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Nacht and the Desperate City

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Nacht". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The mysterious hero has returned to protect New York from another terrifying menace!

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Multiple Crossings > Kennedy-CenteredbatzulgerFR152127,6541515118,69612 Feb 1415 Mar 14Yes

Chapter One

I was perched on a building ledge looking down at Alvarado's Market. The rain had died down a little, but I was still soaked to the skin even past my black leather trench-coat and wide-brimmed hat and the wind was freezing.

Jose Alvarado's store was only a couple of blocks from my apartment. I stopped there sometimes for veggies. His wife Mina was cool too. She'd always say 'Hey Betty!' to me and ask if I found a nice man yet. I often thought of telling her that I had one, but her name was Willow and she was in the 21st century in another I always said, "No."

Lately though, Jose had been having problems with a protection racket that had rolled into my neighborhood. Too-Tall Wilcox had let Morgan, one of my alter-egos, know about it. And as we had an understanding that had made Too-Tall and me rich off the Luciano Crime Family's bad luck, I said Nacht would deal with it.

According to Too-Tall the new gang, run by a mouth-breather named Stewie Malone, liked to provide encouragement to convince new clients to sign up with his crew's protective services. A small fire, a robbery, a beating of a family I had been keeping an eye out over the last week in case somebody showed up to do something stupid.

I figured that the rain, which was keeping everybody off the streets at this time of night, would give Malone the opportunity to try something, so here I sat..dripping.

There was no moon tonight either, but Slayer vision was good enough to spot a couple of furtive types heading down the alley. I grinned behind my black silk scarf.

"D'is de place?" one whispered. I could barely hear them over the downpour.

"Yeah. Remember only a little damage t'night."

"Yeah I know...only enough t'scare. Jeez."

The second guy had pulled a prybar out from under his coat and was working on the Alvarado's store's back entrance. Time to make my entrance.

I dropped the thirty feet to the ground in silence. The rain fall covering up any small noises I might have made. I walked over behind the pair and turned on my voice changer, "Losssse your keysss?" I asked in a friendly tone.

"Holy Mother!," the guy with the prybar yelled as he spun. "It's Nacht!"

The other guy said, "Huh? What? Who's d'is clown?"

"Nacht! One of them masked avengers! Run you idiot!" he dropped his prybar and took his own advice. Fine. I would catch him later.

"You're scared of a guy in a costume?" the other guy genuinely sounded puzzled as he stared at his partner's retreating back.

"Asssk yourssself why," I suggested.

"Easy, he's a coward. Big city guy like him talks a big game. Can't keep up his rep."

I laughed. Coming through my voice changer it sounded hideous, "I sssee mein herr. I sssuppossse you are made from sssterner ssstuff though?"

He nodded and and stretched his arms to the sides. He was easily six inches taller even with my trick boots, and outweighed me by a hundred plus pounds. He didn't look all that fat either.

"Come on me what ya got."

I debated just shooting the idiot, but then thought if he was dead, Malone might take revenge on the Alvarados and I couldn't let that happen. I sighed, "Alright," I said as I stepped closer.

His first punch was surprisingly fast and not telegraphed at all, I still managed to dodge it and grabbing his wrist as it went by guided it into a telephone pole. He howled in pain.

"Now then," I began as I blocked a nasty snap kick, "My name isss Nacht and I run thessse ssstreetsss. You are obviousssly," I swung beneath a looping roundhouse and rabbit punched him under his left arm, "a new resssident and have not heard of me."

He stepped back and rubbed his side while keeping up a pretty good guard stance. This guy had had some experience as a fighter. I let him catch his breath.

"I don' know ya from Adam..."

"I can tell," my voice changer hissed, "Allow thisss to be our introduction and reassson that you ssshould never attempt crimibal activity in my domain..." I stepped in and lashed out with a side low kick catching him in the shin. I pulled my blow a little because I didn't want to completely shatter his lower leg, just crack the tibia. He screamed as I spun away from his flailing fists and slammed an elbow into his back above his right kidney.

The force of the impact drove him onto his now broken leg and he collapsed in a heap...gasping from the pain.

"You are actually quite good, but I am immeasssurably sssuperior mein herr."

He actually managed to stand back up. I was impressed.

"I never quit."

"Pity..." I rushed in and swept his good leg, landing him face down in the flooded alley. "Ssshould I jussst kill you then?" I said as I prodded his bruised side with a toe.

It was about this time that he realized just how much trouble he was in.

"You ain't human..." he gasped.

"Posssssibly not," I said. "Go and do not come by thisss neighborhood ever again. Do I make myssself clear?"

"Yeah..yeah, you do..." he managed to pull himself back to his feet and hobbled off into the night. I let him go.

A few minutes later I was in a hot tub in my apartment soaking the cold away. Just another typical night in the city.


BtVS Property of Mutant Enemy not me.
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