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This story is No. 2 in the series "Challenge 4949 :New Life, New World ....". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: This is a companion Piece to New Life New Worlds

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the following TV shows or Books ideas. They belong to their respective creators who are a lot more inventive then I am. I am just borrowing the characters and the challenge from Whimsicality. The challenge is listed below and this is my version of it.

A/N: Thoughts are in Italics as is any telepathy. This takes place after Faith came to Sunnydale in BTVS but before she becomes totally evil. She has stabbed the Deputy Mayor but not gone to the dark side just yet. This takes place after Anita has taken over the Pard and before Olaf comes for Anita in her universe. Anita is in a Triumvirate with Jean Claude and Richard but has not yet chosen which male she will be mated to. Ratings will vary but can go as high as NC-17. The story line will have pairings similar to the Anita Blake universe so if this offends you please do not read.

This is a companion Piece to Challenge 4949: New Life, New World and they are still killing monsters.


Part One

Director Morrow listened to the instructions he was receiving. He was not overly happy about them however orders were orders.

“Yes Mr. Secretary I understand and will send one of my best teams to check out the situation. Yes sir I understand that care must be taken. No sir, however I feel I should point out that Ms.Lang and her team are closest to Sunnydale and they have no major investigations that are ongoing at this time.”

He paused and listened then refrained from sighing it was never simple or easy and he so did not want to send in his top team. He knew trouble followed Gibbs and his team like wet on water. However he was being given no real choice.

“Yes sir I will inform Gibbs that he and his team are on TYD to check this situation out. Yes sir, however I do feel it might be important that they at least contact Assistant director Lang sir. Her support could prove vital.”

The call ended shortly and Thomas Morrow was grateful he could at least tell Gibbs he had back up if needed. He sighed deeply. His gut told him this was going to be a cluster fuck. However he knew he had to follow orders or the Secretary of the Navy would find someone who would. They had never gotten on and it was not wise to get into a pissing contest at his level. Besides if Gibbs and his team went they would soon find the out the truth and if they stepped on toes it could not be blamed on him as he was simply following orders. Also he had heard rumors about the Sunnydale project and they made him wary and worried. Perhaps the Secretary was right sending in anyone other than Leroy Gibbs was foolhardy. The only other agent who might be as competent and as through was Gibbs old mentor Michael Franks and he was retired or so he said. Morrow picked up the phone and called Gibbs the sooner he briefed him and his team the sooner he would have answers.

Supervisory Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs was having a rather boring day. Not that it was a bad thing however the last week had been quiet. Quiet was never a good thing for him or his team. It generally meant all hell was about to break loose somewhere and that they would find themselves digging out. The former Marine was sipping his third coffee of the day filling out paperwork when the call came in.

“Gibbs, yes sir we will be right up.” He hung up the phone and noted his top agents were waiting for information. “Grab your gear we have a briefing in MTAC in five minutes.”

He watched as his agents scrambled to get their gear and headed up to the secure meeting room. Whatever was going on was not going to be good his gut was screaming.

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