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Xander and his angels.

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Builder's Adventures". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A story about Xander getting an extraordinary power and being sent elsewhere. Answers cursebreaker's challenge.

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DC Universe > Justice LeagueMistofRainbowsFR181021,3591717458,1439 Mar 1419 Mar 14Yes

Chapter One

~an note: Yes I have other stuff I should be working on. This idea amused me for some reason.

A new costume + a different reality = a change of pace
1: Xander must dress as something other then as a soldier, preferably a character with powers of one form or another.
2: Xander must keep the powers/skills/form of his costume while still retaining his personality.
3: Xander must be transported to a different reality one way or another, this reality must have nothing to do with the costume Xander wore.
4: Xander's very presence must severely change the story-line of this new reality, like a ripple effect.
5: No one else from the Buffy-verse may appear in the new reality.

None of the optional bits of the challenge appealed to me.
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, I don't own DC comics and I don't own the Worm Serial characters I used. (I borrowed a version of Oliver and Noelle)

Xander Harris grumbled as he watched Buffy fawn over the old style dress for Angel, ‘Buffy could do so much better than a rotten corpse.’ He was reaching for a toy gun when a dark haired teen a little older than him reached out and grabbed the gun before he could, “Damn it.”

The teen smirked, “Trust me, you don’t want to go as a soldier, they never get the girls.”

Xander sighed, “The gun was about all I can afford.”

“Sadly I need it for a gig but I can get you something better for what you need.” The teen reached out and grabbed a pair of mirrored shades off the shelf and handed them to Xander, “Take this and… let’s see.” He grabbed a fedora and handed it to Xander, “This and you’re Oliver Black, man of mystery. A charmer and a schemer and it works with some black pants and a shirt.”

Xander frowned, “I don’t know.”

The teen pulled out a five and held it out, “For being a good sport about the gun I’ll get your costume.”

Xander smiled, “Sold.”


Xander woke up with a groan in a dark alley and realized that he didn’t know where he was. The buildings were taller and darker than the buildings in Sunnydale. He remembered bits and pieces of Oliver’s life. The guy was a charmer and a bit of a flirt. He pulled himself to his feet then almost fell to the ground again as he remembered what had happened the night before. “She’s going to kill me.” He glanced around the strange city, “Maybe it’s for the best that I‘m not in Sunnydale.”

The teen from the costume shop stepped out of the shadows across the alley, “What did I tell you mate? You got the girls and you‘ve got power.”

Xander spun and glared at the teen, “You did this!”

The teen held up his hand and a ball of flame appeared over it, “Stay back and don’t try to touch me or I’ll be forced to kill you. I’m not quite sure if your powers will work on me but I’ve got no intention of finding out, well maybe but not while you want to kill me.”

Xander backed up a step, even if he had Oliver’s powers none of them would help him before the teen tossed the ball of fire at him. “Why did you do this?”

“Relax, I just gave you a nudge and talked you out of a rather boring soldier costume. Ethan was the man that cast the spell that turned you into your costume.”

“Who was Oliver? I remember bits and pieces but not much more than that.”

“He was an alternate universe character that got a full drink of a vial that gave him superhuman powers. In the normal story, well let’s just say he drank half a vial and his friend drank the other half. Things didn’t go well for either of them in the normal world he came from, luckily in the world you’re from he was a bit luckier and his friend died which meant that he got a full dose of the mutagenic formula.”

Xander narrowed his gaze, “Noelle died… how is that lucky?”

“It’s better that way…” He raised his hand when Xander took a step forward. “If she had lived she would have drank half your formula and became a monster. One that was continually eating and making twisted and deformed copies of people.”

“My copies aren’t twisted or at least they’re not deformed or am I remembering things wrong?” Xander asked.

“Your counterpart got the full dose. You’ll be fine as long as you’re careful.”

Xander scowled, “Considering Oliver copied Buffy and Willow and… okay where am I?”

The teen smirked, “Gotham.”

Xander blinked, “What? I can’t have heard that right.”

“We couldn’t very well leave you in your old world, Buffy would have killed you and then she would have died years earlier and Willow would have ended the world in grief… bad things.”

Xander stared, “End the world?”

“Magic, it’s a thing, Willow gets powerful in a couple of years.”

“I have Oliver’s powers right?”

“Yep, you can make a female clone of anyone you touch, powers and all. They get the basic skills and your power fills the rest in.”

Xander sighed, “Great. How do I get back?”

“I’ll send you back once Buffy calms down because you knocked up her and Willow’s clones. Congrats they’re girls.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wallet and tossed it to Xander, “Dimensional wallet, never leave home without it.”

Xander caught the wallet more by reflex than anything, “Dimensional wallet?”

“Yep, anywhere you go your identification and bank account goes with you.”

“That’s helpful… what’s the catch?”

“No catch, they’ll always find their way back to you. Say, now that you’re here… you could do me a favor.”

Xander stared at the man, “You did all this… and, and you want to ask a favor?”

“End of the world and all that, I figured you might want to save the world but hey no skin off my back.”

“What do I need to do?”

“Create some more heroes and stop the evil aliens that are going to show up in three months.” The man walked off toward the shadows.

“What’s your name?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“What’s your name?”

The man said, “Loki.” before he stepped into the shadows and vanished.

“Fuck.” Xander scowled as he headed for the exit to the alley, ’Damn god of mischief knows my name, this isn’t going to end well.’

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