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This story is No. 2 in the series "Challenge 4949 :New Life, New World ....". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: This is a companion Piece to New Life New Worlds

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Part 4 Musings

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the following TV shows or Books ideas. They belong to their respective creators who are a lot more inventive then I am. I am just borrowing the characters and the challenge from Whimsicality. The challenge is listed below and this is my version of it.

A/N: Thoughts are in Italics as is any telepathy. This takes place after Faith came to Sunnydale in BTVS but before she becomes totally evil. She has stabbed the Deputy Mayor but not gone to the dark side just yet. This takes place after Anita has taken over the Pard and before Olaf comes for Anita in her universe. Anita is in a Triumvirate with Jean Claude and Richard but has not yet chosen which male she will be mated to. Ratings will vary but can go as high as NC-17. The story line will have pairings similar to the Anita Blake universe so if this offends you please do not read.

This is a companion Piece to Challenge 4949: New Life, New World and they are still killing monsters.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Part 4 Musings

Director Marrow sipped his coffee. Then he set it down. It had grown cold. He rose and looked out his office window. It had a wonderful view and generally improved his mood a great deal. However today it did not as he worried about his number one investigative team. He had sent them on a mission that was very dangerous and not just because of the investigation. Unlike many Director Marrow knew there were things and places that could not be explained logically or rationally. Sadly Sunnydale California was one such location. He hated he had to send Gibbs and his people out but deep down he knew Gibbs would pick up on the situation and he would solve the crimes and most likely bring all of his people home. It was the most likely part that worried him because he had no doubt that his agent would go ballistic if something happened to his team. A team he was increasingly seeing as family. Marrow sighed. There really was no choice at all. The number of deaths and disappearances had to be investigated and Sunnydale itself seemed to be the center of all that was going on. He knew Gibbs would find the answers and probably nail the culprit to the nearest wall if he did not out and out shoot them. Which considering what they were likely dealing with would be a good thing. Marrow had no illusions about Gibbs reaction to learning Marines were being used and experimented on. He would take down the illegal operation with extreme prejudice which was why his team and not Hetty’s was assigned this case. Hetty Lang was a tough no nonsense agent but it did not bear thinking about how she would solve the issue of the Hell Mouth. Gibbs would end the culprits Hetty would turn the town into a crater and that would be a bit hard to explain. Marrow went to dump his coffee and get fresh. He just hoped he was wrong about the situation and that Dr. Margret Walsh was not once again playing Dr. Frankenstein. Once was more than enough really.

Margret Walsh looked over her designs. So far everything was going well. Adam was on track and he even begun to socialize with others. She felt as proud as any mother could. Yes Adam would find demons to help defend the nation and then they would show those sanctimonious idiots in Washington that Demons were citizens too.

McGee found the computer lab and went in. It was empty which proved too useful. He would have time to check out the computers and to place some tracking equipment on it. He almost whistled at the state of the art equipment. ‘How the heck does a small town afford such machines?’ He sat down to begin checking the closest computer determined not to let the boss down. ‘I guess maybe teaching here won’t be totally horrible as I get to play with these babies. Now let me see what is going on here.’

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