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A heart's deepest desire

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Summary: Willows deepest desire comes true.

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Multiple Crossings > Willow-CenteredFireWolfeFR746,472194,44914 Feb 1413 Nov 14No

Part 2 Shocking the Family

Disclaimer: Please See Part One
By: Fire Wolfe
Thursday, March 13, 2014

Heart’s Deepest Desire

Part 2
Alarms went off all through the castle and several people came running weapons drawn. Buffy and Faith were side by side as they had been sparing when the alarm went off. They skidded to a halt and looked shocked at what they saw. They froze.

“Ah Buffy I thought Red promised not to Mojo anyone back again?”

“She did. So Will what’s the what?” Buffy asked clearly not quite believing her eyes as she saw Tara step in front of Willow protectively.

Even as she asked this question Kennedy and Oz came in both looking concerned. Oz’s normal cool demur lost as he spotted Tara he shifted instinctively to protect her from what he believed to be a demon who was shape shifting to fool her. Kennedy followed Oz in her concern. While the latter had never met Tara or even seen a picture she was not about to let Oz fight an unknown enemy. She pulled a short sword and leaped with him straight at Tara intending to take her down.

Tara however merely teleported away as the two landed where she had been standing. Willow lunged forward and grabbed her other two mates stopping them from hurting Tara and regretting it. “Hold on stop it’s not what you think.”

Oz spun around growling deep he pushed her back with power determined to protect her. Kennedy moved to cover them both clearly not trusting the witch who just popped Willow home.

“Baby what the hell is going on?” She demanded never taking her eyes off the woman in white.

Her mind raced going over what she had seen. She could not quite get a handle on it. Magical transport did not include white lights swirling and beings appearing in the center of the castle’s great hall. The
Klaxons went off as strange magic was registered. Kennedy and Oz came running both barely covered as they had been asleep. They were joined by Buffy, Faith, Dawn and Xander who clearly were just as confused and looking just as worried. All of them slid to a halt as they saw Willow surrounded by several people two of whom they knew and who were supposed to be dead.

“Buffy am I seeing things?” Xander asked clearly not quite believing his eye.

“Ah if you are seeing Tara and Jessie and two other strangers then yeah, I see them too.” Buffy said” But that’s not possible. Osiris said Tara could not be brought back we all heard him.”

Melanie turned to face the queen of the slayers with a smile. “He said Willow could not bring Tara back as a mortal that the natural order had to be maintained. Nothing however was said about her becoming more than mortal or human.”

“Huh? What does that mean?” Dawn asked “Is Tara immortal and I thought you staked Jesse he was vamp dust.”

Xander winced in pain at that. Dawn suddenly realized what she said and gave Xander’s hand a squeeze “Ah sorry Xander that was tactless.”

“Yeah, but you are not wrong I did stake him. So what’s up why is he here and standing in the sunlight at that?” Xander looked on clearly not understanding. He glanced at the clock and it was almost 7 am with the sun coming in the windows. If Jess was a vampire he should have been smoking and dust by now so clearly he was not a vamp which was so not right. Not that Xander would not give even his own life to make that so. He had always regretted not giving his best friend the heads up about vampires maybe if he had then Jesse would never have been turned. However that was the past. Now he had to figure out how two of his dead friends were here and apparently alive with Willow.

“Well I am clearly not a vampire.” Jesse said with a wicked grin. “In fact I so dare a fang face to try to bite me now. I am so sure it be painful and not in a chip sort of way.” He laughed only to be smacked by Willow.

“No picking on Spike he turned out ok in the end.”

“He’s a pain.”Jesse said.

“Spike is a friend and he is Buffy’s lover so you might want to watch it or she will kick your ass. Hey ah maybe we could help him out make him a like you?”

Jesse looked appalled at that idea however Melanie seemed to think about it for a moment. “I am sorry Willow that is not possible as William has much to make up for. Perhaps in time it could change however he is far more likely to be a dark lighter at this point which would not be useful to any of us. With his soul intact he can be redeemed.”

“Oh, ok.” Willow said clearly feeling bad. Because she so wanted Buffy to get her happy ending.

“Ok what is going on?”Buffy asked clearly not happy with the invasion.

“Oh well surprise I found some friends at Sunnydale Lake and they ah…followed me home.” Willow looked at Oz who was holding Kennedy’s hand looking worried as was her other lover. “I ah…Oz, Kennedy we ah….can we I mean can I keep her?”

“Why?” Oz asked clearly concerned he would lose Willow.
“I love you all.” Willow said taking Tara’s hand and holding her other out to them. “Please I need you all.”

“Why do you want us if you have Tara?” Kennedy asked because like Oz she thought she would be cast aside because like Oz she knew Willow heart was Tara’s.

“You are all a part of my heart and soul without you three I am incomplete and lonely. Please come to us. I need you. We need you.” Willow said.

Oz looked at Kennedy for a moment then at Willow and Tara and Back Kennedy looked uncertain but she clung to Oz. In their time apart the pair of them had bonded. While Kennedy Loved Willow deeply she now accepted Oz was also part of the package and she liked the idea as she did want children. Who better to father them then a man who loved Willow as deeply as she did. Plus like she told Willow he would make cute babies. Plus she liked his calm manner and he balanced her and Willow’s temper well enough. She sighed then resigned herself. She loved Willow and would share if she had to. So she let Oz pull her to Willow’s side. She was shocked when Tara kissed first Oz then herself with passion.

“We will work this out. I can learn to love you both. In fact I already do for your love and care of my Willow. We will be happy I am certain of it.” Tara said.

Kennedy blushed deciding that Tara sure could pack a punch with that kiss. She was pretty as well. She blushed and Willow laughed. Yep they make it work.

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