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The Prideful

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Summary: It's the end of the world as we know it... and the beginning of something new for the Milky Way. YAHF Saiyan!Xander/Jenny/Dawn

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FablesrogueFR18937,69355825,4739 Mar 141 Jun 14No

Chapter One: - Change

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG1 Fanfiction

Disclaimer: - I do not own Buffy or Stargate. Shame really.

Summary: - Just as Apophis and Klorel’s Ha’taks are poised to rain down destruction upon the Earth, three young humans from a small town in California find themselves changed thanks to the prank of a Chaos Mage. Earth and the Galaxy will never be the same again.

Chapter One: - Change

Their mission had gone to shit; for Daniel it seemed that what he witnessed in the other world would come to pass here in this one, only this time he would have a front row seat for the beginning of the end of the Tau’ri. As O’Neill and Teal’c were being held captive by the Jaffa loyal to the Goa’uld Klorel, he and Sam had just finished setting the last of their C – 4 explosives. A Jaffa priest raised a knife as he prepared to kill the Shol’va and Jack calls out to Klorel’s host. “Skarra, don’t let this happen. Don’t let them do this.” As Jack stares at the body of the young man he cares for, hoping that Skarra can overrule the snake holding his mind and body prisoner the priest almost drives his knife into Teal’c’s pouch aiming for his Prim’ta. “Na – nay!” The priest looked up at his god. “Take them to the Peltak.” Finished the god. The Priest had sheathed his knife and stepped back and soon followed as their god and his Jaffa and prisoners turned and walked out of the room. Daniel and Carter stood up from where they had witnessed everything.

“We’re going after them.” Carter said as she began to set a timer. “Wait, when are we going to blow the ship?” Daniel asked as he watched her. “We’ll detonate only as a last resort.”

“Listen, I want to save them as much as you do, but if we get captured or killed, there’s no one else left to blow the ship before it gets to Earth.” Daniel said as the Captain had finished with the device. “That why I’ve set up a timer. If we don’t deactivate in twenty – four hours it will go off automatically. Okay?”

“Okay.” Said Daniel.

A few minutes later Klorel led O’Neill and Teal’c onto the command deck. The god turned and addressed the human. “You wish to go home to your planet?” Jack had told yes and Klorel turned towards the Jaffa at the console. “Jaffa! Rel toc remoc!” The warrior placed his hand over a blue ball and it changed colour. “O’Neill, prepare yourself for…” Teal’c had called out to his friend, but he was too late as the ship suddenly stopped. Jack fell flat on his face and groaned. “Extreme deceleration.” The former First Prime said. “Yeah, thanks Teal’c.” He was sure he heard a Jaffa or two snicker at his predicament as he got back up and looked at the window. What he saw made his blood turn cold, based on what Carter had said he thought that they had a year or more before they reached Earth.

“Oh, my God!” He muttered more to himself than to anyone else.

The Ha’tak was passing by Saturn. Klorel turned and looked at Jack. “You will get to see your home, one last time. Before you, and everyone on your planet, are destroyed. And you and your kind will disturb the Goa’uld no more.”

Back on Earth deep within the bowels of Cheyenne Mountain, it was a flurry of activity as Major Davis had just got off the phone and approached General Hammond; the General looked at Davis and he just knew that it was bad news. “Sir, I think we may have another situation. I just spoke with Cairn Deep Space Radar, they picked up two large blips passing Saturn, and they’re heading towards Earth.”

“Any identification yet?” Hammond asked. “Not yet sir; NASA is repositioning Hubble right now. We should be able to get a closer look shortly.” Replied Davis. He saw the grim look appear on Hammond’s face. “Guess, Dr. Jackson is lucky.” He said.
“How so, sir?”
“Well, he won’t have to be around to watch his nightmare come true for a second time.” Hammond walked off as Davis watched him march away. The General walked to his office and made his way over to and picked up the red phone. “This is Major General Hammond. Let me speak to the President.”

It was chaos in the streets of Sunnydale. Monsters of all shapes and sizes were running about terrorizing and causing as much destruction as they could, but over in the Warehouse district was a young woman dressed in a red satin dress and she was afraid. Being backed up against a stack of crates by a man with bleached white hair wearing the visage of a monster would do that to you. She was alone, the tall dark haired man that was said to be a good vampire had been staked by the monster, his ashes coating the ground where he died and the Strumpet dressed like a cat was crying as she was being held by two vampires, but she could be heard muttering something about the one called Angel being a vampire after all. The vampire known as Spike was riding a high, he had killed his Grand – Poof of a Sire, had the currently quivering mess of a Slayer right where he wanted her and he had dessert for afterwards. “Look at you. Shaking. Terrified. Alone. Oh, you lost little Lamb.” Lady Elizabeth had bumped into a crate and couldn’t go any further, as Spike closed the distance between the two of them, the vampire slapped her across her face with the back of his hand.

“I love it.”

Buffy was rocked by the hit to the face; she raised her hand where Spike had hit her.
“Oh, you know it doesn’t get any better than this! Here I am about to bag my third Slayer; ooohhh, I’ve got chills. It’s just a shame that my Dru ain’t here to share. Ah well, more for me!” He grabbed Buffy around her throat and bent her backwards onto the crates; stroking her forehead with his free hand, Spike smirks as he sees the fearful look increasing on her features and he smirked. “Third Slayer, Lads. I’m about to go into the ‘istory books!” He crowed out and the other vampires and numerous little demons and monsters cheered for their master.

“Ya know, maybe I should turn you an’ keep you like this forever; Dru would like a new toy to play with. The vampire that turned a Slayer. It’s never been done before. Would you like that? Would you like that, little Lamb?” Spike asked with a smile. His fangs and teeth exposed for Buffy to see; she recoiled, turning her head away from the sadistic monster she didn’t see the vampire’s grin.

Spike was feeling really good about himself right about now, the intoxicating scent of fear from the Slayer beneath him was getting richer and richer, and he could hear the blood rushing in her veins and feel her heart beating faster and faster as a result of her fear. She was afraid and that was how Spike loved it. He grabbed her hair as he closed in for the kill.

“This going to hurt, Luv. A lot.”

Willow ran through the wall of the Warehouse and came upon the scene. She saw Cordelia being held by two vampires and a group of little demons and monsters standing around the room as Spike held Buffy by the throat and lowered himself. “Buffy!” She exclaimed. Afraid for her friend, the other vampires and monsters turned towards her growling and snarling. Spike heard the interruption and got up and whirled around and saw her. Willow jumped as Spike snarled at her. “How the hell did you get in?” Willow didn’t answer him, turning around she ran through the wall again making Spike look surprised. “Oh, that’s how.” Still holding Buffy by the throat he turned towards some of the vampires and monsters. “Well, don’t just bloody well stand there. Get after her!” He snarled; some of the monsters and vamps moved towards the doors they had burst in from earlier, but suddenly they heard someone shouting.
They turned their attention towards a window and they briefly saw a bright flash of light and then the wall exploded throwing everyone to the floor.

A minute before the wall exploded, Willow ran back through and shouted out as loud as she could into the air. “XANDER! DAWN! MS. CALENDAR… HELP!” She screamed at the top of her lungs for the three of them to come and save her friend. “XANDER!” She shouted again and again until her voice broke and her throat went raw.

“What? What is it now, girl?” She spun around as she saw her Xander – shaped friend and Buffy’s sister and Ms. Calendar standing there dressed in their costumes and under the influence of the spell that Ethan Rayne had cast tonight. Xander, or Tora as he liked to be called looked at her with a look of indifference. Ever since he, Fasha and Celeria first met this girl tonight there was something about her that made him pause when he was going to kill her earlier tonight. Fasha and Celeria also said the same thing when they moved to kill her, but something inside them had stopped them.
His tail shifted around his waist slightly as he spoke. Willow looked at Dawn and Jenny. Or Fasha and Celeria as they were apparently called and saw the looks of contempt on their faces as their own tails languidly dropped down behind them. The ghost looked over the costumes of the three of them and noticed the few splashes of blood on their armour and gloves.

“B – Buffy… Cor – Cordelia in… There… In danger…Help!” She rasped out as she pleaded with the three of them to save her friend and Cordy. Tora and the girls rolled their eyes and moved forward. They had been killing many of the strange looking creatures that had been roaming about all evening ever since they found themselves in this place. The last thing that Tora and Fasha could remember was they had just left for planet Meat with Borgos and Shugesh and had initiated the Sleep protocol in their pods, and then they were here on this backwater planet amidst a group of monsters causing havoc.

The last thing that Celeria remembered was going home from the bar she was in on Planet Vegeta after Bardock had barged in and started going on about how Frieza was going to destroy the Saiyans. Everyone had laughed at the battered looking warrior, including her and the man she was with before Bardock had turned and ran out of the bar. She remembered the Saiyan warrior that she had been drinking and flirting with before she invited the warrior back to her place. She was hoping for a good time when they got back to her quarters in the capital.
She remembered the warrior grabbing her by her arms after she had taken off her battle vest and threw it to the floor and then the warrior whose name she forgot pulling her to him before he slammed his mouth to hers and then his hands to her chest and started palming her breasts. She returned the favour by moving her hand down to his manhood and gave it a squeeze, she moaned into the searing kiss.

She was impressed by the size.

She jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist, the warrior, startled by the sudden move that he lost his balance and fell backwards and he hit his head hard on the metal floor. She then remembered that the big idiot had knocked himself out, partially due to the amount of alcohol he had been drinking and the impact itself.
Celeria groaned as she cursed the idiot. Well she wasn’t going to get some now she had thought, so she ended up dragging the warrior out of her quarters and into the corridor and left him there before she went to bed herself and then suddenly found herself standing in the street alongside Fasha and Tora, but didn’t she hear that they had accepted an extermination mission on Planet Meat? Was this place… Meat? How the hell did she get here? Damn it, all she wanted was a good screwing, she did not want to take part in an extermination job!

“Ugh, fine! Let’s get this over with. You’d be fucking lucky if we don’t fucking blow up this town girl… The amount of shit that we’ve seen…” Celeria called out as she rolled her eyes and stalked forward, Tora and Fasha followed; eager to get this over with. They had had enough of this place and were eager to leave. The red – head’s whining was starting to grate on the three of them. Fasha and Tora raised their arms towards the wall of the building that Willow was in front of and they waited. “Well? You going to move or shall we just shoot through you?” Fasha asked with a feral smirk. Something may actually be stopping her from killing this girl, but not from threatening her.

She and Tora smirked when the girl startled and quickly moved out of the way. Temporarily forgetting that she was a ghost for the moment, Willow dashed to the right of the building and watched as Tora and Fasha channelled their Ki and shot a low powered blast of energy at the building.

The resulting explosion was impressive.

As everyone was thrown to the ground the three Saiyans walked inside and took note of the situation. They saw another horde of the little monsters that had been marauding around this shitty little town all night, they saw about six of those facially deformed creatures, two of them holding onto the arms of a girl in a ripped and torn getup that you couldn’t help but think she was a whore and last and not least, they saw a bleached haired individual holding a dead girl by the throat as he was got to his feet, her head lolling to the side, a clear and sure sign that her neck was broken; something inside Tora and Fasha snapped as they took in the scene and they suddenly saw red.

“WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!?” Spike shouted out as he turned and saw the three dangerous looking individuals. Suddenly Spike felt a chill for a completely different reason crawling up and down his spine. He took in the murderous looks on the faces of the boy he remembered meeting when he led a group of vamps to attack the school on the night of St. Vigeous just days ago and the young girl in the pink, blue and yellow getup; he hadn't seen her before and he didn't know much about her but if she was here looking pissed and ready to rip him apart then he needed to get out of there fast. He then looked down at the dead body of Buffy and grimaced. He dropped the body and looked around. ‘Good, the cat bint is still alive…’ He mused as he saw Cordelia whimpering from the grip his two minions had her in. ‘Maybe I can…’


“AAAAAHHHH!” He screamed out as Fasha had sped towards the deformed idiot and buried her fist in his guts, lifted him off the ground and threw him back down onto the ground cracking the floor. Tora watched as Fasha began punching the being that had dropped the girl he was holding by the throat, her fists quickly becoming bloodier and bloodier as she kept pounding the face in. Not content to let his teammate have all the fun, Tora dove forwards towards the two vampires holding the cat girl and breaking their hold on her by tearing their arms off, it looked like he was gliding on air. He threw the cat girl away over to the gaping hole they’d made and then proceeded to kill every single vampire he could get his hands on.

“BUFFY!” Willow shouted as she followed the three Saiyans inside the Warehouse and took in the devastation. When the red – head saw the lifeless corpse of her friend and Dawn on top of Spike pummelling the vampire’s face in, she fell to her knees and screamed. Celeria looked at Tora and Fasha and wondered why they were reacting so much over the dead girl, she turned to look at the corpse herself and even she was surprised to find that felt something at the sight of her. Was it Anger? Sadness? Loss? She didn’t know what it was, or why she was feeling these things for the dead girl, but she knew that she didn’t like it. What was one dead weakling alien girl to her? More importantly, what was she to Tora and Fasha?

“DIE! DIE YOU FUCKING BASTARD! I’M GOING TO TEAR YOU FUCKING APART, PIECE BY FUCKING PIECE. DDDDDDDIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!” Fasha screamed as her Ki aura came into being around her; her power increased due to the intense anger she was feeling and as she continued to punch Spike’s body spider cracks began to appear in the floor and the building started shaking.

“YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD! YOU’RE ALL FUCKING DEAD, AAAAH!” Tora shouted as he swept his hand like a knife through the neck of another vampire, dusting its body and head instantly as the head flew off into the back of the Warehouse; his Ki aura surrounded him and he began to gather energy into his right palm. “BURNING GRENADE, HAH!” Tora shouted as he fired the ball of energy into a small crowd of monsters. They monsters all scurried away, self – preservation foremost in their mind before the blast could hurt them. Tora didn’t care about them, for some reason, he only wanted the things with the yellow eyes and fangs most of all. As the numerous little monsters moved out of his way, Tora charged the position of two other vampires and tore their heads off with his bare hands.

Celeria watched as the sole remaining vampire ran, hoping to get away from the two predators that had quickly decimated them, the vamp, a woman saw Celeria standing there looking at her, then she vanished in front of her. The vamp had thought that she was going to make it and get back to the Factory and inform Drusilla of what has happened tonight but it was not meant to be. “Going somewhere?” Celeria hissed into the ear of the vampire before she raised her palm to its head and fired off a blast of energy through its head. All the vampires were dead and Spike was now nothing more but a pile of ashes as Dawn had pulverised his head into oblivion, but Fasha was oblivious to this.

“AAAAAHHHHH!” She screamed out as a wave of energy shot out from her body and…

Ethan coughed up some blood thanks to his old mate Ripper kicking him in the stomach again. “Now, tell me how to stop the spell.” Giles calmly asked as he wiped some of Ethan’s blood from his hands. “Janus. Break its statue.” He said wheezing. Giles grabbed the bust and lifted it over his head and threw it hard to the floor, the bust smashed into pieces as it crashed on impact with the hard surface.

Jenny looked around at the devastation Dawn had wrought while possessed; the Warehouse was in ruins, Xander stood breathing heavily, a light sheen of sweat on his exposed arms and legs and dust coated his armour like it did hers and Dawn’s.
“Oooohhhh!” She heard groaning coming from a pile of rubble near Dawn; she had a vague recollection that… Her eyes widened. “Cordelia?!” She rushed over to the rubble and began moving the pieces of mason and wood off of the trapped girl, she was surprised for a brief second that she could lift the heavy debris quite easily. “Xander, help me!” She called out to the young man but she didn’t grab his attention. “Xander.” She tried again and again got no response. “Xander, snap out of it!” Jenny shouted at him as she turned and looked at him only to find that he was near Dawn kneeling down next to her. She remembered why he was next to her a second later as she carried on digging Cordelia out.

“Dawnie…” He began but he couldn’t get the words out. Dawn Summers, sister of Buffy Summers, began shaking and soon she began crying and Xander held her in his arms as she shook violently and cried into his chest as she wailed over the broken body of her dead sister lying three feet from her.

Xander’s own silent tears joined hers immediately.

Author's Note:

The Character of Celeria is an OC character that I created for Jenny to dress as. If you remember watching Bardock: Father of Goku, when he ran into the Bar after he had returned to planet Vegeta after returning from Meat and told the other Saiyans that Frieza was about to kill them all, there was a female Saiyan I think sitting with or in the lap of a Saiyan elite. I just made her become Celeria as she was never named in the movie and made her appear to be a 'good time gal.'

Oh yes. I went there. Read and Review. I hope you enjoy.

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