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Xander and his angels.

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Builder's Adventures". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A story about Xander getting an extraordinary power and being sent elsewhere. Answers cursebreaker's challenge.

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DC Universe > Justice LeagueMistofRainbowsFR181021,3591717558,2089 Mar 1419 Mar 14Yes


“I’ve got it.” Buffy called out as she walked over and picked up the phone, “Hello.”

Xander said, “Hey, it’s the Princess of Buffyville.”

Buffy gasped, “Xander?”

“The one and only.”

“Where the hell have you been? Willow is worried sick, hell I was worried. You have some explaining to do buddy.”

Xander leaned against the phone booth and smiled as he realized that Buffy didn‘t hate him, “I got sent on a mission by a god. How are the girls?”

Buffy rolled her eyes, “A god? I’m sure there is a story there. They took Willow to the movies. Where are you?”

“The portal dropped us off a couple of miles outside of Sunnydale or at least that’s what the old mostly deaf guy at the ranger station said. We should be home shortly.”

Buffy sighed in relief, “Good, Willow has been going a little crazy with you gone.”


“She’s taken to building things…”

“That doesn’t sound too bad.”

Buffy laughed, “You’ll see when you get here. I think Elizabeth and Red are going to be over the moon about your return.”

“I’m looking forward to getting to know them. Are you okay?”

An automated voice said, “Twenty seconds left on this call.”

“Better than I’ve been for a while.”

“My time is running out on this phone, I’ll talk to you when we get there.”

“Come straight here, your parent’s house is gone.”

Xander asked, “What happened?”

“Willow overreacted when they said they were glad you weren't being a drain on their pocketbooks anymore. Thanks for the call…”

Xander sighed as the call ended, “Right because that’s not ominous.”

Pat called out from the bus, “Are we ready to go?”

Xander hung up the phone, “Yep, I’m looking forward to showing you around.”

Pat grinned, “Excellent.”


Ivy yawned, “I love you but if you don’t stop singing ‘the wheels on the bus go round and round’ I’m going to zap you with a taser.”

Harley smirked, “You don’t have a taser.”

Rachael looked over, “I’ll build her one.”

Jess said, “Or we can just hold her down and spank her.”

Ivy shook her head, “She’d enjoy it too much.”

“Yep!” Harley stuck out her tongue at Ivy.

Clark Kent turned and looked at Xander, “What’s your world like?”

“Normal world without superheroes or super villains. We’ve got a small scale shadow war against the supernatural but for the most part humanity doesn’t believe in magic.”

Clark asked, “So you might be able to get me back home?”

Xander said, “Hopefully, I want to do some research before we attempt the spell a second time.”

Pat stopped the bus as they exited the forest road and saw the massive walled city that was glowing with eldritch flames. “I thought you said the world doesn’t believe in magic.”

Xander said, “They don’t…” He stared as he looked at the massive glowing wall that surrounded Sunnydale. Every thousand feet or so were massive guard towers that crackled with magic. It looked like there were a couple of guards stationed at this entrance to the city. He could see a couple of towers and skyscrapers peeking up over the wall. “That’s new…”

Zee asked, “How long were you gone?”

“I’m not sure, I forgot to ask Buffy.”

Zee snickered, “I think this is going to be interesting.”

Pat asked, “Do we head up to the gates or turn around?”

Xander frowned, “This road just goes into the forest, I don’t think it actually goes anywhere anymore, maybe Clara or Mara could fly us somewhere but Buffy didn’t say not to come.”

Clark sighed, “Magic.”

Zatanna grinned, “This should be fun.”

Pat smiled as she let up on the brake and drove down the road to the city.

The guard smiled as the short bus drove up and stopped, “Welcome to Sunnydale, do you have any sentient plants, demons, pets or magic users to declare?”

Pat looked at the guard and his two twelve foot fall stone golems, “Two magic users and a trainee magic user. No demons or sentient plants to declare. No pets either.”

The guard nodded, “I’ll need to see some identification.”

Xander pulled out his wallet and handed it to Pat so that she could hand it to the guard. “Here you go.”

The guard looked at the identification for a couple of seconds then handed the wallet back along with two gold tickets and a silver colored one, “Welcome to Sunnydale, please have your magic users register with the mage’s guild before tomorrow. They’ll need to keep those passes with them until they register.” The guard pushed a button on the guard post and the gate swung open.

Pat asked, “How do we get to the magic user’s guild?”

“You can’t miss it.”

Pat drove through the archway into Sunnydale, “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”

Xander sighed, “Because we’re in Sunnydale.”

Zee frowned, “Let’s go talk to your friends before we head to the magic user’s guild.”

Xander smiled as he thought about his friends, “That might be for the best.”

~The End.~

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander and his angels.". This story is complete.

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