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Rain of Blood

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Summary: At the end of season 5, Willow got sucked up into the portal. Where did she ended? BtVS/Rurouni Kenshin X-Over.

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Anime > Rurouni KenshinSerenaFR1554,7801116,3593 Jan 0324 Oct 04No

Rain of Blood

disclaimer : I own nothing.



“Oh God!” Willow exclaimed.

Everyone looked up. The portal was opening, Dawn’s blood pooring from the cuts. Spike had just fallen from the tower and Buffy was running up the stairs. Giles had disappeared a few moments ago in search of Ben. Only Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya were left at the base of the tower, near the stairs and the bunch of crazy people trying to hit them unsuccessfully.

A roar pierced the night. A dragon flew out of the portal. They had to close it soon, but it would mean Dawn’s death. The universes were mixing up. In other words, very bad thing.

Anya screamed. A beam of energy had just flew out of the vortex and hit the pavement not five meters away from her and Xander. The cement cracked and bits of stone flew in the air. Willow covered hers and Tara’s face with her arm.

The redhead looked up. Spike was starting to stir, but he wasn’t in condition to escape the tumbling rocks. She jumped on her feet and ran to the vampire, helping him up and out of the way. She pushed him in front of her.

She didn’t have time to understand why she was bathed in light.

At Tara’s scream, the Scoobies looked up in time to see a beam of energy hit Willow and suck her up in the portal. Spike held the blond witch before she ran out there and get herself killed.

The Slayer jumped. The portal closed itself.
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