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February 14

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Extended Family". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: All they wanted was a normal, romantic 2/14. Warnings... Slash, femSlash, Het, Bad words, mature contentish.

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Couples 11-14

Lois and Sirius were walking through the park after an early dinner.

"What makes February 14 so important?" Lois asked all of a sudden.

Sirius didn't seem surprised. In fact he wasn't, the two have been asking the question all day, trying to figure out why the day was so important. Chloe had once said that the two would skip over Christmas if it wasn't for her. It wasn't either of the lovers fault that they couldn't remember dates.

"Happy Valentines day." A kid said nearby, most likely to his crush.

Sirius and Lois stopped.

"Valentines day?" They said at the same time.

Realization crossed their faces.

"Oh. Well." Lois said.

"Wanna go back to the apartment and watch a movie?" Sirius asked. Lois nodded absentmindedly.


George stood by the refreshment table as he watched Bruce mingle.

Bruce had been invited to the party and he couldn't refuse. George knew that Bruce needed to keep up his rich playboy act, at least until he decides to leave him.

It's true they have a daughter, but Bruce also has a son by another and an adopted son. George just swished his drink around the glass as he pushed the dark thoughts from his mind.

"Hi." A woman George had never met said as she got closer to him, maybe a little too close.

George looked at her with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

"Taken." He told her before taking a sip of his wine.

The woman smiled seductively at him.

"Who says she has to know?" The woman said.

George heard a glass break. Everyone at the party silenced.

The woman smiled triumphantly. George looked towards the sound and saw a pissed Bruce Wayne. He smirked challengingly.

The woman looked excited, she probably thought that the two men were fighting over her.

He looked around and noticed the pitying looks he was getting. Everyone thought that Bruce liked the tramp that hit on George he realized, making his smirk even more cutting.

Bruce glared in his direction, only George knowing that it was at the girl.

Bruce stalked toward them, his fists clenching and unclenching.

He went right up to the pair and shoved the woman away from George.

The police commissioner, Gordon, was right behind them now. He placed a hand on Bruce's shoulder.

"Bruce, they were just talking." He told him. Bruce looked annoyed, then a look of resolve, a borrowed look from Willow, crossed his face.

"Commissioner Gordon. This is my Fiancé George Weasley. George, this is Commissioner Gordon of the Gotham Police Department." Bruce said loud enough for everyone to here him, but low enough to be casual. Bruce's arm went around George's waist. George wrapped his arm around Bruce's waist as well and offered his other hand to Gordon, his wine held in the hand around Bruce's waist.

"Happy February 14 Commissioner." George said with a wide grin.


Andrew will never get tired of his life. Lex had loaded his boat with enough food and drink for two weeks and they arranged for a sitter for Elijah for their week long trip.

They had been gone so far for two days. It was now February 14.

Andrew looked down and saw a trail of rose petals leading back into the cabin. He grinned before following it into their bed room.

There Lex lay, naked, upon the bed. Waiting for Andrew to join him. Who was Andrew to disappoint?


Connor lead Dawn into the Hyperion Hotel on February 14th. They had fixed it up and turned it into one of the many school/training areas that the New Council owns.

It is also where Connor and Dawn met.

Connor knelt down in front of Dawn a box in his hands.

"I have known you for years." Connor told her.

"I have loved you since I first saw you. Every second of every day since, I have thought of you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Connor opened the box. A pink diamond on a silver band.

"Dawn Joyce Summers. Will you marry me?" Connor asked.

Dawn was smiling. Tears fell down her face.

"Yes. Connor Yes! Always yes!" She said as she hugged him, both falling onto the floor.


"Should we page them?" Angel asked uncertainly as he looked at the scaled demon.

"I'd rather die facing this demon then to call any of them today. Remember last year on February 14th?" Spike said. Everyone present who was there last year shuddered.

"Good point. Lets go." He said as he lead the charge.


I hope the summery makes more sense after reading the last part.


The End

You have reached the end of "February 14". This story is complete.

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