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The Sunnydale Wraith

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Summary: Xander's choice of Halloween costume has intergalactic consequences. How will he cope when the monsters are the only ones he can trust. YAHF. Wraith!Xander. Post series for SGA.

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Chapter One

The Sunnydale Wraith

I don't own BtVS or SGA. Although if I did SGA wouldn't have been canceled, it was only just getting into it's prime!

Anyway this is based on the Legacy books, so some knowledge of them would be helpful, and it will contain spoilers for the books.

Xander was riding on a wave of pleasure that filled his whole body. If he had to compare it to anything he would compare it to what he'd always imaged sex would feel like. As the feeling slowly faded away he opened his eyes only for them to widen in horror at the sight before him. There was a body, withered and dry like a thousand year old mummy. It was being held up by a hand that his brain was telling him was his own, but his mind refused to accept it. His hand wasn't a grey/green colour with black vains that stood up against the skin. His hand was a lightly tanned human colour. His hand didn't have sharp claws that embedded into peoples chests.

Xander pulled his hand back and winced at, and at the same time refused to admit that he felt, the feeling of the mouth in his palm disengaging from the dead flesh. The corpse fell only supported by the wall that it lent against. But Xander gave this little thought as he stared at the back of his right hand, too afraid to turn it over. Too afraid to face the possibility that it wasn't body paint that covered his skin. That it wasn't a plastic prop that lay across his palm to represent the feeding hand of a Wraith.

It had seemed like a good idea at the time, to dress as a Wraith, from his favorite show; Wormhole Extreme Avalon. The costume had been cheap as it wasn't quite right. The contacts that came with it were yellow, not red. The clothes were not the same as was worn by the Wraith in the show and the wig was white not black. But if the memories that now filled his head were true than that had made very little difference as he'd become a Wraith. One called Guild or Todd as the Atlantis Expedition called him. Atlantis not Avalon. But everything else seemed to be the same expect that all the names were different.

'Xander?' He turned and caught a glimpse of white hair that was no longer a wig but very real, as real as the hand-mouth that gave a throb in his palm. Giles was on the other side of the room, standing next to a table with the remains of a bust on it.

'Giles,' Xander said and winced as it came out in the raspy voice of a Wraith. 'You've got to help me.'

The journey back to the high school wasn't really that long but for Xander it might as well have been a million years. He shifted in the seat yet again trying to get comfortable. But the seat, which would have been perfectly comfortable for a human, was anything but for Xander in his Wraith body. It seemed that Wraith had spines that protrude from their backs, something that was never covered by the show. It made for a very long journey for Xander.

Thankfully Giles had remained quiet for the trip. He seemed to realise that Xander needed some time to attempt to find some peace in the face of what had happened to him. Not that there hadn't been many 'oh dears' and 'my lords' when he'd realised that Xander hadn't changed back and was in fact stuck in the body of a Wraith.

Once they arrived at the library Giles busied himself looking up books on chaos magic as that was what Ethan had used to fuel his spell. So it was their best hope to find anyway to reverse what had happened to him. Ethan, that was the name of the guy that Xander had killed. It might not have been him that started the feeding. But it was his body that was using the mans life-force to keep him alive. And Xander couldn't help feeling that he was just as responsible for the Ethan's death. As he couldn't quite convince himself that he hadn't regained control of his body before Ethan had died.

Xander sat heavily on the nearest chair and finally gathered enough courage to turn his right hand over. There nestled in the palm of his hand was a hand-mouth. The lips of which were sealed shut and slightly swollen from the resent feeding. But he knew from Guilds memories that the lips would open again as he got closer to needing to feed. He felt queasy at the thought of doing that again, he would have thrown up if his current body would have allowed such an act.

Current, Xander latched onto that thought. This was only his current body as Giles was going to find a way to fix this, well before he'd need to feed again. He had to.

'Hey kid.' an unfamiliar voice interrupted what was so not a brooding session. It startled Xander into looking up. Standing on the other side of the table was a man who's fashion sense hadn't moved on from the '70's. His shirt was so loud that even Xander wouldn't have worn it.

Xander glanced over at Giles, but he seemed to be stuck mid-step, coming out of his office, book in hand.

'Don't worry about him, times just been paused while we have our chat.' Xander's eyes snapped back to the man, and he frowned. He wasn't getting any sort of reading from the guy. Ever since he'd regained his body he'd noticed he could feel Giles's mind. A mind filled with knowledge but with a dark depth to it that he kept hidden. If Xander had to give him a Wraith name it would be He-who-knows-many-dark-things. But from the new guy he was getting nothing.

'Who are you?'

'Names Whistler,' he said while seating himself opposite Xander. 'I work for the Powers That Be.'

'Why should I care who you work for?' Xander said, 'unless you can turn me back?' Whistler gave him a pitying look.

'Sorry, kid, as you were feeding when the spell ended, it makes it impossible for magic to turn you human again.' Xander slumped back into the chair, only to jerk forward again as his spine hit the back of the chair. That was going to get annoying real fast. But then something Whistler said hit him, or rather something he didn't say.

'Are you saying that there's a non-magical way for me to become human?" Guild's knowledge concerning Michael came to mind but that was hardly a great success. Whistler grinned.

'Give the kid a cigar. You're not as dumb as you look.' Xander bared his teeth and hissed at the balance demon. Before he caught himself in the very wraith-like behaviour.

'I'll let you into a secret, you becoming a Wraith has messed up some very carefully made plans. Some good, some bad, but it has also raised some interesting possibilities.'

'What do you mean?' Xander was still stuck on the idea that there maybe a way to become human, nothing else at the moment really mattered to him. But if there was someway these Powers That Be could help him, he might as well hear them out. Whistler smirked at him as if he could read his mind and as Xander couldn't do the same, he found it very annoying.

'Frist off, it's all real.'


'The stargates, the Pegasus galaxy, Atlantis, the Wraith, all of it real.' Xander blinked, he could cope with the memories of a fictional character in head. But the idea that Guild was a real person and that everything in his memories had really happened was just plain weird. 'And we need you in the Pegasus galaxy. There's a dark force rising there and we've never been able to get a champion into that galaxy before. You could really help.' Xander couldn't stop the laugh that came from that, but it was bitter.

'In case you haven't noticed I won't exactly be welcomed with open arms.'

'Not with the humans, but it's the Wraith we want you to work with.' Again, Xander couldn't stop himself from baring his teeth at that.

'I don't want anything to do with them.'

'Even if it could help save billions of lives in both galaxies?' Xander winced at that, there was no way he could refuse that, and the bastard in front of him knew it.

'Fine,' he growled out, not liking the way he'd been backed into a corner.

'Good,' Whistler smiled. 'Just one more thing we're going to have to make some changes.'


'What do you think will happen if you tell Shepard and the others that you became a Wraith though magic.' It only took a moment for Xander to answer that one.

'They wouldn't believe me.'

'That would be an understatement. You'd end up on a dissection table in Area 51 faster than you could say Hive ship.'

'That would not be of the good,' Xander said and looked away. "But what could you do about that? I mean I could lie, but there's no chance they would believe anything I say anyway, so really...' Xander trailed off not sure of what to say.

'We're going to make it so that you've always been a Wraith.' Xander's eyes snapped back to the balance demon.

'Wait! What?'

'Sorry kid,' Whistler said and he really looked as if he meant it. The world around them warped. Whistler disappeared moments later as time restarted.

Hope you enjoyed that, if you did please review.

This is the first fanfic that I written drafts for, so hopefully this will last longer.

I've only got to type out the next chapter, so that should be out in the next day or so.

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