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Nacht and the Desperate City

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Nacht". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The mysterious hero has returned to protect New York from another terrifying menace!

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Chapter Twenty One

Pat drove the van up town. I had one of Tesla's gizmos that let me track the radio in Shrevvy's cab out, and we were able to stay on Sunlight's trail easily.

"Heading into Harlem boss," Pat said with a grin. I snickered.

"Got that right Miss Savage...I mean Caliban," Harry said, "She is the boss alright."

All three of them laughed.

"Okay," I said, "He's out of people and low on resources, so I think he's going to make a break for it. He's too smart and not arrogant enough not too. He's arrogant, but only when he thinks things are going his way."

"So that's why the act in Doc's library?" Pat asked.

I nodded, "Pat he's heading due north. Any ideas?"

"Well the Harlem River of course...Maybe a boat?"

Harry shook his head, "This Sunlight guy wouldn't use a boat. Too easy for Savage to chase down."

And like that, I just knew, "Pat, are there any seaplane docks up there?"

She nodded, "I know where he's heading now!"

We were about five minutes away when Moe's voice crackled in my earphone, "You right behind me?"

"Sure are Shrevvy. Thanks for leaving your radio on."

"We stopped at Pier 9, he's headin' for a seaplane. He was runnin' too."

I stripped off my Nacht gear and slipped off my body armor. Harry and Jim were really surprised by me stripping in front of them. I pulled on the coveralls I had used before and slipped on Morgan's shoulder holster, "Pat, when you get to the pier, drive down it!" I finished buckling on the wide padded belt Nacht normally wore, slipped on my gloves, and quickly pinned on Morgan's wig. I had a horrible plan and I was going to execute it.

The van hit the end of the pier and Pat was dodging the various people and crates stacked on it. I opened up the rear van door and flipped up onto the roof. I saw Sunlight in his bright white suit spinning the prop and then diving inside the cockpit. He knew Savage would be on his ass...or that I would be. That made me feel kind of good inside.

The sea plane was backing and heading out into the river and the engine was warming up. It turned and I fired the line launcher, still armed with the heavy steel dart that was designed to embed it self in brick or stone.

I hit the tail of the plane and the cable leaped out of the spool. I jumped clear of the van towards the water as Pat brought it to a screeching stop right before it would go off the end of the pier. I had flashbacks to James Bond movies then I hit the water while clipping the cable to my belt.

"Duh nuh duh nah nuh!" I yelled as I broke the surface being dragged by the accelerating plane. Now it was a matter of brute force as I hauled myself up the cable. This was insane. Something Faith would do, not me. I was only 10 yards away from the tail. He had to have noticed the dragging by now. I kept climbing and the plane accelerated; bouncing over the wake of a small tug. I was now at the tail and climbing up onto the fuselage. He saw me from the open cockpit and drew some weird looking pistol. I ducked and several hypodermic darts sprouted where my face had been I drew my pistol and hung on for dear life.

The plane finally made it into the air and was climbing quickly. I dropped down below it, yanking the nose further up, and emptied my pistol into the underside of the engine. I must have hit something because the engine seized and stalled. I unclipped my belt and dropped towards the river as the seaplane stopped dead in the air and slid backwards towards the water as well.

When I hit the water, I went deep, as the crashing plane splashed down a second or so behind me and I was swimming like hell to get out of its way. Once I was clear, I headed to the shore and clambered onto a dock before looking for a phone.


"Boss you're okay!?!" I had called the warehouse patch line to my radio net after bribing a longshoreman with a fiver.

"Mostly. Just soggy and bruised I think. I need a ride."

"Sure thing! I'll be right down to pick you up."

"Thanks Moe."

An hour later we were all back at the warehouse.

"He's not dead. I never saw the body," I said while drinking a cup of coffee.

"Yeah," Pat agreed, "He's as hard to kill as Doc or Nacht are."

I shook my head, "I can die like anybody else. I seen others like me get splattered like a bug on a windshield."

Harry gasped, "There are more like you?"

I nodded ruefully. I hadn't meant to let that slip, "Yeah, but as far as you know there's just me...and by me I mean Nacht."

"Sure cause Mona Del Rio, Miss Giles, or Betty Harris couldn't do any of th'things Nacht can," Shrevvy said, "I'm not sure about Morgan though."

I smiled, "Very true. Anyway, Sunlight is out of the picture for a while at least. I'm sure Savage will create better security and all is relatively okay in the world. Thank you all. I honestly don't know what I would do without you."

"Hey you saved us first," Harry said, "Well, Moe and me at least."

Jim shrugged, "It was a lot more exciting than my day job."

"Mine too," Pat said smiling, "Thanks for letting me help."

I hugged all of them. Jim seemed the most surprised actually, and hugging Pat was wonderful.

"So rewards. Jim, Harry, need anything for yourselves or a significant other?"

"Well..." Jim said, "If it's not too greedy there's some jewelry that my girl has been staring at..."

"Long term?" I asked. He nodded grinning.

"Just let me know how much you need for expenses and it's yours...including the cost of the ceremony."

"You're a good boss," Jim said with a laugh. I have to get back to my other job. Those scopes won't zero themselves."

"I'll give you a lift Jim," Harry said and the two walked out.

Moe got up and headed for his cab, "Thanks for th'excitement. I'm gonna get some normal fares now."

Pat and I were left.

"So Ken, tell me about your world...Do you have a boyfriend?"



Stay tuned for the next episode...

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The End

You have reached the end of "Nacht and the Desperate City". This story is complete.

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