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The Prideful

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Summary: It's the end of the world as we know it... and the beginning of something new for the Milky Way. YAHF Saiyan!Xander/Jenny/Dawn

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FablesrogueFR18937,69345725,0289 Mar 141 Jun 14No

Chapter Nine: - Pride Goeth... Part.2

Disclaimer: - See chapter One.

Chapter Nine: - Pride Goeth… And All That Jazz Part.2.

“MY LORD!” The Jaffa called out as he saw death fast approaching on the view screen. Apophis, so surprised was he by the Jaffa’s shout, directed his gaze towards the warrior; the false God saw a look of absolute fear on the man’s face, turning his gaze to see what the Jaffa was looking at, Apophis caught sight of three beams of energy rapidly travelling towards his ship and as the beams hit the shield Apophis and the Jaffa were thrown off their feet.

The whole Ha’tak rocked under the impact of the powerful attack at the moment the beams hit, the shield collapsed and the beams sped on and hit the outer hull tearing a hole and many smaller fissures along the hull of the vessel. The Peltak blew in a shower of sparks and charred metal; immediately there were power outages all over Apophis’s ship as a majority of the ship systems overloaded and failed, on the lower decks, emergency lighting kicked in illuminating the once darkened hallways allowing panicked Jaffa to try and ascertain what had happened.

On other decks, the life support system had failed and numerous Jaffa were rushing to escape certain death by sudden Asphyxiation; on others, the gravity had failed and Jaffa were holding on to whatever they could grab onto as they tried not to float off of the floor and some failing miserably. Sirens were blurring deafening many; bulkhead doors had closed trapping many of the Jaffa wherever they were, unable to find out what had happened. All over the ship the Jaffa were panicking as some were either trying to restore systems and find out what had happened; in short, it was complete chaos.

Apophis stood shakily, a cut above his right brow. He had been clipped by a piece of the now destroyed control system; as he looked at the flickering view screen, he could make out three small objects that were holding position over the land mass where the sensors had detected the Chappa’ai earlier. His anger spiked. “RRRRAAAGGGHHH!!!!” The Tau’ri had crippled his ship. Crippled him! A God! He glanced towards the Jaffa warrior only to see the man staring up at him, his eyes wide and mouth open with blood trickling out of his mouth and a piece of debris sticking out of his neck.

“Lord Apophis! Lord Apophis, can you hear us?!” The shout came from behind him; Apophis turned and heard banging on the doors to the command area. He had to get out of here; his ship was crippled! Useless and made so by the upstart Tau’ri, oh, they would pay he vowed his eyes glowing. He would make them pay. Ignoring the Jaffa’s attempts to breach the doors for the moment, Apophis moved over to the ring transport; as he tried to access the rings and transport himself over to his son’s ship, he raised his arm and activated his personal ring control unit. Moments passed, and for what seemed an eternity to the false God when nothing happened, he activated his control unit again and was met by the same result: The rings were inoperative. “KEL MAK TAK, TAU’RI!!!!” He raged. In a fit of anger, eyes glowing fiercely once more, Apophis pried the control unit off of his wrist device and threw it to the ground.

Klorel watched in apparent fear as his father’s vessel was damaged beyond anything he had believed that the Tau’ri could ever marshal against them. Furiously working the communication system, he opened a channel to his father. “Father! Father, do you hear me?!” As he repeatedly called out, hoping that Apophis was receiving his call, Klorel didn’t notice that the Peltak was receiving no returning hail from the other Ha’tak.

“My Lord, Klorel.” A Jaffa manning the control system called out. “I am reading massive power losses on Lord Apophis’s vessel.” He said as he continued checking the readings; Klorel’s attention was finally diverted from his own use of the communication system as he turned to the Jaffa.

“What?” He growled out.

“Sensors indicate that their communications, weapons and shields are gone; they have minimal life support on the lower decks. There are minor hull breaches along the outer hull…” The Jaffa trailed off as more information was coming in. “Their propulsion systems are non – operational; I’m getting indications that their ring transports are down. We will not be able to transport over.” Both Klorel’s anger and fear were spiking as the Jaffa dutifully informed his God about the status of the other Ha’tak.

A thought crossed his mind: “What about my father?” Can you determine if he is still alive?”

The Jaffa worked the Peltak systems diligently; focusing the ships sensors on the other Ha’taks command area, almost immediately the sensors registered only one single life sign on the Peltak. “I am reading a single life sign on the Peltak, my Lord. I cannot discern if it is Lord Apophis though…” He trailed off at the look Klorel gave him. It was a look of pure rage.

“FIND OUT THEN!” Klorel shouted. But the Jaffa was at a loss how, he knew that if he spoke out again, then in his current mind, his God would kill him for his apparent failure and his Soul would not find peace in the afterlife. He knew Klorel would condemn his Soul for eternity in the Underworld. With only one course of action available to him, the Jaffa spoke.
“I shall take a Cargo Ship over at once, my Lord.” The Jaffa said. “I will find Lord Apophis and return him to you.”

“See that you do. For if you fail your God, there shall be no respite for you in the afterlife. I will tear your Soul apart.” Klorel hissed at the Jaffa, his eyes glowing. The Jaffa dared not look into the eyes of his God; he saw his death in them if he failed his God. This was the belief that the Jaffa had held in reverence to the Goa’uld; thousands of years of religious doctrine bred into them by their masters, because in that brief moment the Jaffa believed the threat of his God. “Now go!”

Klorel commanded another to take his post; as the Jaffa took his station, he re – tasked the sensors towards the location and commenced an active scan of the area where the weapons fire originated. When he had gotten the sensors readings back he was shocked. Surely the readings were wrong; nothing could survive such a harsh environment as Space. He scanned the area again and a moment later the results were still the same. Three organic readings registering an energy output greater than that of their two ships combined.

“My Lord…” He began turning. “I believe I have discovered the location of the Tau’ri weapons that damaged Lord Apophis’s vessel. There are three…”

“Whatever they are, destroy them! These Tau’ri are an affront to our power. Destroy them now!” Klorel commanded, interrupting the Jaffa’s report. With retribution clearly on his mind, Klorel did not want to hear anything other than whatever had hit his father’s ship so severely had been destroyed.

“But… My Lord…” The Jaffa tried to speak, to inform his God of what he had discovered, knowing that this was vital information that his God should know.


“What in Sam Hill…” Hammond trailed off as the images on the monitors in the SGC changed, they showed the three beings, each one firing a continuous beam of energy towards the position of one of the alien ships.

“General Hammond, Sir!” Sgt. Harriman shouted from his post. “NASA reports one of the Goa’uld ships was hit…” Harriman was drowned out as the SGC personnel immediately cheered at the news.

“Was it destroyed?” Hammond called out over the cheering. He waited as Harriman was on the radio once again, communicating with NASA. As the cheering died down, Hammond heard Walter acknowledge NASA’s latest update.

“Negative, Sir. Space Command reports the ship’s still there. The energy field seemed to stop the blasts for a second before the beams broke through the shield and carried on straight through and hit the ships’ hull. They are reporting moderate damage to the outer hull.” Harriman reported. Many of the SGC personnel were now hoping that they had a chance of surviving this. Hammond let relief show on his face for a brief moment before he remembered that there was another ship up there.

“Walter, has the second vessel responded to the attack?” The General asked. It was a moment later when Harriman reported: “No, Sir. The second vessel has not moved. NASA reports no sign of countermeasures being launched. They may be shaken up, Sir. It’s possible they may not have been expecting a follow up attack so soon after the missiles.”

Major Davis approached the General. “Sir…” He said directing his attention toward the monitors as they showed the three. The images showed that the beams of energy they had fired had ceased and the three were holding position above California. The General realised that he had to inform the President.

“You’re in charge, Major.” He said as Davis acknowledged him. “I need to contact the President.”

“Ha!” Dawn exclaimed. “See, I knew that fucking shield wouldn’t hold up against us.” She smirked as she looked at Xander, a devilish gleam in her eye as she licked her lips. “I hope you like wearing a loincloth, Xander?” She said causing the young man to look at her. Jenny had to cover her mouth from laughing, though; she did let her mind wander for a moment…

“You wish, little girl.” Xander said glaring at her and putting as much venom he could muster into it, he snarled as well and Dawn turned and met his snarl head on, the challenge seen clearly in both their black eyes. “The Hellmouth will open wide long before that will ever fucking happen, Kid.” He snarled.

“We’ll see, Xan. We’ll see.” Dawn said her smirk returning in full force. Xander fumed; there was no fucking way that he’d wear a fucking loincloth. No fucking way! Jenny turned to look at Xander and could literally see his Ki emanating from him.


Her scouter activated as it registered a power increase coming from the young man. ‘3600…3700…’ Oh, boy, Jenny thought. “Sort fuse…” She muttered under her breath. “Short fuse…” When Xander’s power began to level off, he turned to look at Jenny, a look of barely restrained anger in his eyes.

“You ready?” He gruffly asked her, he briefly glanced at Dawn and saw that she was ready, her Ki surrounding her and flaring violently. Jenny brought her own into being around her, the Ki field flaring just as violently as her compatriots were.

“Ready.” She said. “What are you thinking?” She asked.

“I’m thinking… spaceship. I want one.” He said with a gleam in his eyes, his inner child jumping around in joy.

Jenny chuckled. “You would.”

Xander turned to look where their blasts had punched through the hull of the alien vessel; he activated his scouter and zoomed in on the area. Yeah, big enough, Xander thought taking one last second to prepare, he looked around and his scouter registered that there were a few satellites awfully close by as well as the Hubble. To Xander this could only mean one thing, and he did not consider this a good thing.

“Fuck!” He said, drawing the two women’s attention to him. “We have an audience.” Xander said indicating in the direction of the satellites and the telescope he now recognised as the Hubble Telescope. Jenny and Dawn activated their scouters and saw that there were at least three other satellites observing them.

“Shit!” Jenny called out. “They’re NASA’s…” She said growling, her scouter had further increased its range and she could see the faded, scratched, insignias of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration on two of them. The female Neo – Saiyan barely resisted the urge to fire off a quick series of blasts at the satellites in a now vain hope of protecting their identities, but she realised that it was too late; the damage was done and NASA had seen everything not to mention God knows who else!

“We’ll worry about them later.” She said to Xander and Dawn. “We’ve got these to deal with… HHHHHAAAAA!!!” Jenny’s Ki field flared brightly in its intensity before it died down; a shark’s grin appearing on her features as she eyed the damaged ship like prey. “Let’s go say hello.” Taking a deep breath and channelling her full power into her Ki field to protect her from the harsh vacuum Jenny flew off, her Ki trailing behind her.

“Ah, so eager to go and greet the neighbours.” Xander said grinning to Dawn as he soon followed Jenny; he too took a deep breath and focused all of his power into his Ki field and when he was done off he went shortly followed by Dawn after she did the same.

The Jaffa watched intently as the sensors indicated that the three readings were now moving; their destination clear as they headed towards Apophis. He was about to activate the weapons system and destroy them as per his God’s command, but that was now impossible. The three were moving at speeds far faster than the targeting system could track them and in under a second, the three had reached their destination.

“Yes, Sir. The EMP caused by the detonation has already affected our satellite telecommunications. It will be difficult to warn the public in time to do anything but cause mass panic.” Hammond spoke. A moment later, he spoke again. “No, Sir, we don’t know who or what they are.” Hammond said as he spoke into the red phone and briefed the President on the current developments. “All we know is that there are three of them; a male and two females. They took off from Sunnydale, California.”

“Have they made any hostile move toward Earth?”

“Not as of yet, Mr. President.” Hammond replied. “So far they have only acted aggressively toward the Goa’uld.” He finished as he heard the President being briefed by the Joint Chiefs and Hammond could’ve sworn that he heard Senator Kinsey’s shrill voice in the background. It was seconds later when he heard the President dismiss the Joint Chiefs from the Oval Office after he had heard enough from them and was alone in the Oval Office.

The President sighed over the phone. “I gotta say, General; this sounds like something out of a comic book. Next you’ll be telling me that Superman had joined them.” He said to the man.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Hammond couldn’t help the smile that appeared. “It still sounds far – fetched, George…” The President trailed off as he tried to wrap his head around the fact that there were apparently three super powered beings in high orbit above Earth repelling an alien invasion.

Hammond spoke: “At this time Mr. President, I strongly recommend that we maintain the highest defence condition and you should board Air Force One.” He heard a sigh over the phone.

“Is that necessary, General?” The Commander – In – Chief asked. “If what you say is true, then surely there’s no need…”

Hammond was about to respond when Major Davis appeared in the doorway. “General Hammond, Sir. I apologise for the interruption.”

“One moment please, Mr President.” Hammond said into the phone. “Yes, Major?”

Davis took that as permission to enter and walked into Hammond’s office. “There’s been a development, Sir. They’re moving.”

“Who is, Major?”

“The three, Sir.” Davis responded. “They just broke position; they’re heading towards the ship that they fired on.”

“Teal’c, cover me!” O’Neill shouted as the Colonel fired his MP5 at two Jaffa; Teal’c laid down suppressing fire with his Zat, causing the Jaffa to find cover instead of staying out in the open while Bra’tac and his renegade Jaffa covered the rear from another group of four Jaffa that had snuck up behind them and opened fire. The mixed group came under fire from the first group as they were moving along a corridor. Everything had been going fine; the hallways were mostly clear of patrols and the rest had been easy to avoid.

They were almost towards the Peltak with only one more deck between them and escape when suddenly the alarms started blurring. O’Neill and the others of SG1 wondered whether their escape had been discovered, they had no other choice now, they had to get to the command deck and get off the ship and Klorel was the key to do that.

One of Bra’tac’s loyal Jaffa was hit centre mass by a staff blast; he was thrown back by the impact and died instantly. Bra’tac knuckled down against an alcove in the wall as he tried to get to cover as he fired his Zat at the enemy; the staff blasts were still coming as Carter left her position nearby Daniel and took the dead Jaffa’s previous position shoring up their rear guard with Bra’tac and the other Jaffa rebel. “Sir!” She called out over the weapons fire and the alarms. She ducked behind cover to avoid weapons fire before she returned fire of her own.

O’Neill could barely hear her but asked: “What?!” He moved behind cover as a staff blast came so very near to him but hit the wall instead; he swung back around, crouched low as he fired back and scored a direct hit on another Jaffa.

“We’ve only got twenty – five minutes before the charges…” Carter was cut off as weapons fire came awfully close to ending her. She had barely dodged the blast in time to avoid a fatal blow.

O’Neill got the message. They had been fighting for over fifteen minutes and they were almost out of ammo. Under current circumstances, O’Neill reconsidered whether or not the Peltak was still a viable option of escape. As Teal’c shot and killed the last Jaffa facing him and O’Neill whilst Bra’tac and Carter dealt with two others, O’Neill called out to the old man. “Bra’tac…” He began as the weapons fire began to die down. “How far are we from the Glider bays?!”

“They are five decks below us, Hassack.” There was that name again! O’Neill groaned; that was going to be next to impossible. Low on ammo and facing far greater numbers, they wouldn’t make it.

“We keep going! The Peltak’s our only shot!” O’Neill said. The way clear of Jaffa for the moment as Bra’tac, Carter and the other renegade Jaffa dealt with the last Jaffa that had snuck up behind them, SG1 and their allies moved on.

Meanwhile, a Cargo Ship, carrying a squad of ten Jaffa had taken off from Klorel’s Ha’tak as it flew toward Apophis’s vessel intent on retrieving their God.

Klorel watched impatiently as his Jaffa continued to try to establish a full connection to the Rings on Apophis’s ship. It was painstaking work; the damage that the attack on the false God’s vessel had caused to its power grid had destabilised nearly all of the systems, as Klorel’s own sensors had detected and it was hard work for them just to maintain what tenuous connection they had already made. Intermittent power drops were still causing the Rings transmit/receive signal they had been picking up on and off from his father’s ship to lose the connection. “How much longer?” Klorel hissed.

“My Lord, we are working as fast as we can…” Klorel’s eyes glowed as he roared and raised his arm in anger towards the Jaffa; focusing his intent, the Goa’uld willed the Ribbon Device on his arm to activate and as the amber like crystal in his palm glowed brightly; Klorel willed the device to fire.

The Jaffa was struck down as a beam of energy latched onto his forehead, targeting the pain centres of the human brain. He screamed almost immediately falling to his knees; the pain was agonising. “Not fast enough.” The false God hissed.

“Pl – please – please my Lord…” The Jaffa managed to stammer out: “Mercy. I beg of you… AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!”

“My Lord…” Another Jaffa called out as the sensors notified him of three fast moving objects heading towards Apophis. “We have established a permanent lock – on for the Rings!” He reported. “It is possible that the crew have begun effecting repairs to the ship.”
Cutting power to his ribbon device, Klorel let the man drop to the floor before he ordered two warriors to remove the fool from his sight. Finally some good news, but it wouldn’t last long as Bra’tac had entered the Peltak.

“My Lord, Klorel.” The old man began.

“Bra’tac.” Klorel started as he turned at the old man’s voice. Playing the part of the devoted warrior, Bra’tac kneeled and bowed his head before he looked upon this parasite in a child’s body and knew that something was different about him. There was no sense of composure about him; he noticed the slight perspiration on the child’s brow. This was no reaction to hear that Teal’c and his friend’s had escaped as he had originally assumed. This was something else.

“Where have you been?” Klorel asked incensed.

“Forgive me, my Lord. I was attending to the executions of the Tau’ri soldiers and the Shol’va.” Bra’tac said.

At this, Klorel relaxed slightly; even more good news. Klorel allowed himself a brief smile at knowing that these Tau’ri, his host’s friends were the first to have died. He felt his host’s resistance dwindling at the news. “Come, join me. Witness the power of your God.”

“I cannot.” Bra’tac stated as he stood.

Klorel turned, insensate at the old man’s disobedience; he deemed that he would know why. “Why do you defy me?”

Bra’tac’s look turned defiant: “Because you are not a God. You are a parasite within the body of a child and I despise you.” He finished; Bra’tac prepared himself for what was to come next. He studied the false God’s features as Skarra’s face twisted into a face of anger.

“Jaffa, kree tai! I am your God!” Klorel roared as he raised his ribbon device and willed it to activate. Bra’tac saw the jewel in the palm of the child’s hand glowing; he prepared himself for the worst as the ribbon device fired. Bra’tac resisted for a few brief seconds, his training as a warrior in service to false Gods served him well as he continued to stand defiantly in the face of his enemy.

But no amount of training could hold out forever, as Bra’tac felt the pain intensifying he fell to his knees, Klorel bearing on him. The God’s anger reaching a peak after everything that has happened: His father probably in danger, their attack on the Tau’ri in danger of failing and now Bra’tac betraying his Gods. No more! “And you will feel my wrath!”

‘You all will.’ Klorel silently vowed. Tau’ri. Shol’va. ‘You all will.’

As Apophis still stewed in forced confinement on the Peltak, the Jaffa still trying to pry the door open to rescue him, the surviving crew had not been idle. In the Power Core, repair crews were frantically working trying to repair the burnt out systems; cracked, blackened and destroyed crystals of different lengths littered the decks as they were pulled from damaged systems and replaced. Other Jaffa were working on rerouting power through non – critical systems or creating workaround’s trying to restore main power.

They had small success in getting the Rings operational again as they now focused on restoring the shield and weapons systems before they focused on repairing the life – support systems to the lower decks. It was a heavy price to pay, the lives of the soldiers being given in service to their God so that the Tau’ri could be destroyed; the Jaffa worked diligently, believing in their faith for Apophis and his son that they would avenge themselves and their fallen brothers. It was scant consolation to them that the fallen would be rewarded for their sacrifice in the afterlife.

They prayed to their God’s, hoping that they made the Tau’ri pay for their defiance.

“I…die… free!” Bra’tac said loudly enough for O’Neill to hear. That was the signal.

“Let’s go! Daniel, you and our Jaffa friend here watch our backs!” As the Jaffa readied his staff weapon and took position, Carter handed Daniel her MP5, Dr. Jackson held each weapon in his hands as he watched ready her 9mm before they went in firing. They were expecting mild resistance, but there were only one Jaffa manning the controls on the Peltak and another standing off to the side by Klorel’s throne.

Taking cover, O’Neill and Teal’c both fired at the warrior opposite them; the discharges from their Zat’s hitting the warrior and killing him instantly. The Jaffa at the Peltak turned and readied his own weapon and fired back, taking cover behind the console as he soon came under fire. Teal’c took the opportunity while O’Neill covered him to save his master; moving toward Klorel and Bra’tac, the free Jaffa grabs the false God’s arm, breaking his concentration from the ribbon device. “Jaffa, tal shak!”

Seeing his God in the hands of the Shol’va, the Jaffa stood to open fire on Teal’c only he never got the chance as O’Neill took the shot and fired aiming centre mass. Seizing up as the first strike hit, the Jaffa dropped his Zat and died instantly when the second discharge hit.

In the corridor a patrol of four Jaffa rounded the corner. Daniel opened fire on them, Bra’tac’s loyal follower spun, saw the patrol and joined his Tau’ri compatriot in shooting the enemy. Two of the patrol were killed instantly their bodies staggered under fire from the MP5 and the staff blast combined; Daniel took cover as the remaining two rallied and returned fire, the rebel ducked low to the wall to avoid a narrow miss and returned fire in earnest.

His hit rung true as the enemy was hit in the chest and thrown off of his feet from the impact. The Jaffa then turned to the remaining Jaffa and he and Daniel both fired; the Jaffa made the mistake of breaking from what cover he had in an attempt to withdraw and summon reinforcements. Backing away, he valiantly returned fire whilst Daniel’s MP5 spat death. Staggered by the storm of bullets, the Jaffa lost his grip on his weapon and fell dead.

“Jack!” Daniel shouted.

Another patrol of Jaffa rounds the corner, drawn by the sounds of weapons fire; they see Daniel and a Jaffa standing side by side. At first, they think that the Tau’ri is a prisoner: “Jaffa, kree!”

The Jaffa and Daniel raise their weapons and opened fire again; taking the enemy by surprise the warriors did not get a chance to get a shot off before they died.

“Daniel!” Jack shouted coming out of the now secured Peltak. He looked at the Archaeologist before turning to see the six dead Jaffa down the corridor. Turning back, he spoke: “C’mon! Carter says we’ve only got ten minutes before the C4 goes.”

“Is Klorel…?” Daniel began but Jack interrupted him.

“Oh, yeah…” Jack started. “He’s alive.” O’Neill turned and headed back inside, Daniel and the Jaffa following him. Bra’tac had recovered his strength and turned and saw his student, nodding his head, he greeted his former Chal’tii before he headed over to the Peltak. He saw the sensor readings of Apophis’s vessel and stared in wide wonder at the readings.

A moment later: “Bra’tac, let’s go!” O’Neill called out as he and the others were ready to Ring over to Apophis’s ship. Ignoring the Hassack for the moment, he looked up at the view screen and confirmed for himself what the readings told him. Apophis’s ship had been heavily damaged.

“You have deceived me, Hassack!” He called out, rounding on O’Neill and stepping close to the man.

“What?!” Jack began.

“You told me that your world has no weapons powerful enough to destroy a Ha’tak.” He said. “Apophis’s ship has been heavily damaged. Most of its primary systems have been disabled.”

“What?! That’s impossible!” Carter said. “Earth doesn’t have anything powerful enough to take down a shield.”

“More lies.” He said at Carter before he softened his voice. “Never the less, it is so. See for yourselves.” Bra’tac said gesturing to the view screen, the members of SG1 looked up and saw the gaping hole in the golden hull of the second Ha’tak and pieces of floating debris nearby. What the hell could have done that to a Ha’tak? They all wondered before they remembered the explosives.

“Look, Bra’tac…” Jack began. “I give you my word; Earth doesn’t have any weaponry powerful enough to destroy a Ha’tak.” Bra’tac scoffed, O’Neill ignored it and continued. “I’m curious about that myself and I too want to know how that…” O’Neill said gesturing to the damage. “Happened. But we have a little over eight minutes before this ship explodes. Shouldn’t we be figuring out how that happened someplace else?”

Bra’tac cast his suspicions aside for the moment; he looked into the Hass… O’Neill’s eyes and saw no attempt at deception in them. He glanced at Teal’c and caught his gaze as he held onto a struggling Klorel. The question obvious in the old man’s eyes. ‘Does he speak the truth, my old friend?’ Carter and Daniel saw the look between the two and then Teal’c nodded.

Satisfied, Bra’tac looked back to O’Neill and nodded: “Agreed.” He said as he stood next to the others.

“Well good.” Jack retorted. He turned to Teal’c and nodded. Holding Klorel’s personal Ring control, Teal’c activated it and everyone was soon enclosed as the Rings came down from the ceiling and vanished from the Peltak.

After boarding through the hole they’d made and quickly exiting the room they found themselves in and sealed a bulkhead shut, Xander, Dawn and Jenny observed their surroundings. Gold walls with what looked like Egyptian hieroglyphics surrounded them. If they didn’t think before that whoever these aliens are were ostentatious before with their golden pyramid ships, they did now. The stuff was bloody everywhere. Thank god Cordelia wasn’t with them, Xander thought. She’d either wouldn’t leave or think it too gauche. As they moved through the lower levels of the ship, bodies of dead or dying humanoids dressed in grey armour and chainmail.

The air was very thin in the corridor they walked along. Not enough to debilitate them immediately, but they decided that it would be better to check the rest of the ship; moving along, Dawn and Jenny examined a couple of the dead bodies, checking for wounds and visible causes of death but finding none. “Looks like they died suffocating.” Jenny said. “We may have damaged some the primary systems with our attack.” She finished.

“Well boohoo. Poor them, whoever they are.” Dawn said sarcasm filling her voice as she checked another dead body.


Her scouter kicked in as she looked at the body had finished checking. “Huh.” She said; calling the attention of the other’s over to her.

“What have you got, Dawnie?” Xander asked. Before he got an answer from her his own scouter kicked in and registered a single, weak power level coming from the stomach area of the dead human.

“There’s something still alive inside this guy.” She stated. Curious Dawn pulled the chest plate off of the body and threw it away; tearing the chainmail apart, she and the others saw the ‘X’ shaped wound on the body. “Whatever it is, it’s weak…” Using Fasha’s knowledge and experience that was gifted to her from the possession, the teen Neo – Saiyan analysed the wound. “This wasn’t caused by any damage that we did. There’s no blood, no internal haemorrhaging, whatever this is…” Dawn trailed off.

Jenny continued Dawn’s train of thought whilst hiding her surprise at Dawn’s accurate findings. “It’s a natural part of their form.” She concluded. “They must all be like this.” Dawn’s scouter beeped again, an indication that the power level was getting weaker, curious about what the scouter was picking up, she moved her hand just above the shape and pressed down.

“Uh, Dawn, what’re you doing?” Xander asked as he saw the girl’s white glove vanish inside the widening opening.

“I’m looking for whatever the scouter’s are picking… hello!” She exclaimed as her rummaging inside the dead man’s guts yielded a result. She could feel something wriggling in her hand. High pitched screeching could be heard as Dawn pulled her arm back out. “It was a pouch!” Dawn said as she and the other’s observed the huge, worm looking thing in her hand.

“Oh, gross!” Dawn said, pulling a disgusted look on her face as she watched the Goa’uld larvae squirm in her grip. Jenny smirked at her outburst. Whatever Dawn’s mind set now, she’s still a teenager. “That’s disgusting!” Dawn said as she crushed the larvae in her hand. The worm let out a high pitched screech as it died, Dawn tossed the dead worm aside as she stood and wiped the gunk from the pouch off of her glove.

“I’m gonna kill these fuckers just on general principle alone.” Dawn snarled looking at Xander and Jenny. “C’mon. The sooner we’re done, the sooner I get to see Xander in a loincloth.”

“Again, Dawn?!” Xander exclaimed.

“Seconded.” Jenny said smirking at his misfortune.

“Fuck you both.” Xander grounded out as he stormed off looking for something to kill.

“That’s the plan, Xan!” Jenny called out at his expense making Dawn grin. They could feel the deck shaking as Xander stormed off.

“Fuck off! That’s it; when I win, Princess Leia slave outfits for the both of ya!” He shouted back to them as he came to a sealed bulkhead door. He didn’t care for the way to be blocked so Xander raised his fist and punched right through the metal. “HHHHAAA!” The door crumpled immediately under the immense force hitting it. Unstoppable force destroyed immovable object as the gold doors were torn from their moorings and flung down the adjoining corridor.

The two girls laughed at his challenge. “Leia slave outfits, really, Xander?” Jenny challenged him as Dawn grinned. “Is that the best you could think of?”

“No…” Xander shouted back. “A dog collar and leash would work just fine for you, Lady J.” He called back, the challenge evident in his voice.

“HA!” She laughed. Jenny was indeed amused by his return jab. Her new Saiyan nature found the challenge amusing and Jenny was tempted to add that stipulation into the bet. When Xander moved far enough away that Jenny and Dawn couldn’t he him talking, Jenny activated the transceiver in her scouter and spoke purring sensually: “Just a dog collar and leash, Xander?” She asked. “Nothing else? No clothing whatsoever, is that what you’re suggesting?” She asked smirking. “Me, in a collar with nothing else on, naked, my breasts and womanhood exposed and being led around on a leash by you?”

Silence reigned as Dawn and Jenny stopped walking. They could hear nothing coming from Xander’s direction until…

“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, WOMAN!” The shout reverberated through the corridor and Jenny’s transceiver followed by the sound of another punch that shook the deck and probably the whole ship.

Dawn decided to join in. “And what about me, Xander?” She said after she activated her transceiver.

“Shut up Dawn.” Xander’s voice came through the young girl’s scouter and she laughed. She and Jenny deactivated their transceivers and channelled their Ki to fly after Xander. A minute and another two crumpled bulkhead doors later, they had caught up to Xander, and he wasn’t alone.

“Tau’ri, scum!” A Jaffa had called out; he was being held up off the deck from Xander’s grip on his armour. “Kill me! I die in service to my God, Apophis knowing that he will burn you and your world to ashes!” The Jaffa spat back at him.

Xander smirked as he turned back to look at Jenny and Dawn. “Look what I found.” He said before he turned back to his prey. “So, you serve a God, huh?” He asked his captive.

“I serve Apophis. For he is the One True God.” The Jaffa said with reverence in his voice. Xander smiled at the response from the Jaffa.

“If this Apophis is supposed to be the One True God as you say…” He started to ask. Jenny and Dawn looked at each other for a moment, wondering where Xander was going with this. “Then what does God need with a Starship?” He asked before he started laughing.

Oh, great! Jenny thought rolling her eyes. He thinks he’s Kirk now!

“You will pay for your insolence, Tau’ri filth! You are aboard one of Apophis’ holy Chariots. A vessel that carries my Lord’s power to do his will…”

Dawn ran up to the captive and smacked him across the face. “Shut up.” The Jaffa’s face stung where the girl had hit him. A girl had hit him, and harder than he had ever been hit before. Was that a tooth rattling loose in my mouth? The warrior thought.

“Alright, friend…” Xander said: “Tell us where this Apophis is. He sounds like he’s someone we want to get… acquainted with.” When he got no answer, Xander shook the captive Jaffa to loosen him up. “Hey, tell us now. Where is Apophis?”

“The Peltak. He will be on the Peltak ready to rain down fire upon your world.” He said.

Jenny spoke up: “Peltak? Is that the command deck for this ship?” She asked. Xander shook the warrior some more to get him to answer.

“It is, not that it will do you any good, human. You go there; you go to your death.” Jenny and the others smirked at the Jaffa. The Neo – Saiyan teacher regarded Xander for a moment and nodded at him, Xander grinned ferally, shades of the Hyena showing through.

“What makes you think we’re human?” He asked. The Jaffa regarded him for a moment before turning to look at the two women. It was all he got to do though before Xander grabbed the man’s head with his free hand and twisted hard to the right. There was a wrenching sound as the man’s neck twisted and snapped in Xander’s hands, the body went limp and Xander dropped the body shortly after.

“One point to me.” Xander said to the girls grinning. Oh, the bet was on and he was going to win. With that in mind, Xander activated his scouter and calibrated it to scan for life signs.

“Alright! I hope you’re ready to say goodbye to your dignity, Xander.” Dawn as she bobbed up and down on her toes, she began doing stretches. “I have no intention of losing. I will have you one day.” She finished.

“I think you’d look good in just a collar and leash, Xander…” Jenny said smirking as she too did some stretches to loosen up, but Jenny did one more thing. Walking up to Xander, Jenny wrapped her arms around his neck and moved closer pressing herself to his body, she moved her knee up past Xander’s groin plate of his armour. She smirked when her knee brushed up against his…

“I hope you won’t make this too easy on me now.” She said. ‘Damn, that’s something to be proud of! I wonder if he was that big before the possession.’ Jenny quickly thought before she rallied. “It wouldn’t be much fun if you gave up too…” She brushed her knee further up and Xander’s breathing hitched. Stupid, teenaged, Saiyan hormones. “Soon.” Jenny pulled back and looked at his flustered face smirking. Damned tease…

“Fuck… you… both…” Xander breathed out. Damned bitch would be the death of him one day. Xander suddenly smirked, his breathing recovered. It would be a great way to go though. Out with a bang, taken to a whole new meaning.


The scouter had finished its scan and relayed the information to the scouter display. “I’m reading over seventeen hundred and eighty – five people still alive on this ship.” Xander whistled. “It’s a big ship; scouter estimates that this ship could hold a compliment of two thousand.” He said looking the girls.

“Damn, that’s big.” Dawn said; she smiled. “Best get to it then… HHHHAAAAA!!!!!” As Dawn powered up she fired a small blast of Ki at the ceiling above her and the others. As the blast made contact and blew through the ceiling to the deck above, Dawn lifted off the ground. Pausing, she looked at the others. “Shall we split up and meet up at the command deck?”

“Fine. Stay in contact at all times. This ship may have some kind of internal defences we know nothing about.” Xander told them both. He and Jenny followed suit and powered up as well lifting off of the deck floor.



Were their responses before Dawn and Jenny flew off and headed off in different directions on the deck above. Soon, the screams of the dying could be heard as Xander tuned his transceiver into the girl’s own. Xander looked up; his scouter had detected three clustered groupings of life sign on the ship, three decks straight above him. Good place to start as he made his way up through the hole. He charged a blast of Ki in his palm and released it aiming up as Dawn did earlier. The explosion was small and Xander heard the screams of pain from five more Jaffa as the floor exploded.

“I’m gonna win! I’m gonna win. There’ll be no loincloth for me!” Xander vowed to himself. “Fuck that!”

Minutes Earlier

The Jaffa had finally pried the door open just as SG1 and the others had appeared on the command deck of Apophis’s ship. Seeing the intruders holding Klorel prisoner, the warriors readied their weapons to fire but Apophis spoke as Teal’c held his Zat to his hostage’s head. “Kree, Jaffa!”

“Stand aside or I will kill Klorel!” Teal’c demanded of the warriors. Looking to their God, they saw Apophis nod and they moved off to the side just as the ship suddenly rocked.

What the hell was that?!” O’Neill exclaimed as the ship rocked. Upon arriving on Apophis vessel, SG1 and Bra’tac had seen the extent of the damage done to the Peltak. Bra’tac knew that it was pointless in carrying out the next part of his plan, seeing as the piloting controls were destroyed.

Apophis cursed Bra’tac for betraying him and aiding the Tau’ri: “I have spent a hundred and thirty – three years worshipping false Gods. No more!” Gesturing for the rest to follow him, Bra’tac moved leading the way out of the Peltak. Teal’c was the last to exit, preceded by O’Neill, Daniel and Carter. The Shol’va pushed Klorel back into the room as he left and activated the door control to no effect. Without their prisoner to bargain with, the group moved quickly before Apophis’s Jaffa rallied.

As they turned down the corridor, O’Neill spoke to the old man. “How do we blow this ship?”

“I was going to set this ship on a collision course with the other Ha’tak, but the piloting system was damaged. The only other way would be to destroy the power core to this ship.”

“We used all of our C4 in taking out the other ship, Bra’tac.” O’Neill said to the old man. “Do you have any explosives that would do the job?”

Bra’tac thought for a moment. Maybe in the ships armoury… “There might be a way. Come!” As the old man lead the way, the screams of the dying could be heard followed by staff weapons fire and loud blasts of energy.


“Hold!” Bra’tac said as the screaming and weapons fire intensified. SG1 listened as the screams became louder and louder and louder; weapons fire being drowned out by the screams of the dying.

“PATHETIC! YOU’LL HAVE TO DO BETTER THAN THAT, YOU BASTARDS! IS THIS THE BEST YOU CAN DO?!” A voice shouted down the corridor. Bra’tac and the others waited as footsteps could be heard coming their way. Readying their weapons they saw many Jaffa fleeing their way firing as they did so.

“ENERGY SHOT! HHHHAAAA!!!!” The voice shouted as the Jaffa ran from the glowing balls of death that came their way. SG1 watched as three glowing balls of energy flew and hit a group of Jaffa head on. The Jaffa died in an explosion of fire, engulfed in flames as they screamed before their lives winked out of existence. “Six hundred and seventy – eight, Kid! Beat that!” The rest of the Jaffa fled for their lives from the bringer of death, self – preservation at the forefront of their minds.

“Two hundred and seventy – nine, huh?” They heard the voice say, at the dying down of the Jaffa’s screams of fear; the group could make out the voice of a young man. “Yeah, they’re running from me…” The voice trailed off. O’Neill and the others figured that he was talking to someone on a radio since they didn’t hear anyone else. They braced themselves as the footsteps were getting closer, weapons ready. “Hey, never mind how I’m racking up a higher kill count than the two of you. We didn’t say anything about not heading in a straight line!” The man’s voice said as he turned the corner letting SG1 and their allies see him for the first time surrounded by a flame like aura. “Don’t get snarky with me, Kid. If ya wanted some rules, ya should’ve laid some down.”

Xander looked and spotted the group of six people. Four of them were dressed in black uniforms each wearing a tactical vest and carrying a mix of human and Goa’uld weaponry while two others were like the Jaffa he had been killing on his way up to the command deck. SG1 looked at the blood covered armour the man was sporting and grimaced. They also saw splotches of blood on the man’s arms, his legs and even reaching his face. They all knew that this guy was dangerous on a whole new level.

He stopped and smiled and it wasn’t a nice smile. “Hello.” He said addressing the group, he ignored Dawn’s and Jenny’s voices coming through his transceiver for the moment as he spoke: “Four humans and two Jaffa.” That shut the girls up. Xander could hear them finishing up what they were doing and saying that they were heading towards his location. Giving no indication that he acknowledged them, Xander waited for them to arrive.

“Um, hello.” Jack spoke to the man. He had no idea how to proceed and considering that they were kind of on the clock… “Who… are you?” He asked.

Xander heard Jenny telling him not to say anything. Her thoughts racing back to when the NASA satellites had spotted them earlier. She groaned this is just what they needed. She saw Dawn flying just up ahead and caught up with her. A minute later, they had caught up to Xander’s location and landed. The two girls ran around the corner, startling the group once more. “What the fuck?” Dawn spoke. “Where the hell did they come from?!”

Seeing a young girl wearing clothes similar to the man and the older woman accompanying her whilst covered in blood sent the minds of SG1 off on a tangent. Jesus Christ, O’Neill as he took in the state of the girl; he could tell that all that blood wasn’t hers. And he knew what that meant. ‘Oh, God! She can’t be more than twelve years old. And she’s in a combat situation!’ He thought. Christ, she’s younger than Charlie would’ve been if he…

“Hey, old man…” The girl’s voice cut through O’Neill’s thinking. “What are you doing here with these two?” She asked. Bra’Tac and his fellow Jaffa tensed; knowing that the girl obviously meant them.

Dawn smirked as she saw the old Jaffa and the big, blonde guy tense up; she also noticed that the black guy amongst the human’s also tensed and looked like he was going to move forward. She spoke again. “Are they your prisoners?” She asked grinning

O’Neill spoke up at the girl’s question. “What? No. They’re allies.” That surprised the three; O’Neill and the others noticed them consider that possibility for the moment. Clearly they hadn’t expected that revelation. “We’re trying to destroy this ship before it and the other one attack the planet below.” O’Neill said.

“Who are you people?” O’Neill asked, but there was one question that he demanded to know the answer to. “Why the hell are you two letting a child into an active combat situation?” Xander and Jenny looked at each other before looking at Dawn. Dawn returned their glances as the side of her mouth quirked upwards into a smile. Xander and Jenny smiled as well.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHAAAAHAHAAHHAAAAA!!!!!!!” All three of them burst into laughter, the notion that this was a combat situation was amusing to them. Their laughter caused the group of human’s and Jaffa to be wary, but O’Neill still wanted answers.

“HEY! HEY WHAT’S SO FUNNY?!” Dawn held her sides as she and the others kept laughing. It was only a moment later before the laughter died down and Jenny answered.

“You are; for thinking that this is a combat situation. It’s not.” Jenny said before she chuckled again. Carter looked up at the woman and stared. That voice sounded familiar but that was impossible! She hadn’t heard that voice since high school. It couldn’t be! Jen?

Xander answered in place of her this time: “Its pest control… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” Xander’s laughter got louder and louder before he had finally gotten it under control, still chuckling, he finished: “And we’re the Exterminators.”

Having enough of them, O’Neill raised his weapon at the young man. “Who are you? You think it’s funny bringing a child into this? HOW DID YOU GET ABOARD THIS SHIP?!” The rest of SG1 raised their weapons at the two adults, ignoring the girl for the moment as she got herself under control.

“Oh, God…” Dawn spoke as she stood back up. “You’re one of those people, aren’t ya?” Dawn flashed forward disappearing from the sight of SG1 and the two Jaffa before their weapons disappeared from their hands. It only lasted a second but in that time Dawn had disarmed all six members of the mixed group before she reappeared in front of O’Neill, her arms full of their weapons and a cocky grin on her blood stained face. “I’m not a child, old man.”

Dawn said dropping the weapons; footsteps could be heard coming from behind the mixed group. Dawn peered to the side as she saw a patrol of ten Jaffa rounding the corner. Smirking ferally, Dawn disappeared again, startling O’Neill and the others until they heard the screams of the Jaffa patrol behind them.

Spinning around as fast they could, the humans and Jaffa witnessed a sight that they wouldn’t forget for a long time. The young girl that O’Neill thinks shouldn’t be in a combat zone was literally tearing the enemy apart. A flame like aura of energy surrounded her as she punched two Jaffa in their symbiote pouches, the Jaffa screamed as they felt their Prim’ta die inside them, crushed and pulped under the impact. They fell to the floor dead as their guts blew out of their lower backs due to the amount of force Dawn had hit them with. She shot straight forward, her knee raised as she screamed and hit a Jaffa in his face driving his sinuses up into his brain. Dawn grinned at the carnage she wrought upon these weak fools.

“Show off.” Jenny muttered, but Xander stood there smirking. “What about the bet?” She asked.

“Suspended for the moment. Let her have her fun, Celeria.” Xander said; calling her by the name of the Saiyan she was possessed by. He knew her concerns over the fact that they had been spotted by the satellites and now these six people.

The Jaffa screamed as they managed to bring their weapons to bear upon Dawn, but they didn’t know that that was what she wanted them to do. Too close to fire the staffs, the Jaffa had no choice but to engage in close combat with the little demon. Standing on either side of her, the Jaffa began to swing the staffs at her head. “C’mon then!” Dawn said as the Jaffa swung away. The Neo – Saiyan ducked forwards as the staffs came at her, head level. Once they had passed over Dawn stood still smirking. One Jaffa brought his staff around for an overhead swing, but Dawn grabbed the upper stem of the staff, deflecting the attack whilst doing the same to the other Jaffa.

“Are you watching, old man?” She asked Jack. “Watch this… HHHHAAAAA! KIAI!!!!” Dawn screamed and to SG1’s astonishment the Jaffa were knocked back literally into the walls. The two Jaffa had cracked their heads against the gold walls and fell to the floor. Dawn threw the weapons away from her before she held her arms out to her side. The mixed group and the surviving members of the patrol wondered what she was going to do next, but when they saw two balls of energy form in the palms of her hand, somehow they knew that this was the end of the enemy Jaffa.

Dawn spun and faced the remaining warriors; they observed the two balls of energy for a moment before they came to an inescapable conclusion: The girl was a God! They had no hope against her divine might. Dawn fired a second later, the balls of energy hitting the remaining warriors.

The force of the explosion nearly knocked them off of their feet; Dawn had erected a small Ki field around the explosion so as not damage the infrastructure any further. As the light of the explosion died down the smoke cleared and revealed nothing. Nothing remained of the Jaffa patrol. No burnt bodies, no scraps of charred flesh or pieces of armour. Absolutely nothing.

“My name is Fasha. I am a monster.” Dawn said as she turned back towards them. This time there was no smirk on her face, no grin. Not even a snarl marring her blood stained features.

At that, O’Neill and the others couldn’t help but agree with her.

She was a monster.

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