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February 14

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Extended Family". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: All they wanted was a normal, romantic 2/14. Warnings... Slash, femSlash, Het, Bad words, mature contentish.

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MarsFR1532,254008678 Feb 148 Feb 14Yes

Couples 1-5

This is the third installment of my EF series. I have a bit more on my mind, even one that shows all the respective engagements and weddings as well as the births. The ones with births will explain how the males got pregnant. But those ones are far off from now.
I hope you enjoy this.


Lana had just put the youngest child down for his nap. She was alone this February 14, her husband was gone on a business trip and won't be back till the 23rd. She decided to baby-sit for her family so they could go on their romance-filled dates. She was just glad that the older, girlfriendless, nephews of hers decided to help out.

Dick and Teddy were in the living room with the older kids, watching a movie.

She had entered the kitchen to start lunch when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her stomach.

"Hello Love." Percy whispered into her ear. She turned to face her husband and, after she was sure it was him, hugged him.

"I thought you had work?" She said after she let go.

"I did." He said with a small smile.

"Would you give me the pleasure of taking you on a date followed by a walk on the beach?" Percy asked her as he picked up 12 red roses off the counter and handed them to her.

Her response was a long passionate kiss.

"Get a room!" Teddy yelled out when he walked into the room, sending the older couple into a rush to leave, Lana handing Teddy a page of instructions on what to do when the babies awoke and a list of phone numbers in case of emergency.


Draco and Ron were curled up on their couch, a romance movie on and a bowl of ice cream being shared. Ron put a hand to his stomach, rubbing the small bump that could be felt through his jumper.

"I love you." He told Draco as he snuggled deeper into his husband, glad that he didn't have to worry about his children this February 14.


Buffy followed Faith through the doors of their favorite diner. Faith was uncharacteristically nervous.

"Buffy. We have known each other for so long." Faith started after they had been seated.

Buffy felt dread puddle in the pit of her stomach.

"We have been through a lot of shit." Faith continued, not giving Buffy a chance to answer. When Buffy tried to speak Faith held up a hand.

"Please, I need to do this now before I lose the nerve." Faith said. Buffy could see how serious Faith was and complied.

"Through all this time, I have done and said things that I am ashamed of, things I had thought would never be forgiven. And even after all of it, all the fights, the pain, you forgave me, gave me a second chance." Faith got up from her seat and knelt in front of Buffy. Buffy was shocked, she felt tears in her eyes and she had to cover her mouth to keep from sobbing.

"I don't deserve you Buffy, but I am going to ask and hope for the best." Faith said as she pulled a small box from her pocket.

"Elizabeth Anne Summers, will you do me the honor of being my Wife?" Faith asked opening the box ro show a very expensive looking diamond ring.

Buffy smiled a wet smile and nodded vigorously.

"Yes!" She nearly screamed as she threw her arms around Faith and kissed her. Best February 14 ever.


Bart stood outside Neville's door, waiting for the other boy.

He held a bouquet of wild flowers, Neville's favorite, in front of him. He was taking Neville to the movies followed by dinner at Bart's favorite Mexican restaurant, in Mexico.

Neville opened the door and saw the flowers. His face lit up and he took the flowers.

"They're beautiful." Neville said. He took them inside and placed them in a vase.

"Hello." Neville said as Bart hugged him from behind.

"Hi. You ready?" Bart asked. Neville nodded then kissed him.

Bart just hoped that no one would attack anywhere. That would make this a memorable February 14.


Oliver was lying on their bed, naked with only a sheet covering him. Severus sat on a chair by the desk and sketched his husband.

Oliver awoke and looked at his husband as he was being drawn.

"Hi." Oliver said with a content smile.

Severus smiled at him but stayed silent and continued to sketch.

"See anything interesting?" Oliver asked.

"Very." Was his only reply.

"What time is it?" Oliver asked.

"4 in the afternoon." Severus said. "Day?" Oliver asked with a smirk.

Severus smirked back. "February 14?" He said. Severus set the notepad down and got onto the bd next to Oliver.

"I love you." Oliver told him as he pulled him closer.

"I love you too." Severus said before kissing him passionately.


I don't have enough room for the others so I am going to make this into a 2-4 shot story.

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