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The Hill Street Waitress.

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Free Fall.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It was like no one Buffy knew existed anymore, that she’d been dumped in this hell-hole of a town with inadequate clothing and only seventy-five cents. Heaven just wasn’t all it was cracked up to be!

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Television > Hill Street Blues(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151128,901611410,76723 Feb 1414 Mar 14Yes

Chapter Eight.


Screaming, Buffy clawed at Mick’s back as she reached yet another orgasm. Gasping for breath she lay exhausted on the rumpled sheets of the bed in the small shabby hotel room. This was not how she’d planned to spend the evening, no sir! After the run-in with the Devil Dust addict in the clothes store, Buffy had sort out Belker in the hopes that he could help her track down the dealer ‘Baby-Cakes’.

Finding Belker hadn’t been a problem, Buffy’s slayer senses (greatly enhanced now she was free of the Hellmouth’s malignant influence) led her to him in about fifteen minutes. But then her plan of action seemed to fall apart once she laid eyes on the short, scruffy, unshaven detective. Throwing herself at the sex demon, Buffy had more or less dragged him to the run down hotel (usually only used by hookers and their Johns), hired a room and pulled him upstairs behind her.

“That was freaking fantastic,” Buffy stretched once she’d caught her breath.

“Whatever,” Mick shrugged as he lay beside Buffy and stared at the ceiling; his reaction made Buffy grimace.

“For a sex demon who’s…” Buffy picked up Belker’s wrist and looked at his watch, “…spent nearly two hours having sex with a slayer, you don’t sound so happy.”

“Look at it from by point of view,” Belker said; Buffy did but still couldn’t see why the demon was feeling so ‘down’. “How would you like to be treated as something little better than a penis on legs?”

“Hey!” Buffy rolled onto her side so she could look at Belker, “Women have been used as ‘mere’ sex objects for centuries, so don’t come the down trodden sex-demon with me.”

“That’s my point,” Belker picked up a half chewed cigar and clamped it between his teeth, “What about love? What about tenderness? What about…?” Belker sighed and stopped trying to explain.

“We can cuddle if you like,” Buffy suggested; she could already feel the desire starting to rise in her as she watched Belker chew on his soggy cigar.

“When I came into the this world,” Belker explained, “I thought, ‘hey this is great’ a chance to get to know women as more than bodies that needed me for their sexual gratification, but no it was just like when I used to come to them in their sleep…wham-bam-thank-you-Mick!”

“Yeah okay,” Buffy rested her head on her hand as she lay there watching her demon lover, “I get the entire ‘used’ thing and how let down you must feel…but I really came to see you about this Baby-Cakes guy, not to have sex…” Buffy looked down at her own naked body and then at Belker’s, “…not that the sex wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t why I came to see you.”

“It wasn’t?” taking the cigar from his mouth Belker turned to look at Buffy, “Really?” Buffy shook her head, “You don’t know how much that means to me,” Belker almost sobbed.

“Weird,” Buffy muttered under her breath, “Now what about this Baby-Cakes guy?”

“Yeah I know him,” Belker turned from an insecure sex-demon into a tough Chicago detective in a couple of seconds. “Two-bit dealer usually works Jefferson Heights; you think this lead is good?”

“Like,” Buffy shrugged and noticed her breasts jiggling as she moved, the sight was starting to turn her on again, she imagined Belker’s hands on them and… “Yeah!” Buffy came back from Buffy-the-sex-slut-land with a bump, “Erm, it’s the only one we’ve got so it better be good…oh…good,” she sighed as Belker ran his hand along her thigh to her hip then up her body to rest on her breast.

“So what do we do about it?” Belker discarded his cigar and started to plant gentle kisses up and down Buffy’s neck.

“I-I’ve g-got…” Buffy stopped speaking as she shivered with pleasure, “…got a couple…oh!”

Belker ran his hand down Buffy’s back until it lay on her butt, putting her arms around Belker’s neck she pulled him down on top of her again…


Thirty minutes later Buffy and Belker’s sweat slick bodies lay next to one another as they both lay gasping for breath.

“God Mick,” Buffy panted, “how are we going to work together if we can’t keep our hands off each other?”

“I can turn my natural sex appear down some,” Mick observed, “and it helps if we’re not lying naked in bed together.”

“Okay…” Buffy took a deep breath and then she was breathing normally again, “…okay let’s try that shall we?”

“Okay,” Belker agreed as he replaced his cigar in his mouth and lay back on his pillow, “lets.”

“So, you totally know this Baby-Cakes character?” Buffy shifted herself away from Belker so she wasn’t touching him and if she didn’t look at his body they might get some work done. “Like you know where he hangs out.”

“Yeah, sure,” Belker nodded, “what are you thinking, staking out his apartment?”

“No,” Buffy thought for a moment, “I’m thinking about breaking in, waiting for him then beating a confession out of him.”

“Hey!” Belker let out a snort of laughter, “Buffy Summers you’re my kind of girl!”

“Hoped you’d say that,” with a predatory grin on her face, Buffy rolled over and pushed Mick down onto the mattress. Throwing her leg over his body like she was mounting a horse, she reached down and felt Mick’s penis go rock hard at the merest touch of her fingers, “One more time,” Buffy sighed as she guided Mick into her.


It was well after midnight and Howard Hunter couldn’t help but feel that he had better things to do than wait for short, blonde waitress to get home. He’d had a hard day today. The mission to clear the dog packs from the derelict tenements had taken an unexpected twist. It seemed the main pack was led by some sort of demon-dog. It'd cornered him in one of the upstairs rooms but he’d managed to shoot it before it could get close enough to attack him and then he’d fallen through the floor and had to wait for hours for someone to find him.

Just as Howard was about to give up and go home he heard the sound of a car coming down the quiet residential street. Watching he saw Buffy Summers climb out of Detective Belker’s car and then lean back into the interior. Screwing up his eyes Howard was just able to make out what Belker and Summers were doing; they were kissing!

“Judas Priest!” Howard exclaimed as the couple continued kissing.

Watching, Howard saw them break reluctantly apart, Buffy stepped away from the car and shut the door. Standing there she watched the car disappear down the street before turning and heading up the steps to her front door. Thinking he wouldn’t see anything else tonight, Howard was about to walk away back to his car and then drive himself home. Just as he was about to turn away, instincts honed in the jungles of Vietnam drew his attention to movement on the other side of the road.

Reaching for his gun, Howard watched in helpless fascination as a human shaped shadow detached itself from a deeper, darker shadow and made its way towards Buffy. Just when Howard thought the creature of the night was going to pounce on the defenceless young woman, she turned and kicked the monster between the legs. Stopped dead in its tracks the human-like creature doubled over in pain. However it soon started to straighten up, but Buffy was too fast for it. Kicking out she sent the creature flying to land heavily in the street. Jumping from the top of the steps in one bound Buffy was on the night-walker. Picking him up one handed she hit him several times sending him staggering across the road. Just as Howard was wondering what Buffy’d do next she produced a stake and rammed it into the vampire’s heart.

“Oh! Good work there Miss Summers,” Howard cheered quietly.

Well, he thought, that proved that Miss Summers was a slayer. He’d need to inform the council as soon as possible. The thought that there would appear to be two slayers in the world was troubling, but Howard felt sure that the Council would be able to work it out. Smiling to himself, he turned and headed for his car; tomorrow he must find an excuse so he could tail Buffy Summers during the day. Waiting outside her home every night was all well and good, but the only really useful thing it told him was; what time she got home at night and who took her home.


Slipping her door key into the lock, Buffy pushed open the door and went inside what she was rapidly coming to think of as her ‘home’. Today had been a good day; she’d got a lead on where this Devil Dust stuff was coming from, she’d had lots of really high-quality sex and she’d rounded out the evening with a good slay, she’d sleep like a log tonight.

“Is that you, Buffy?” Mrs McLoughlin called from upstairs.

“Hi Mrs M,” Buffy called back happily, “I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“I was already awake dear,” Buffy’s landlady replied, “Sounded like there was some ruckus on the street…”

“Yeah,” Buffy called back as she mounted the stairs to head for her room, “raccoons fighting or something.”

“Oh there you are,” Mrs McLoughlin smiled at Buffy, “you do look happy with yourself,” she smiled, “been having lots of sex with your boyfriend have you?”

“I…!?” Buffy didn’t know what to say, how had Mrs M guessed?

“Well you can tell me all about it tomorrow over breakfast,” Mrs McLoughlin patted Buffy on the arm, “I’m away to me bed now…”

Turning, Mrs McLoughlin shuffled off back to her bedroom.


While Buffy slept the sleep of the sexually satisfied and Detective Belker wondered if he could ever find true love in the arms of a slayer. Deep under a derelict apartment building, in a room that had once been used as a bomb shelter and now only a very few people knew existed, two men were hard at work. While one attended to a large, complex arrangement of glass pipes, beakers, and gas burners. Another man sat at a table counting dollar bills and placing them into neat piles.

“I’ll have another batch ready in about an hour,” Harry Johnson called to his partner as he checked on a large flat metal tray where the liquid from the insane science experiment evaporated leaving a fine yellow powder behind.

“Good,” called the other man who happened to be Harry’s brother Nathan, he gestured at the neatly stacked dollar bills, “with what we’ve got here we’ve got nearly $50,000!”

“Yeah,” Harry didn’t sound as happy as his brother, “look, what-do-y’say we make this the last batch and move on?”

“Why?” Nathan looked up from the money in surprise, “We’re doing good here and the cops haven’t got clue one as to where the stuff is coming from.”

“Look,” Harry adjusted the flow of liquid from one beaker to another, “I think we’ve drained this area of all the cash we’re likely to get, hey,” Harry smiled at his brother, “this ain’t the richest place in the world or even in Chicago…I’m just saying we should move on to where there’s richer pickings that’s all.”

Harry might be the younger of the two brothers (by about five minutes) but he was definitely the brains of the outfit.

“Oh yeah,” Nathan laughed as he thought of something, “maybe we could go somewhere warmer too…y’know LA or some place like that?”

“Y’know something,” Harry smiled broadly, “sometimes you come up with the best ideas, big brother.”

“I do?” Nathan wondered what he’d said to make his brother smile so broadly.

“Yeah, LA, Hollywood all those rich assholes in their big houses,” Harry smiled at the idea; very soon $50,000 would be pocket change compared to what they’d be making. “I bet we could charge double…no! Four times what we charge these poor saps here.”

“Yeah,” Nathan nodded his head happy that he’d thought of something his brother hadn’t.

“So you agree, we make this batch the last then we move on?” Harry asked.

“Yeah sure, why not?” Nathan always agreed with what his little brother said.


After the world’s most embarrassing breakfast; Buffy had had to sit there while Mrs McLoughlin quizzed her about every detail of her ‘boyfriend’ and their sex life, she’d finally got away in time only to be five minutes late for the start of her early shift. The plan was to meet up with Mick after she’d finished work; try not to have sex and then track down this Baby-Cakes guy. Mick would tell his Captain that he’d got a lead on a dealer that might lead him to a supplier. Hopefully this would allow Mick to work alone without too much interference from the rest of the cops at Hill Street Precinct.


Driving their unit down yet another run down street, Andy Renko looked out at all the closed shops and run-down apartment buildings that bordered the road.

“Y’know Bobby,” Renko sighed, “I don’t know how people can live like this…”

Smiling to himself, Bobby drove the unit at a steady twenty-five miles an hour down the street. The ‘I don’t know how people can live like this’ phrase was the introduction to one of Renko’s three favourite rants. The other two were, ‘Why can’t I be a Detective’ and most recently, “Why won’t Buffy Summers come on a date with me’? Bobby had heard it all before and knew all the places where he should say ‘Uh-huh’ and nod his head in agreement with his partner. Just as Renko was getting into how he remembered how the ‘Hill’ had been a nice neighbourhood once, Bobby noticed a disturbance in front of a liquor store.

“Hey, Cowboy,” Bobby pointed over to the crowd of people outside the store, “what’s goin’ on?”

“I suppose we better go see,” Renko replied tiredly, “try and make sure these no-good-sons-of-bitches don’t kill each other.”

Driving over to the store, Bobby hit the siren for a few seconds just to give the people causing the disturbance a chance to stop what they where doing and act like civilised human beings again. This time, however the siren didn’t seem to have much effect.

Climbing out of the unit, Renko drew his night stick and started to move towards the crowd, he was aware of Bobby calling in the disturbance to dispatch. Moving towards the crowd Renko started to feel a little uncomfortable. The scene in front of him was strangely like a scene from a Zombie movie. There were a crowd of men and women, all ages and all races trying to get into the liquor store, it appeared that the store owner had locked his door for some reason. What put him on edge the most, however was the silence.

Normally a crowd like this would be shouting and yelling fit to raise the dead, but this mob was as silent as the grave. Moving towards the edge of the crowd all Renko could hear was the shuffling of feet on the sidewalk and the strange heavy breathing of the mob. Pushing a couple of the crowd out of the way Renko squeezed himself through the mob until he was standing between the crowd and the door. Still the zombie-like members of the crowd paid him little heed.

“OKAY!” Renko shouted in an attempt to get everyone’s attention, “What the hell’s goin’ on here?”

Suddenly, Renko found he was very much the centre of attention as twenty pairs of red eyes turned towards him and ‘locked-on’. First one then another and finally all of the crowd let out a feral snarl that almost froze Renko’s blood in his veins.

“BOBBY!” Renko yelled for his partner’s help as his hand reached for his service revolver.

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