed to make all the stress go away. She was so lost in her thoughts that she almost missed answering her phone. Looking down she saw it was Willow calling and picked up. "Hey Wills, what's the what?"

On the other end of the line Willow laughed. "Faith seems to be rubbing off on you and Buffy, Felicity. Other than that you ok, sweetie? You seem really tired."

"It's just been a really really long day Wills. I'll fill you in when we see one another. So spill, is there something brewing that I should be worried about?" She had to ask since it was a Tuesday after all.

"Sorry to hear you had such a long day Felicity and am even sorrier because your day is about to get even longer than it already is. Something big is about to go down in New York and we need you three to be there along with the rest of the scoobies and some of our more powerful allies as well."

Felicity sighed. "When do you need me? I just need to tie up a few loose ends here and then I can take the earliest flight out to New York."

An older and definitely British male voice replied. "I'm afraid we need you faster than that dear. Willow will arrange to teleport all of you in about two hours directly into our Manhattan Headquarters."

Felicity made a clucking sound as her tongue played with the roof of her mouth and quickly reassured him. "Hey Giles! Don't worry I'll be with you all in a bit. Hmmm looks a bit like we're going to war. God, it IS war isn't it? The usual, world ending, closing the Hellmouth, dire type of emergency?"

Chuckling, Giles interrupted Felicity. "Oh but when do our emergencies ever become not of the dire variety my dear?"

"Hahaha, funny funny you are not G-man. Anyway, I am just heading to Verdant to inform Oliver that I will be out of town and unreachable for awhile and should be ready at my apartment by the time Wills is ready to transport me."

They said their goodbyes and Felicity considered what she would tell Oliver. The timing sucked. Oliver needed her to be here but she did not really have much of a choice and he will have to understand that.

Opening the door to the Foundry she heard grunting sounds and was thinking that Oliver and possibly Sara decided to workout on the ladder since they had both been through a lot the past couple of days.

The sight that met her eyes as she went deeper into the lair was not something she expected and she just stood there staring and trying to process what she was seeing.

There was Oliver and Sara, having sex and it reminded her of Russia, except that this was so much worse. She felt cold and numb at the same time. It felt like someone pulled out her heart and twisted it.

For as long as she had lived, she doubted that she had ever experienced anything as painful as seeing the two of them doing what they were doing.

She tried to speak but no sound would come out.

Sara was the first to realize that they weren't alone and pulled away from Oliver, who looked confused until he saw Felicity.

Finally finding her voice Felicity spoke and tried to keep a smile plastered to her face as she did so. "Looks like Murphy has been quite busy. Of course he hasn't been as busy as the two of you but then rabbits tend to be quite busier than most of us."

Sarah put on Oliver's shirt while he got up and started walking to Felicity with an apologetic look on his face. "Felicity, this... this..."

Felicity looked into Oliver's eyes and help up her hand to make him stop talking. "Save it. I honestly don't care what sort of explanation you think you have that will make us Ok. You told me you could not be with anyone you could really care about because you did not want to risk losing them." Shaking her head and fighting back tears, Felicity continued. "You should have just been honest and told me that there was nothing between us but some skewed idea of friendship and partnership. I would have accepted it and I would have moved on."

Oliver, touched her arm and was surprised when she shoved him with a lot more strength than he ever even thought she had. Her eyes were cold and had an empty and vacant quality when she looked back at him. Where her eyes used to be so open and filled with love whenever she gazed at him, there was now nothing, like she had now chosen to close herself off from him.

"If you have enough sense, you will realize that going near me, let alone touching me are not going to help you."

Making an effort to stay calm and drawing on whatever strength she had to keep the hurt at bay, she spoke. "Whatever you have, that's your business and you are both free and unattached, so why not, right? I am just your friend and your EA. The two of you have the bonus of history and not to mention Lian Yu. You have the right to be happy." Turning to Sara who looked miserable, she tried to reassure her that she wasn't blaming her for anything. "I sincerely wish you both every happiness in the world."

Looking back at Oliver she took a deep breath and cleared her mind to remember that she had more concerns than what she and he did not have. She thought of her sister slayers, Buffy and Faith as well as the rest of the Scoobies. She drew comfort in the idea that she would be with them soon despite whatever problems lay ahead of them. "That being said, I went here to tell you that something came up and I will be out of town for awhile to deal with things. Before you ask, it is not something any of you can help with and it is not something I can put off. I may not have access to my phone for some time but will find a way to check in with Dig as often as possible, so he knows I am Ok. I created a new program that will help you all on your Mirakuru hunt and Diggle already knows how to use it. Don't bother trying to track me down. You wont be able to find me."

She then turned and started walking away from the man she had loved and still loved more than anything else in the world and told herself that she would get through this.

Refusing to accept that Felicity was leaving, and also concerned that she had a problem, Oliver called out. "What do you mean something came up and where are you going? You can't just leave. We need you. I need you."

Felicity kept walking and her next words chilled him to the core. "You know what Oliver? That's really none of your business and you have zero chances of trying to convince me to stay. Bite me."
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