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Rain of Blood

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Summary: At the end of season 5, Willow got sucked up into the portal. Where did she ended? BtVS/Rurouni Kenshin X-Over.

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Anime > Rurouni KenshinSerenaFR1554,7801116,3593 Jan 0324 Oct 04No

Pissed off witch

Part 4 : Pissed Off Witch

The public place was filled with people waiting for the execution. The sun had barely even rose in the sky and the early morning fog covered the ground. Habitants of all ages stood there, needing to have their fix of fresh human blood spilled for no reason. The human nature.

Willow struggled as two Shinsengumi held her thight, leading her in the middle of the public place. “I didn’t do anything, you stupid, evil… swordmen! Let go of me!” She kicked her feet and caught the man on her right. She cried out and freed herself from the other man. She took off running.

Her victory was short lived. Willow screamed when she came face to face with the man with the long black hair from the night before. “Trying to leave all those people hanging?”

“They are going to wait a long time if they expect to see me die today.”

The man sneered. “We shall see.”

“Saito-san! You caught the girl?”

“I’m bringing her this instant.”

Saito grabbed Willow’s arm and pulled her back to the public place. She screamed in fright as her wrists were tied together around a stake. Panic settled in. Were they going to burn her at the stake? [I though they cut people’s heads off in Japan.] The frightened redhead looked in horror as one of the Shinsengumi told people what she was accused of. “You liar!” she screamed. “I didn’t do anything! I was only defending myself!”

Willow struggled with all her strenght, but it was no use. Then, she froze. There was a man with long black hair studying her. Beside him was a pair of cold grey eyes peering at her from beneath a hat, hiding long red hair. She didn’t know why, but it calmed her. Her thoughts were suddenly clearer than before. This boy killed to survive, killed for what he believed in. He was not afraid of using his sword, even if it meant exposing himself. It suddenly became clear to her : she wouldn’t come out of this alive if she didn’t use her power. She would have to expose herself as a witch.

She looked to her right when she heard footsteps. Two Shinsengumi with katanas were on the platform and walking toward her. Their intentions were clear : they were going to cut her head off. [Not if I have anything to say about it!] she vowed to herself. When they were close enough, she concentrated. “Back off!”

The Shinsengumi were thrown back in the crowd. Several guards ran to her, but stopped when two black eyes glared at them. Never had they seen something like this. “What are you waiting for? Execute her!” Saito cried forcefully. He couldn’t see the young redhead’s face, but somehow, it made his men scared. They were approaching her slowly, nervously even. [What could possibly scare them like this?] The other problem was how come two of his men could have flown over the crowd when no one pushed them? And even then, the one to do it would have needed supernatural strenght.

Katsura, the young man with black hair standing beside Hitokiri Battousai, couldn’t contain his shock. He had seen eyes like this once, before the Tokugawa. An old lady selling charms for good fortune had turned black eyes on him and he almost could have tasted her power. This young stranger tied to a stake had more power rolling off of her than the old lady with her power emplified two times.

He turned to the boy beside him. “Go back to the base. Catch Lizuka on your way. I’m getting her out of here.”

Hitokiri Battousai frowned. It wasn’t like Katsura to free strangers from being executed. “What’s wrong? Why her?”

“She has power, my friend. We need it, we need her. Go!” He watched as the Battousai ran toward the base, bypassing guards running for the platform where the witch was still tied up. Katsura walked forcefully through the crowd until he came upon the first corner of a dark street, the only exit the redhead could use if she escaped.

Willow reached for her center and pulled tendrils of energy from the earth beneath her. Never had she felt this powered up by the tainted magics of the Hellmouth. The ropes holding her trapped against the stake loosened. She walked away from it, back straight, facing the crowd watching the show. She couldn't see the Hitokiri Battousai anymore, but the guy with black hair that was with him only seconds before was to her left side, quickly gaining a dark and narrow street, the same one she had come from with the Shinsengumi.

Her attention was drawn back to her right where guards in light blue kimonos stepped on the platform she was on. With a flick of the wrist, a wall of fire lightened up between them and herself. She smirked evilly at them when they gasped. She knew she looked frightening at the moment, evil smile, pale face and eyes like pools of darkness. The sky darkened as she drew more power into herself. She lifted her hands, palms up and let out an inhuman scream. Lightening struck the ground not a hundred meters away. The crowd of unlookers screamed and they started to run in many different directions..

Using the momentarily distraction, Willow jumped down the platform into the the running peasants and took off toward the dark street before any Shinsengumi could realise she had escaped. She nearly incenerated the guy with black hair when he got out from a shadowy corner. He held up his hands and she lowered hers. She blinked a couple of time and her eyes were green once more. "For your sake, I hope you are more friend then foe."

Katsura nodded. "I am. My name is Katsura. Come with me. Any enemy of the Shinsengumi is welcome into my circle and, just between you and me, I've never thought I could see the day when the Hitokiri Battousai would have a soft spot in his heart for a woman." He heard footsteps coming his way and urged the redhead to follow him. He ran silently to the next street and turned left and then right again.

Willow followed with no questions as she had heard the footsteps too. She noticed Katsura running in circle in the streets, trying to lose their tails. After a moment, they left the center town and ran into the woods, waiting for the excitement to die down. "What are we waiting for?" she asked him.

"Nightfall. Then, I'll lead you to a safe place, young witch. Rest for now. You look ready to fall in a heap." The redhead sat on the ground and her eyes seemed to close of themselves, feeling safe for the first time since she had slept in the same room as the Hitokiri Battousai.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Rain of Blood" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Oct 04.

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