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Goddess Of Technology

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Summary: A New Goddess is created to form a defense from a Technology based threat

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Stargate > GeneralMadHobbitFR1321,1310154,4851 Mar 149 Mar 14No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: BtVS and AtS belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox, Mutant Enemy, ect., and the Stargate franchise belongs to MGM.

Oct 30 1997

Captain Samantha Carter was getting frustrated, she had spent two fruitless weeks trying to understand the artifact brought back from PXY-BR-549.

The artifact had resisted every method for trying to see inside of it, X-Rays, MRI, and CAT scan.

Nothing had worked, nothing being even able to put any kind of scratch, or hole in it’s surface.

Throwing down her notepad is frustration; she muttered "I could really use the help of someone who could tell me what this thing is!!".

Suddenly from behind her in the other end of the lab, a small female voice said
"It is the power converter from a Vogan Battle Cruiser, It’s burnt out or you would have blown this mountain to rubble twice over".

Spinning around Sam found herself looking at young girl about 14-15 years old. Wearing some kind of silvery latex looking outfit, with Golden lines running around the suit looking almost like circuit traces.

She had on both her wrists some kind of matching golden bracers with a matching tiara or headband.

"Who are you and how did you get into here?" Sam exclaimed, not sure what is happening.

"Well, you asked for some help, I heard your plea, and decided to come help you and thought we could meet and talk".

Stalling for time Sam asked, "You did not tell me your name".

"You may call me Alexandra and as your patron, I was required to help you with your problem and also to keep you from killing yourself".

"I would not have killed myself; I took all the safety precautions".

"Yes, but those were not enough".

"We will talk about that later, how did you get in here, this is a secured Military complex, you are in a lot of trouble" Looking sternly at Alexandra.

"Well to answer your First question, I teleported in, Second I needed to meet all of you and see how good of care you are taking of the Stargate".

Upon hearing her mention of the Stargate, Sam leapt to trigger the Panic alarm, slamming her palm on the large red button.

She twirled around to look at the intruder, She was greeted by a large silence, no flashing lights, no alarm bells, no footsteps racing towards the lab.

Alexandra said with a small frown upon her face “You really did not need to do that, I will come along and answer some of your questions, and I only ask one small thing, to be treated with the respect of someone of my position.”

"Your Position?”

" I am a God".
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